An Evil Girl for the TrialbyComics

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Good afternoon!!!

This is my last entry for the Trial by Comics, for this entry I made a villainous woman with a whip to tame every man who faces her. 😱

I finished my drawing yesterday but it was raining very hard as almost every day and this causes that in my small town the Internet and the light fall, these reasons did not allow me to publish my drawing last night, the light arrived like at 3 am and my Internet It has not arrived yet, I had to use another Internet that is slower than the one I use to try to make my publication.

While it's still raining it will be more complicated for me, but as always, I'll try to upload my publications without caring about spending hours trying. 👍

It is all for this day my dear friends, I wish luck to all the companions who participate in the #TrialbyComics contest.

Thanks and see you soon!!!

Gif of Drawing Process

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Tus creaciones cada vez son más impresionantes, gracias por compartir tu arte con nosotros en Steemit @yanes94

Muchas gracias por tus lindas palabras querida @franciscana23, te lo agradezco mucho. 🤗

Wow amiga la hiciste con un toque de maldad no ? Tiene una mirada de ser la que manda y con ese latigo de huesos ni te cuento hahaha quedo muy bien el dibujo! :)

hehehehe claro... mujeres al poder. 😜✌

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auch un personaje femenino bien sado jajaja , me gusta mucho el diseño muy sensual y con caracter querida @yanes94 , ten hermosos y lindos dias en tu vida.

hehehehe gracias mi querido @katari 🤗

Very good drawing!

Thank you very much dear @sweettais