Watercolor Art - The Black and Red Crow.

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Watercolor Painting - The Black and Red Crow.
Dimensions : Height: 24 Centimeters; Width: 16.5 Centimeters
Here in rural Thailand I often see crows scavenging anywhere. I love their fearlessness, their strength. The red background represents a blood-stain....since they are ruthless hunters.my painting is based on a painting done by Nicholas Clack. But to my mind, I have changed it enough to be my own individual artwork.

This particular painting was done quite rapidly, to capture a sense of freedom and looseness. I purposefully did not pause to make it 'beautiful', not wanting to create a realistic image, but more essentially, the idea was just to capture the 'feel' of the Crow contrasted by a Red background.
You can use this art as a card, as an artwork in a frame or even laminate copies of these artworks as placemats or even T-shirt and Mobile Cases Or even just do this art as a form of meditation to 'go' into a place of solitude. There are no rules. Use this artwork only as an inspiration.
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