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RE: The making of the Swanky Hedgehog [ENG-FR]

in #art3 months ago

Greetings Barbara. ;)

Cute character, I love the friendly and tender aspect that your Hedgehog has in addition to the beautiful colors that you applied to it. <3 <3 <3


thankyou lion.png for your appreciation Carmen ! ^_^ Did you finally received the postcard, or do we have to think as definitely lost..?

Very good afternoon Barbara. ;)

The truth is that it did not come, I went to the office and they were looking for it but they have piles of mail that even those who work in that place must be lost... then they told me that they would continue looking for it, that it would be later but then the quarantine arrived and They closed but I am almost sure that they did not get it, surely if I arrive, but how will they find it among so many things. :(

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