Watercolor Painting - Halloween Again.

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Watercolor Painting - Halloween Again. Painting Jack Frost, looking like a Halloween Pumpkin This is a very free, abstract Speed Art Painting titled Halloween Again.
This particular painting was done quite rapidly, to capture a sense of freedom and looseness. I purposefully did not pause to make it 'beautiful', not wanting to create a realistic image, but more essentially, the idea was just to capture the 'feel' of Halloween.
I have used very inexpensive supermarket watercolour paints in this painting and they acted almost as diluted poster paints. The end result is satisfactory in terms of paint-quality results because the fun, bold subject matter does not require sophisticated paints. This was actually a test to see what these paints could deliver. And this painting will not be sold, so cheap watercolour paints are quite adequate for the purpose of making a clip.
hallow 2.jpg
There is no need to invest in expensive materials to get an adequate result. Our materials are all bought in a regular supermarket here in the North of Thailand. We do not have all the necessary brushes or a wide variety of paint colors, but still, with the basic brushes and paints will you be able to create a cheerful, bright painting. Of course, better paints and papers give better results. But this is what I have....

Please see our clip following the link:

About us: We live in Thailand and are very much influenced by all the vibrant colours we have in this country, hence the bright colours we use in our artwork. Our team consists out of myself (the artist, and Jay, the photographer, the editor, the guy that does the 'real' work. We have very basic equipment, but we strive to get better and better as we go down this amazing Youtube-road. Your support is much valued!
You can use this art as a card, as an artwork in a frame or even laminate copies of these artworks as placemats. Or even just do this art as a form of meditation to 'go' into a place of solitude. There are no rules. Use this clip only as an inspiration. Should you find certain places in the clip too fast, slow down the playback speed of the clip and mute the music.

We hope that you enjoyed this video clip and if you did, please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe to our channel.



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