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Once again, it's been a while. I think this is the only place where I actually try to explain my art, and that's what keeps me coming back here, even if it is only two or three times a year. This is my secret little place.

This piece is called Quest. It's almost a year old now. I find that looking back through old paintings is a lot like reading old journals. I can see a painting from years ago and suddenly remember how life felt at that time. All without words.

Quest, 5x5 watercolor on paper


When I was younger, I wrote a story about a boy who finds a secret world (very original I know) The entrance to this world is a white door standing in the middle of a field. The boy enters the secret world, but when he leaves, a breeze keeps the door from shutting all the way and the boy doesn't notice. A curious crow that had been watching from a nearby tree finds it's way inside, but this is no place for crows.

william syrus for posting.jpg


HI Will, it is nice to see you again and of course your awesome painting, I really enjoy your style and find it unique.

I noticed that you still posting using just tags like in old time, meanwhile everything is changed and people posting via communities.

We and our Visual Art curation project @art-venture are part of "World of xpilar" community and I welcome you to join us and post using our community page:

Once you login you will see such page, you can join clicking on "join" button and then click on "post" and create a post. Your post will automatically have our community page as the first time tag, you also can add #art-venture and #art, #steemexclusive if you are posting exclusively on Steem.

We have quite active Artist community. Will see you around :)

Thanks for the tip. I'll check out the community :)

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Hi @william-syrus, @art-venture's post allowed me to see your paintings. Your creative and original style caught my attention. I totally agree with what you said about the old paintings. In them, the feelings and thoughts of that time are frozen in their current state. I feel this a lot too. I hope we can see your paintings more often :)

Thank you. I'm glad you like it and I'll be trying to stick around more these days :)

Nice to hear this :)

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