(ENG/JPN) "Untitled 2018-9" / 「無題2018-9」

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This is my original artwork.
"Untitled 2018-9"
Mixed Media,10x15cm,2018

The picture returned from the gallery of Shibata town.

It is a picture exhibited in the exhibition (different from the picture which puts it on). Because the envelope had been included, I tried to open it.

There was a paper containing the impression of the person who voted for me.

It is regrettable that the number of votes was small, but I felt the author's passion, "I received power," etc., and I am filled with feeling of gratitude.

It is always said that originality is important from a friend.
I wanted to draw more and more. I don't know how long I can keep drawing, but I want to draw as much as I want to.







Exhibition Schedule / 出展予定

9/16 OSAKAアート&てづくりバザール(大阪・大阪南港ATCホール)
11/3-25 矢田明子個展(東京・マキイマサルファインアーツ)

SEPTEMBER 19 - OCTOBER 7, 2018 ARTPRIZE (Mayan Buzz Cafe,USA) http://www.artprize.org/67518

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Online shops which sell my artworks/私の作品を販売しているオンラインショップ:
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Awesome art friend..
This is really colourful painting...


Thank you.


you are welcome friend...

Love this artwork!


Thank you!