Mountain Dwellings [BLDG 0006] : 3D Modeling Housing from Copenhagen

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BLOCKTOWN is a community art project powered through your comments and engagement. It’s an experimental game of city-making, a digital Madurodam. With each post, a new layer of buildings will be added to the Town. Your photographs, quotes, stories and feedback are the raw materials that drive construction for each new layer.


New Residents!

Thank you to @curiosit for the image submission! This building in BLOCKTOWN is based off of a contemporary housing model in Copenhagen, Denmark. The design, by BIG Architects, has a kind of modular aesthetic to it that lends itself nicely to the Town vibe we're creating.

Here's a look at the process of assembling and modeling the Dwelling structure, beginning with the 2D image submission and growing the 3D modeled character. Over the next few days I'll be modeling new rounds of buildings and adding them into the TOWN master plan at the beginning of each week.

Take a look, below, to see the process of modeling the Mountain Dwellings. Building No. 6 of BLOCKTOWN:


How to Play

Take a look at the announcement post, here.

Each building and landscape element of BLOCKTOWN will be derived directly from your comments. Photographs, quotes and stories will inspire their own design logic and manifest themselves as 3D characters within the Town. Beginning this week, new buildings will be added to the Town with every new post.



An Experiment in Building Community

Through this project - I hope to engage in a broader dialogue with fellow Steemians about their own sense of place and placemaking. These types of game-structured conversations are a fascinating way of learning more about what a person defines as his or her “community.” It’s a way of connecting to one another through the geographies we are deeply tied to and knowledgeable of. In a world of links, likes, upvotes and IP addresses, it’s exciting to find ways of bridging the digital divide and connecting with those on the other side of the screen.

Let's get building!

- Take a look at the announcement post, here. -


All content is CC BY • Creative Commons


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That's a great design friend..This game ia my favourite ..Thank for sharing....

Thank you @nnajmull!

Most welcome..My friend

I am really enjoying watching this take shape. I'm considering submitting a photo of one of the old Victorian era buildings our town here is known for... but the beauty of the building is in the detail; on a larger view scale, it's pretty much just a box... so it may not be all that suitable...

Please do submit an image @redddragonfly!

A victorian era building would be a welcome challenge :)

How to play this don't know but want to play from now need to experiment @voronoi

excellent post

excellent post!

may be i reasteam your post

Now this is interesting post very different thing going on here :)

Thanks for your support @cityslicker :D

Such a creative idea. Love looking at these.

Thanks for your support @tninh, glad you enjoy them.

wow with everyone effort this is going to be even cool :D

Thanks @blazing it's coming along!

They look like childrens toys. I hope it will work in real life. Are you planning to render a realistic image?

Great idea to build the city

We'll see how it builds up!