The archives of Andrew Mount KSKQ 89.5 Ashland Radio

in art •  last year

Here is a wonderful surprise! The archives of the radio show that I backed up on guitar of Andrew Mount ranting about permaculture, regenerative economics, zero point energy and lots more.

Earlier ones included the interview with Thomas Campbell, author of the book, "My Big Toe" which is everything you need to know about consciousness, out of body, your life as an avatar in this virtual reality, death, esp and all the fun things you can do with psi.


The one we did with James DeMeo who is a specialist in the work of Wilhelm Reich went into the healing benefits of Orgone Energy which surrounds us and how to focus it to benefit your body and your environment. # 22 .

The one Andrew just did with The Greatful Dead's frontman Jerry Garcia's x wife, Deborah Coons Garcia is #48. Deborah is a filmmaker. She discusses her new film, "Symphony of the Soil" which goes into soil as a living entity.

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