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This is a non-publishing related post, but it’s something I’m going to share more of going forward – my DH Rodriguez art pieces. As mentioned in previous posts, the mysterious DH Rodriguez (author of “Mercy & Other Stories”) is just me – humble laborer and independent publishing company proprietor Bob Ballard. This is a pretty poorly kept secret (no one is trying to keep it secret, actually). So, in addition to talking about that one novel I wrote several years ago, I also make oil paintings.

gray portrait1.jpg
One of my early oil paintings

I started painting back in 1999, when I took a summer course at a community college in order to get through my art credit at University of San Diego (Go Toreros!). The class was introduction to acrylic painting, and the teacher was a random local artist who had only passing interest in teaching (I really liked him). I guess it was fair, because I spent most of the summer hitting on the women in class, with passing interest in art.

We started by painting basic still life. Here’s the first painting ever – it’s my friend’s hat and my knock-off sunglasses (I think they were called “Ray-Bons”):


Then we worked on portraits. Being a complete narcissist, I went straight for self-portrait (I lived by the beach, and I wish I still owned that hat):

Bob Portrait.jpg

Since that was the only class I ever took, all of my early work was acrylic on canvas. I painted a few landscapes in college, but really enjoyed portraits. I painted a lot of the girls I knew in San Diego, under the misguided impression that this would eventually result in sex. I sold most of what I did early on, earning upwards of $80 on several terrible commissions ($80 will buy a lot of Turtle Beer!).

Here’s the first painting I ever did of my beautiful wife (still acrylic on canvas):

Kelly Portrait.jpg

It was after Kelly and I moved to Wisconsin that we became interested in the pinup/ vintage lifestyle scene and I started painting with oil. I took a class with a local artist at her pottery studio and learned the basics of working with oil paint. Here’s some of my early pinup art:

dayna 1-2.jpg
Reference photo of Dayna DeLux, photographer Riley Kern

heidi 2-1.jpg
Reference photo of Heidi Van Horne, photographer Shannon Brooke

dayna 2.JPG
Reference photo of Dayna DeLux, photographer unknown

My early pinups were based on work of photographers that I enjoyed, but I’ve always wanted to work on truly original work. So, I took some shots of my gorgeous wife and our favorite model Ginny Rosewater which resulted in these original DH Rodriguez paintings:

kelly 2-1.jpg


Thanks for checking out my paintings! I am working on a number of new pinup and art nudes and will be sharing more in the future.

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Really like the first one, with those blue tones.
reminds me of something out of a David Linch movie.
fantastic! :)