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Morning everyone,

Today I am posing some old sketch which I have made during the studies.
I hope you like it.

Every upvote and comment is always welcome.




Dzień dobry,

Dzisiaj wrzucam szkic który powstał w trakcie zajęć na studiach. Mam nadzieje że przypadnie do gustu.

Zapraszam wszystkich do upvotowania i komentarzy.




Nice! Simple yet beautifully executed! It does convey a lot of meaning to even a layman in art field! Thanks for sharing!

I really appreciate your comment. Thank you

you did great... this is very nice art...keep it coming..

Thank you very much

Really nice and clean strokes and awesome drawing!

Thank you very much

Great drawing in the world its really awesome and excellent art i really thanks to you @wilku

plz upvotes this comments if you want

We are all here to help each other out. Steem On! Thanks Follow me & Upvote. I'll do the Same."

Wow !! Thanks !!

Very nice sketch. This is a visual of my migraine today, too

I love sketching and scribbling. As an artist, I think it is important to always sketch and scribble. I try, each day, to at least do that. Sometimes it leads to larger finished pieces, sometimes it's just happy to remain a sketch. Nice line work. Following.

Thank you very much.

Beautiful art you have a wonderful talent keep it up buddy @wilku

I will do. Thanks

great piece, looks very realistic

Great job man, i like your strokes.

Thank you very much

You have a great hand. I wish I have too.

It just matter of practice... everyone can draw...

jajaaaa It looks like someone in the bathroom seen from above ... :)

or someone saying .. whyyyyyyyyy?

Hahaha.. Yeah... Great interpretation....

Fantastic drawing, This is a great neck stretch , if your feeling stiff from typing , warming up to do some movement or acrobatics that's what you want to be doing !

Thanks for your great reminder about the neck exercise @abelartist now i knew it.

Thanks... Wow I didnt knew it about this exercise....

Very powerful! Curious for more so I'm following now + upvoted some posts.

Great Thanks... Following you back...

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Widzę że interesujący wykład :D :D moje nie wyglądają tak spektakularnie

Very down to earth. I love to draw with a ball point pen.I always enjoy a challenge :)

Thanks... I used pencil on this one...

Ah, gotcha..Very elusive ;)

Yeah... I was sharpening pencil every 5 minutes...

So passionate - this is the way I feel, frustrated with failure after failure.

Please !! Dont be... everyday is just full of possibilities... You just need to realise yourself that you have some skills which are unique... You need only to discover them...

Nice Drawing!!

Thank you very much...

great post keep it up ! :)

Thanks !!!

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Another good cross hatching drawing, @wilku
Keep it going.

I will... Thanks

muy buena trama, me recuerda a heinrich kley

Amazing work good job.^^

Thank you :)

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
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The image you made on your art has been very beautiful