Digital Art Manipulations #5 Steemboat

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Hello everyone is a photography lover.

digital imaging / manipulation of digital art is our photo manipulation on blank canvas and then we make our new world collect some photos with ideas and concepts that we develop and then we put together into our imagination, the higher your imagination is the more unique the results. Digital imaging / digital art manipulation is usually more directed images that approach fantasy in terms of objects, coloring and effects.

some mixed photos will make a very brilliant concept, every concept you make through the manipulation of digital art so illustrates the imaginative thinking that you imagine so far, believe you with this one? for me the high fantasy is very meaningful to the art world, where with our imagination can depict many things even more in the abstract and fantasy art world.

in my digital art manipulation photos this time I dedicate one for all of us to sail in this world of steemit, with passion and creativity of the work we have and then we pour and share with each other so as to realize the amazing community.

for digital art manipulation I deliberately created a concept like this with the aim to awaken the spirit of the steemit all in particular for the artists in this steemit. hopefully with my work this time we are all the more active and the spirit of view to give up to fight.

here are some combinations of photos that I combined to be digital photo art manipulations I named in this steamboat concept :

and steemit friends can see the effect color difference that I give in this photo.

Hopefully a steemit friend likes and enjoys my work this one, thank you.

so much for this time stay tuned content tricks and photography tips from me, see you next time !

thank you for visiting hopefully useful do not forget find me on cahnnel :



look for other photography tips and tricks from me, regards photography!

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wow your manipulations are wonderful, i did some manipulations like this, you can check it out on my blog, i hope you like it

Valuable description about photos that used digital manipulation. The photos looks real and outstanding. I like it crazily..:)


Hemmm yapz i agree ... your taste is very beautiful

this creativity could raise ecstasies and trance like vibrations


JA! :) Get me into TRANCE with photography.



I really enjoy your photos.
I love it.
You are a great photographer

I really quite fancy this. Nice work!

I really enjoy your photos.
I like it.
You are a great photographer

amazing photography.. great job @wahyurahadiann

Lol nice haha

@wahyurahadiann feeling fresh after see your photo

I like how you ramble about photography. Of all the photographs, the one with sunset and the one with the beach are my favourite.