Indigo Breeze: Photoshop Illustration Video Tutorial

in #art2 years ago


I have been trying for months to get a working set up to do video tutorials on Photoshop. I have finally got all the kinks worked out!!
I am still super new to working with videos so I know I have room for improvement as far as adding titles and things, but this is working so I am just grateful for that at this point.

In this tutorial I show you the traditional art pieces I started with ( a pencil drawing and some papers painted with watercolor) and I combine them to create this digital art image!!

Check out this in depth tutorial here:

So excited for this new journey into making tutorials, feel free to leave me any suggestions you would like to see done in future videos!


She is lovely I always find curious how others do their wip, My way of colouring digital is too complicated, my fault still struggle to find my way with it as I do more traditional. But I tend to make things difficult when it should not

One of my things is that I have no go-to ways I experiment with lots of different techniques and ideas. So this is just one of the ways I might put something together.