When Raptors Attack! Self Portrait with Dinosaur and Hyperborea Art!

in art •  2 years ago


Hehe, so sometimes you just really have to put yourself into your work. Here I am, placing myself in the same boat as many a hapless adventurer in Hyperborea. The raptor was pretty tough and it was a bit iffy, but I managed to escape and live to tell the tale. After all, role playing is about being able to tell the story durring and especially the bragging after :)! At least I didn't have to go up against these guys huh?


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Both of the drawings are fabulous. Thanks.

Famblous work on both , the colorful one attracted my eyes more 😍😍


Thank you!

What happened to boy's face


Hehehe, I have a beard so I guess it looks a bit strange going through Google Deep Dream :)

Absolutely marvelous.

I'm glad you managed to escape. I can tell it wasn't easy :)

very nice art!

wohhaa that is interesting

Really Amazing Art! The first one is colorful. The second one is awesome @xyanthon!

really well done

great art buddy

dinosaur looks furious

you always make amazing art's this too is great

wow that first one attracted me . such beautiful and stunning colors have been used.
awesome work man thanks for sharing

Wow..it is absolutely nice drawing @xyanthon
Wel done..I'm always really like your artworks... nice nice...
It is creative "Dinorsor park"...
I think you are one of good tallented steemin in this plat form...upvoted and resteemed