Girl with a hat - how to draw a girl with a hat

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Girl with a hat - a fast and free drawing. This is a Mixed Media Art drawing for you to do at home...How to draw a girl with a hat.
cover 2.jpg
This video will show an easy, simplistic, yet colourful, mixed media drawing of a portrait of a girl wearing a blue hat.

This drawing is rapidly done with only a soft graphite pencil and coloured pencils, correction fluid and charcoal.
There is no need to invest in expensive materials to get a good result. Our materials are all bought in a regular supermarket here in Thailand. The paper we use is good quality sketching or watercolor paper. Watercolor paper adds a great texture, should you want a texturised drawing.

After having done the very basic and rough outlines of the picture with a pencil, we then continue to add more prominent lines with charcoal,bringing in some colour with coloured pencils and use the correction fluid for wbite highlights.

Please see our clip following the link:

We hope that you enjoyed this video clip and if you did, please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe to our channel.


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thank you . Very interesting !!

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