Watch Tower of Uuaxaem

in art •  11 months ago


Twisting throught the bounds of space-time, Uuaxaem exists in a hole in forever. An enitity beyond good an evil, Uuxaem, Lord of the Umbra Palace waits yet acts to realise itself throughout the multiversal construct. Uuxaem is, was and shall be.

In my Dungeons and Dragons campaign, the ultimate "big bad" guy is Uuxaem, Lord of the Umbra Palace. Uuxaem exists outside the prime material and other planes of existence yet seek to manifest in the primer material plane. Of course in so doing, the reality of the existance of those who dwell in the prime material will be unravelled and chaos will hold ultimate sway. That is if the players in my campaign can find a way to stop Uuxaem. But of course, first, they have to be aware that Uuxaem exists and is coming... Happy gaming!

![Tower of Uuxaem.jpg]

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It' so wild and colorful! Love it!
Is the coloring made with digital or traditional mediums?


Thank you! In this case it was done with Google Deep Dream. I really wanted to add a chaotic feel to the work and Deep Dream really helps with that.

Looks fantastic when colored.

Nice post with good and creative artwork from my dear friend @xyanthon

  1. Your commiunication and artwork skills are execellent....I think you are one of tallented people in this platform
  2. Nice and creative artwork...I think you have more creative and different ideas about drawing..
    3.I really like your all uptades in this platform...
  3. Thank you so much @xyanthon sharing this post with is incredible...
    Happy steeming and keep it up post..

very interesting work

Awesome , thank you for sharing

this is really great. those colors mixing

nice work !! upvoted and followed your account

This piece is amazing, the finished product and the pencils, I love the design on the tentacles.

realy creative drawing! Is the digital editing done with google deep dream?


Yes indeed! Deep Dream is a lot of fun. Especially with things like this.

You have done a great job mixing in the colors , mind blown !!

Actually I was thinking what was that at my 1st sight... then realized this is a great artwork, a complex one to understand. And the true idea came out with the second image, before you filled the color...
Thanks for sharing this amazing artwork and I can imagine what kid of effort you have put here.
Appreciate it!


Thank you for sharing with us! I hope you enjoy the upvote!