The Victory of the Coyote (The death of the roadrunner) What Warner DID NOT WANT You To See

in #art4 years ago

another chapter that the warner did not want you to see I show you in an illustration

Yes, the day the coyote managed to catch the roadrunner to finally eat it.

i hope you like it, greetings by @yacoguan  



heheh.. great.. now i can die peacefully. : )

good drawing is good.. keep drawing.. use bolder pencil in RL.. and at digital part, make background look slighter tone than first plan..

as like this maybe..23559767_10155344827859865_4750438157533720964_n.jpg

and whats next?.. Tom made sandwich with jerry?.. half eaten maybe!' >: )

thank you very much for the advice I will keep in mind, you know? If I had thought, it could be soon hahahaha

¡Que crudo! Creo que inclusive en tus gráficos se muestra mayor crudeza que en el principal y pues resulta más crudo para una fanática de esta caricatura jajaja, pero como siempre tu trabajo es genial! Saludos!

jajaja si la verdad quedo gore jajaja pero es una idea que me venia dando vueltas y aun sigue jaja saludooos!! <3


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