A Zombie Girl

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I've always liked Zombie movies, well, I really like everything that has to do with horror or maybe I'm preparing for when the apocalypse comes, when that happens I'll have all the knowledge to survive in this world full of undead . 😂

This is my first entry to the #TrialbyComics contest created by the very talented @kommienezuspadt, this week's theme has to do with the Zombies.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to complete the three entries for the contest, but I will try to make a second entry and publish it tomorrow, for this entry I made a Zombie girl which I thought to make her sexy, but the final result is not anything sexy, this Lonely girl Zombie is eating a delicious dessert "tasty for the Zombies" 🙈 hopefully tonight I can overtake a lot and finish my second entry.

Happy evening, thanks for the visit and see you soon!!!

Gif of Drawing Process

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sexy zombie :p

hehehehe no lo creo. ;)

Muy bueno amiga tu dibujo zombie ahora ya se por que hasta las mujeres zombies juegan con nuestros corazones jajaja saludos amiga @yanes94 ten bellos dias.

hahahaha, mas bien creo que él jugo con ella y por eso ella decidió comerse el corazón o quizás fue porque el de ella de repente dejo de funcionar y quería probar a ver si funcionaba otra vez. 🤔

Gracias cariño y buen día.

it's awesome, i like the girl zoombie

Thank you very much @francisftlp ;)

you always do great job!! Keep up the great work ^^

Thanks @ykdesign, it's not as amazing as what you do but I try.