My ink drawing of "Yidneth and Peti" + photos and curious facts about European Robins

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Yidneth and Peti  - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Yidneth and "Peti". Ink conceptual drawing for my forthcoming album "Fear no More".

My illustration of Yidneth and "Peti"

As I have mentioned before "Yidneth" is not myself but a character that appears recurrently in my albums, artworks and even a graphic novel I wrote and that works as the main character that is the thread joining my different projects together. It's kind of my "alter-ego" and "alter-universe". This is just a conceptual ink doodle that will likely end up painting in colours, still I liked the rustic old fashioned look of it just with micron markers over an aged sketch paper. I only used a warm brown sakura felt pen do do the shading and a faber castell dark orange for the robin bird. As I drew the frame by hand it's not entirely symmetrical but I think I like it not to be, it's meant to be just a little "fairy-tale" like ink illustrator in the corner of a page, though I sometimes feel the urge to scan them and turn them into fully illustrated plates I think this one will stay this way. As it will be part of the new album works I'm keeping this one for myself :). But why a robin?
Peti comes from "Petirrojo" (the name in Spanish, literally Rest-breast)

European Robin: Erithacus Rubecula

robin - by Héctor Corcín.jpg

European robin

I love birds, frail, delicate, wild, free little birds. I feed sparrows daily. Me and Hector call them pichuichuis an invented word that now it is part of my vocabulary with all the other funny names I call cute creatures. I have to say though I have a weak spot for robins. The red breasted European robin Erithacus Rubecula (Petirrojo in Spanish). Maybe since I read the book The Secret Garden I have had a little obsession with the rounded curious friendly little robins.
By the way European Robins are not related with American Robins except that they were named similarly due to the colour of their chest feathers.

Why redbreast if the chest is clearly orange? Orange word was not used until the XVI century

The original name of the species Robin Red Breast was already being used in the XV century where there was not a word for "orange" colour that was lately invented in relation with the fruit "oranges". I have to say though as I'll mention later that I was born in the Canary islands and the subspecies I knew there has a deeper reddish chest. Though it's usually orange.

You can find them in the woods, but also in the hedges and even parks and gardens. The orange breast, frail thin legs and curious big black eyes make them unmistakeable. Though amiable, they tend to be solitary and and very territorial, being aggressive with other robins. Still those black-beaded eyes and friendly curiosity towards humans. Though common and widely spread in Europe, the populations in my area have declined due to the use of pesticides (thought they are not endangered yet as sparrows are)

Both female and male have the distinct orange-red chest and both sing. And they both take care of the chicks until they're ready to leave the nest. They are known for making the nests in the most unusual places with moss and leaves.

And while the wild sparrows rarely approach, robins seem curious and actively come to perch into to your hand if you offer a few seeds (despite being insectivorous).

robin petirrojo - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Every time Héctor @hedac and I hike a confident robin comes to greet us. Though in different locations, we joke that it is the same one (by magic) and even gave it a name "Peti" (from "Petirrojo" in Spanish). It is now even featured in my drawings and videos and will be playing a "cameo" role in the artworks of the new CD being the above doodle one of the conceptual inks.

This is my friend "Peti" again. I just love European robins, aren't they the cutest? Every single time we hike a gentle robin comes to greet us, @hedac and I joke that it is always the same (magic) and call it "Peti" (from "petirrojo" in Spanish).

I was born in the Canary islands where there are different subspecies

I was born in the Canary Islands and though I don't have my own pictures, there we have different subspecies of European Robin there that derived from the mainland colonizing species over 2 million years ago. Thus I grew up knowing the endemic subspecies in the islands, Tenerife (E. r. superbus) and Gran Canaria (E. r. marionae). Other island populations don't breed among themselves so they could be soon considered their own as well.

Illustration made by myself. Photographies of "Peti" by @hedac and me.

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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This is very enchanting to look at. The sort of illustration that draws you in, and makes you want to just gaze at it and wonder why she looks the way she does. Making the viewer imagine what kind of story goes with her ethereal personality, is what pulls it all together.

The old children's book I most enjoyed were all picture books. There was one with a little boy who was a brown bear and a pig-like nose. The Grimm's Fairy tale books. The Berenstain Bears. Dr. Seuss. They always had a compelling cover portrait, or a quaint scene to introduce each chapter. Something about illustrations like this had me returning to them again and again. So simple, and yet so deeply thought inspiring.

Leave the pencil lines and unfinished lines once in a while. It reminds us that the world we are looking at extends beyond paper.


Thank you I love to collect illustrated fairytale books, my favourites are those illustrated by Rackham, Bauer, Goble and so many others from XIX and early XX century. When I do the ink doodles I rarely plot much and then I scan different ones and "construct" more complex illustrations with the computer though many stay like this in traditional form. Some of them for the new album I overdid the digital, and my friend and well known illustrator Charles Vess (Stardust, Sandman...) told me Pris, you need to keep the line, or if not it becomes too polished, so some I'll leave digital but for ohers I'll be trying some place in-between
I remember also in the fairytale books there are smaller black and white illustrations along with the text and then the full colour plates, so will be some of the sort. I have done around 30 of the 70 drawings I want to do for the third album, been lazy last while but encouraged to give it a final push

The drawing / illustration is gorgeous and the Robin ... oh I can't help but falling in love. I like them so much. Here in Holland I see them often, but mostly during wintertime. They are just too cute with the red / orange breasts. And they always give me some sort of sunny feeling even though it's most wintertime.


I made a christmas little video with one, it appears here and there and I agree with the sentiment that they bring warmth into the stark winter whites. You will find my "Peti" friend here and there, as I say he's recurrent in my drawings too. Though too early for Xmas hahaha just for the sake of sharing the little birdie there, It last a minute or so.

Ohhh this is such a beautiful post, Pris. Peti is amazing. We don't have those kind of robins here where I live. They look so delicate and dainty. The drawing for your album is spectacular, you are so crazy talented it blows my mind!!! Lots of love!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Aww you are so sweet. I know you would love them, they are like a little globe lol, so feisty and smart. Aww
And thanks for the comment, your feedback always encourages me, you are the sweetest

I like very much that you pay homage to yidneth in this way. I also have some characters that have pretty much just become friends who live inside me. LOL. I'll likely get around to sharing one of them soon. <3

It's a beautiful draw

awwwwwww <3 peti <3


isn't it lovely? awww so rounded, and very feisty! hahah


yes perfectly round <3

I want to draw like you! hehehehehe

i love how whimsical your drawings always are :) beautiful and talented!

Excellent drawing and the robins are really cute.

Hi! Always like your artwork, always intricate detail and your photos as well. I always look forward to seeing the robins come, it means spring is on its way, at least here where I live! They are a welcome sight after our winters! :)

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What a beautiful picture with such a pretty girl and an adorable little red-breasted robin friend <3 I love it very much and I look forward to see this as you work on your next album <3

Beautiful offering Priscilla! I love seeing the product of your talent. Your art is wonderful! And, such a blessing <3 This is a very informative writing about Robins. And, sweet photos to help us get the information. What we call Robins in Canada, I am very surprised to see, are very different from European Robins. Ours have a much more red belly. Their whole belly is red and they seem like they might be a bit bigger and sturdier. It's really cool to see this sweet bird you call Peti! Thanks for sharing ;-)


I think you would enjoy previous post, no need to upvote but curious of your opinion because it's about many magical things I believe.
Yes american robins are totally different species, when European went to America they thought they were similar and named the the same, but they're totally different birds. I simply call them "Peti" now and I fancy it's always the same, and it might be as they're territorial. so even if it's not a pet it's getting in my art and projects like with a little cameo here and there :)


So fun! I love the mystery of the magic. The animals especially the wild ones, know of and can access realms us humans can not. Always a pleasure to interact! And, now when I see the little red breast bird in your drawings I will know Peti is at it again <3 Hugs!

I loved her! I'm a fan of old looking things and this drawing looks like it was made centuries ago, she does looks fairytale like and kind of innocent! I think I'm in love.


Aww thank you, she appears in several of my music albums... as "yidneth" is a graphic novel and not my artist name (which is Priscilla Hernandez as musician). I love to draw as much as composing and singing so thanks!


Does your albums have the same structure as Melanie Martinez? Like the songs make story? Cuz I'd love to hear that!

Your "ink doodling" is gorgeous - I just kept looking at it. I heard you singing on Discord this afternoon - absolutely beautiful. Aww - so Canary Islands is where you are from. Very nice - on my list of things to do. As I have just "met" you - I will check out your previous post.

Too beautiful, my congratulations, you are a girl full of talents

The bird is beautiful, it is really amazing to meet new species, because it is the first time i see it, and it is so cute, and your drawing is very beautiful, i love how you did it.

Wonderful work on that illustration! expert line work!


Thank you. Inam mostly known for my music but love to draw. Looking forward to share more art