Portrait sketching

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Hi guys! How are ya today?

Today I had a bit of a ruff day so I decided to try and bring some steem (haha steem) down by drawing a portrait. I am rather good at drawing portraits...or so I think :D So making them relaxes me a bit :)

This is the finished sketch :


And now steps!


Step one awkward shepes the best kind of shapes!


Nose and ear first because why not!


One eye and some other things, slowely it's starting to look like something.


Almost done with the lines.


Linework is done!


Small steps in shading this guy.


Shading done, I wasn't sure if he needed any background, but decided he does, becasue I wanted the face pop a bit more.


Background added, but I was thinking he needs something more...


In my mind the white pencil worked way better :D I really wanted to pop some feautures of his even more, I had a white watercolor pencil so I gave it a try. Well it didin't want to work with this paper. I will keep this in mind next time :D

Thanks for checking this out, I hope you learned something, I definately did. Have a nice day everyone!


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Thank you so much for this, thats amazing!

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