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Over the past two weeks, thousands of colorful messages have bloomed across the walls of Union Square Station in New York City. An inspiring project called “Subway Therapy” is asking commuters and visitors-alike to share a message about how they feel. This socially artful effort was designed to relieve post-election related stress and in turn, strike up an unassuming conversation with a neighbor beside you.

The collage-wall has been extremely successful. It changes every day. Hundreds of new messages are written and layered on top of one another. As a New Yorker I have been fascinated as it continues to grow, cover new surfaces and continuously entrance one of the busiest and stressful environments in all of Manhattan.

Steemians on the Wall

Last week I asked you - the Steemit community - to share a post-it sized message of your own. I thought it would be a fun and interesting experiment to bridge a real-life community project with the “internet’s small town.” Low and behold, I got some great responses… With a blue sharpie in hand I got to transcribing…

Here are a few Steemit originals that I pinned up on Monday, November 28th...

Look closely, “YES!” there’s @opheliafu !


“Art Saved The World!” @fairytalelife liked this quote from a post-it last week. When I couldn’t find the original (seen here) I had to go and make a new one!

And @lemouth had “nothing to say” ;)

A wise quote from @countrygirl

Winter is truly coming… thanks for the fair warning @everittdmickey

Here are a few more images I took this past weekend…

Pause in an Unlikely Place

The “14th Street - Union Square” Subway Station is the fourth busiest transportation hub in all of New York City. There are nine different train lines that pass through here. Upwards of 35 million people are transported through this station each year. Union Square is a unique crossing and shoulder-brushing of people from all five boroughs of New York, of all classes, races, religions and orientations. With all of its movement and chaos, somehow, an anonymous wall has manifested here and has given good reason for pause and reflection.

The artist who began this project over two weeks ago, Matthew “Levee” Chavez said; “Subway Therapy is about making people smile, laugh, and feel less stress. If someone wants to get something off their chest or has a burning question, I'm happy to be there for them. I believe that people grow and learn through dynamic conversation.” (source)

Thank you again to all the amazing contributors!

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Yay! This is amazing, thank you so much for doing this.

Thank you for sharing such a great a message! :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thanks a lot for doing it!

I have just noticed your image signature. It is really cool :)

Thanks for the kind words @lemouth ! Also for your help in this fun experiment!

3M and Staples should start doing artist residencies...

Thank you to an amazing group of steemit wall-artists @fairytalelife / @opheliafu / @lemouth / @countrygirl / @everittdmickey . This was a lot of fun!

Great pics, topic, creativity and effort!

Thank you :) was this organized...and how is it legal?

I think it's well past any permit... it was at first organized by an artist named Matthew Chavez a couple weeks ago. Today, it's all over the city in a number of different subway stations. Very cool of the Department of Transportation to keep it up! Let's hope it becomes a permanent fixture. Important public spaces need more moments like this one.

This is amazing congrats man!

I wish I see this sooner. I would love to participate in that.

Hey thanks @skapaneas ! No worries man, I'm sure there will be another art-collab project someday soon.