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Digital art made by @xpilar

outes space 52 A.jpg

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After the war between galaxies scientists agreed to restore the world to its original state. The destruction of various planets requires a process to bring about a better life. So they held a meeting and the result was an immediate effort to restore and rehabilitate life. This effort is carried out simultaneously and is controlled from space satisfaction in the Earth's atmosphere with satellite technology that has also been advanced. Meanwhile they are also building centers for developing tissue culture technologists to restore various species of living things that were lost after the war between galaxies.
So in the middle of the ocean far from the crowds was built a large laboratory. There they are building rooms to develop tissue culture. As in this vast vegetation space a tissue culture is developed to meet the needs of superior plant seedlings
This space looks quiet, not too spacious, but very comfortable and beautiful. At the top there is a roof made of glass so that you can see the sky and get enough sunlight. But it can be controlled so that not too much ultraviolet light enters. This roof is made with solar cell structure so that it can capture solar energy as a source of electricity.
With a strong layout and structure, the researchers are free to develop tissue culture well. Finally from this room born superior seeds that are ready to be spread throughout the planet to restore a better world life
Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard form Indonesia

thank you @rokhani for your great description

Ready to start

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En un parque de diversiones en el espacio remoto, se acerca una nave desde donde desciende una niña egipcia; ella se detiene a observar aquel aparatage,no sabiendo su función dice para sus adentros:¿adónde me llevará?, se decide, deja el equipaje a un lado y comienza a ascender por los peldaños. Segura estaba de que la nave no partiría dejándola en ese lugar ya que ella mediante una energía que emanaba de su cuerpo la sostenía hasta tanto hiciera la inspección.

thank you @brismar for your great description

On the planet Thursday.

A normal day on planet Thursday is like an ordinary place, full of houses, cars, children running in neighborhoods, working parents, hospitals and schools.

But the planet Thursday is not like the earth or like Tuesday, it is a special place because the houses are made of glass and metal, the cars are flying, the children and the parents are aliens, so in the street you can find a white inhabitant , blue, yellow or purple.


It is a special planet, full of magic and color, where anything can happen, where no day is the same.
Where each house is different and everyone is welcome, where the aliens are friends and neighbors.
Here on the planet Thursday if we have fun, If you want to enjoy, take your car and put it to fly, here we are waiting for you.

thank you @jdbs for your great description

An expert community in the natural envelope is experimenting with the explosion that the collisions of comets give off to generate a space electrical system that allows them to fly on a large scale through space.

Ships structured with cells and panels based on Hess materials, basically work under Entalpy variation that generates endothermic reactions necessary to absorb the heat caused by the explosions of bodies in space. The absorbed energy is concentrated in a large tubular plasma nucleus.

Una comunidad experta en lo sobre natural está experimentando con la explosión que desprenden las colisiones de cometas para generar un sistema eléctrico espacial que les permita sobre volar a gran escala por el espacio.

Naves estructuradas con celdas y paneles a base de materiales Hess, basicamente trabajan bajo variación de Entalpía que genera reacciones endotérmicas necesarias para absorber el calor provocado por las explosiones de cuerpos en el espacio. La energía absorbida va concentrandose en un gran nucléo tubular de plasma.

thank you @jadnven for your description

In jail... I smiled again.

I was afraid of being so alone in this place

Imprisoned and humiliated between these iron bars

Days of pain and crying all my world changed

My days and nights were the same, I moved to live in a movie

My imagination helped me not to lose my sanity in the face of boredom

I was in a sub-world, my robot jailer, my cell a spaceship

This is how the days went by and the fear vanished, the days changed
and smiled again.

thank you @anasuleidy for your description / poem

very nice and great digital-art my dear friend

Digital jail 😀, No hostage can escape from this prison.

thank you @anil566 for your description

I like your art, its colors and the galactic style.

Impressive work @xpilar

very nice of your digital works, thanks @xpilar

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very inspiring and amazing imagination

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Very interesting art, @xpilar. Looks like the 'bus station' of the future as we wait for a shuttle to another planet.

thank you @numpypython for your description

Very beautiful digital art, many lines, many shapes and matte colors, I like your work.

A vision of the future, @xpilar. I hope one day our buildings will look like these.

Nice that you like it, thanks @charcoalbuffet

This is sick, I've noticed some of your work the past few days and this is the coolest yet. Keep it up!

This is a roads in space. So beautiful.

Good day @xpilar, a spaceship arrives with special cargo, which contains surprise boxes for all the inhabitants of this planet that is abandoned.

thank you @leca for your description

The beauty of unique buildings in space.

Nice image, thanks


I hope the future looks like that


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The closest image looks like a giant spider. Or is it some other thing?

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The details you showed on this are beyond imaginations wow

Thank you for sharing your daily digital art, evidence of your talent, creativity and good energy. Greetings Mr. @xpilar.

Beautiful artwork, Sir. Its like a spaceship.

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@xpilar it is looking like space station from the guardian of the galaxy.

thank you @adityajainxds for your description

So critical art..which really exclusive

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very good post, a digital has very beautiful and beautiful art

traveling in space, here I can also see those transparent tunnels that I still don't know what they're carrying. Above you can see a very bright light, is it the sun or just a simple space light?

thank you @pequef for your description

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, UFO Station.

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Digital pictures that look beautiful. with a combination of bright colors. I really like your digital image

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cool as like always

Nice digital artwork bittal looking good.

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great post

you're welcome @xpilar

I always admire your image

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