Hello Again

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Bull pen 9x12 charcoal on toned paper


Hello again steemit. It's been a while and I decided to swing by and see how things are.

It's been almost a year since my last post. Sometimes life gets busy I guess, and messy. Still making art though ;)

So, how have you guys been? Whats's new here?


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Hi Will, it is nice to see that you are still working and producing Art. I would say it is a bit quite in Art field now on Steem, but in general it looks like people due to Corona events are also not much active too.

I remember your previous works and how George introduced you but then really it was quite from your side. People not always have time or mood to blog. but it is nice on and off see such creative people like you!

Welcome back! I'm also revisiting after a long sabbatical. Something in the air, maybe?

I love the flow of the teeth-like design. It's like a howling beast.

The news is that steemit have been split in two after some dude tried to take over the place. You now have two identical accounts. One here and one on at network called hive. So in a way you have doubled your money :) In another way it is has just fucked up Steem.

Cool drawing as usual!

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