I drew a portrait slowly 😌 Winner of competition @anomadsoul

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Hello kittens! 🐱

Many noted that it's good when they portray not only girls! Although I myself am a fan of air watercolor ladies, but I can not disagree that my account should be diluted from time to time 😏

Winner of competition @anomadsoul

I drew a portrait slowly 😌

I do not like hurrying at all! 🌸 and I do not advise you!

I'm in the life of such that I love to do better, faster, especially when the excitement. Quickly I drive on a bike, scooter, I try to swim the swimming pool faster than everyone ... That's why I do not want right yet))) scary like that 🙈

I used to be able to draw a portrait in a couple of hours, it's clear that not such a plan is simpler, but still)) Now it's an average of 2 days 🙈

How do you feel about the outline? 📝

You paint yourself a pencil on a leaf, and you do not know what will happen. Someone draws out all the details, but someone will show life only with a few strokes 🌿

A sketch is a moment. A living imprint on paper. Even if it did not work out what was intended, let it be clumsy, crooked ... But it already exists. And do not be afraid to spend paper on "scrawl", it is better to fly hands "grab" an extract from the present

A tool for watercolor "White Nights".

Today I will tell you about the environment for watercolors "White Nights". In environments, they are generally different. With different composition and effects. I, when it particularly took, I noticed to myself: "Oh, this increases the drying time of the flowers. Perhaps with his help you can make the perfect stretch. " It turned out that this environment is not at all about this)))This medium is based on an aqueous solution of gum arabic and is specially designed for working with watercolor. When using the medium, the brightness and color distribution of paints, the time of their drying, the appearance of gloss on the work surface increases. Can be used both in pure form and in water.

for which you can use this medium:

  • - if you need bright and picturesque transitions between flowers;
  • - if you need to shine in some parts of the picture;
  • - if you use different effects "on wet". Due to the fact that the watercolor dries out longer, you have time to work with it while it is still wet.

My favorite paper for watercolor: white nights

Watercolor: white nights

But remember that everyone chooses favorites for himself. And of course you need to try everything to find the perfect materials for yourself. 

Who has been following me for a long time, then probably remembers that I have long wanted to do something more than just portraits. 

And ... I'm going to this, and the fact that you can not see does not mean it's not.

Each portrait carries in itself something more than just the transfer of such functions. Portraits were painted by many great artists, as well as landscapes, still lifes. But I do not compare myself with them, BUT

Many for some reason with a mockery speak about those who draws "simply portraits".And I do not understand this, why does someone depreciate one or another kind of art? Yes, even sometimes in a rough tone. Is the tree harder to draw? Or a bottle of water? No. It's not harder or easier, that's all. Simply everyone chooses what he has a soul for.Why did I even decide to talk about this?

Probably because I'm tired of listening to phrases such as:

- Do you know how to draw something else? And see how some artists respond to portraitists.


- Do not forget that this is Steemit, not real life, but now it is a platform for the development of your business and other things.

People show only what they want to show.I can draw animals, I can draw landscapes, I can draw a lot, BUT, do I need it on my blog? Sometimes, yes, but often not. Yes, and I push that I have certain things for which I spend my energy. And this is better than deceiving him and trying to match all your poems.

So, if you do not see anything, it does not mean that it is not.

And I'm not saying that you do not need to be a universal artist, you just do not need to just show it, prove it, explain it. 

@anomadsoul if you shave your beard and cut your hair, you will facilitate my work as an artist!. I've been wondering why it's so difficult for me to draw you, because this is the second time. And then I osyajnilo. I do not argue you have a beautiful beard, and lovely curly hair. But the next time I paint you, do me a favor, shave your beard.

All this is a joke, dear friend! But in every joke there is some joke :)) hahaha))

Eric, in fact, you are very beautiful with a beard!

Have a good mood!

Autumn 🍁

I wanted to write the results of the summer ... but I did not get my hands on it, so I'll write now and shortly, and I'll start with thanks to you, my subscribers ❤️

Thank you everyone for the likes, comments and support to me! Thank you for your "your work so grown up" and for everything in this spirit.

 I know where to move and what to do next! 😇

This is my first "free" summer! I did not study and did not work, but I can say that I worked with my soul and body more than ever! Yes, sometimes I'm covered by the fear of tomorrow and instability, but it's nonsense, because I live!

I spent my days as much as I wanted! because my work is also very fond of and ready all day to sit at the desk.

in the end, I spent the summer as I wanted, probably for the first time in my life❤️

I hope you also had warm memories of summer, if you have something to share, write in the comments, talk ☺️🌸

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That look, and that smile.. Essence captured, well portrayed.
Impressive work with the beard, almost hair by hair.


Many thanks!I'm glad that you also like his beard)))

Amazing job! I just met Eric in Toronto this week at the Steem Creators Conference. He is a really great guy with a pure heart. This art piece represents him well. You are a very talented artist @yakubenko 😀🙌🏻

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wow, you saw him) cool!
Many thanks, I'm very pleased to hear this!