Drawing a Spring Fairy: Time-Lapse Speed Painting also along with my own original music

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As you know I'm both a musician but also an illustrator (I make all the drawings in my albums) so I thought of starting to share a bit more of what's going on in my desktop though of course video is combined with my own music too :). Let me know in comments if you'd like to see more of art in my feed.

First, I see there are communities now... I still need to see how they work, but hoping to get the gist soon, advice for a fellow musician/artist are welcome in the comments.

This is a time lapse (work in progress) of on how I draw one my illustrations (a fairy face ACEO card) but also the music is composed by myself as well in this case is "Ethereal" (Instrumental Version) a music video and song that you can also find in the channel. I think it was a very relaxing music also to draw. I uploaded it a few days ago but I've been without internet and thus sharing today (it's curious how dystopian it feels not having Internet at home for a couple of days hahaha)

A simple ACEO card


Above: I only used mechanical pencil, a 0.05 micron marker and some koi felt pens and a pink coloured pencil for the blush. I love to work small though I'm trying to increase the size of my minipaintings of late.

So this is how I draw the face of a fairy, we have speeded up the process a bit but as you can see for a small ACEO card I sketch the face with a quick doodle with mechanical pencil and I only used some micron liners (my favourite is 0.05 mm tip because I usually work small format) and some KOI felt pen markers to add some colours and finally a couple of colour pencils to add the blush. I wanted to remain almost monochromatic and keep all the ink line.

The total time in this tutorial was a round half an hour but it's speed up several times. I do these sometimes for my patrons at https://patreon.com/yidneth and if someone is interested in originals I always keep one or two at my shop at https://priscillahernandez.com/shop
I sprained my hand badly last Summer and just yesterday I completed another one I'll share soon, but struggling as for the time being my ability to draw is slower, less steady and sigh, a bit painful, but I won't give up. I'm determined to paint or doodle now something "everyday"

I will still keep my main focus on music but I found that many of my followers don't even know that I draw less even that I work on the illustrations for my own music illustrated albums and thus even if it flops I'm determined to share a bit more of my paintings and artworks. I'm open to suggestions, but likely small tutorials and sneak peaks of the illustrations of my third album.

The Other half of me: the illustrator


Above: me (center) and some of my work

So as I mentioned it was after a conversation with a friend (that despite being close still didn't know I paint) and I thought how can this be? Among my steemian followers, how many of you didn't know I draw? I know many know about the music, but I'm just curious.
As background information both my albums had my own illustrations and the one I'm the proudest is The Underliving which had a booklet of 54 pages full of drawings.


And here one of the drawings of my forthcoming album "Fear no More" I will colour this one soon and I hope to film the process


And if you're curious about the song in the background it's an instrumental version of my song Ethereal, the "sung" version is this one, in case you are curious about the background music it is my own too

Where to support me

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I am always astounded by people who can draw as beautifully as you do! What a magical gift. :))

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment, I still struggle with my sprained thumb but determined to keep on painting. Thanks

Simply beautiful! You're a great Artis Priscilla!

Thank you I just finished another one, I'll be determined to paint more, still struggling with a thumb injury I had last Summer though but I guess as it won't go away I need to retrain myself to be sturdier, hope to finish another one in a few days :)

Hermoso dibujo felicidades, me hubiera gustado ver el tutorial a velocidad normal para poder aprender de tí. Gracias por compartir.

Muchísimas gracias, la verdad es que mi canal es un poco enfocado a música y hasta ahora muchos desconocen que dibujo, por eso quiero empezar a subir (uno de cada tantos) algún video relacionado con arte, :) la verdad ha sido un poco flop comparado con otros pero quiero seguir insistiendo, tomo sugerencia aunque en tiempos rápidos la gente suele decirme lo contrario que no tarden mucho hahah XD pero algún tutorial per se sí tengo en mente.

What an incredibly creative soul you are @yidneth. I really enjoyed the time lapse of your sketch and your Spring Fairy is very cute. I also enjoyed the instrumental melody you created. I really enjoy your fantasy mythical themes in your work. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much, this one is a simple card I did as giveaway, less than an hour but sometimes I spend weeks on a single drawing. Thank you so much for the encouragement, I'm determined to draw more even if the struggle with an injured hand last Summer makes it a painful process I'm determined not to give up. I was talking to a close friend and she did not know I painted as music tends to get all the spotlight, thus I decided to do an art video now and then now, and share more of my drawings too. Kind of a merge, in the channel it was a total flop but I'm encouraged all the same and will continue to make this statement :)
thanks everyone and the community for the support!

Great Drawing Skills
Beautiful art

thanks :) appreciated

Very beautiful, I also love to draw and especiallly with such great art tools

well here not many tools, just a small piece of paper, a line marker and some crayons

Beautifully done even on such a small space. :P

I love to paint small always struggle with bigger pieces, but I can go up to dina4 or so sometimes, then I scan and finish on computer sometimes if I need more detailing

Thank you, determined to draw more

excelente trabajo, yo sabia que dibujabas pero no había tenido el placer de ver tu habilidad saludos y éxitos, es bueno verte por aquí

Gracias, bueno este es muy sencillito y ya tenía el video pero no lo había montado bien, estos días he montado otro y a ver :) aún sufro con la mano que tuve un accidente en verano, pero al menos puedo dibujar

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