BLOCKTOWER [31] : An Interactive Game of Digital Architecture [Play and Win SBD]

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Let’s Build!

Welcome to BLOCKTOWER - an interactive art project where players can win SBD and comments take us to new heights.

Each comment (max 1 per player / per post) generates a new block that gets added to the tower chronologically. There are 25 unique block shapes for players to choose from - representing each of the 25 million blocks currently minted within the Steem blockchain. Once a new "height" is reached (i.e. 26 million) a new block geometry will be introduced to the game. As time goes on, the Tower will rise and its geometry will evolve! Visit the intro-post, here.


How to Play

1-Upvote.gifUPVOTE - this post @ 100%
2-Comment.gifCOMMENT - Choose a color and a block using the table above (i.e. Red A3). Then a column (i.e. column 9) where you would like your piece to land. Post will be updated to record the first 10 comments within the Tower.
3-Earn.gifWIN - Earn 0.5 SBD by completing color combinations. Connect 4 blue / 4 red / 4 yellow colors horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The winning block turns green!

Key Notes: You must upvote the post before you comment in order to be eligible for SBD rewards. If you comment preemptively (or if you edit your comment) your block selection will turn to default grey.

Round Status...

Blocktower - Closed.png

Notes: Column 10 is currently frozen (inactive). Columns can be frozen if a gap of 5 or more blocks exist across neighboring columns. This column will be unlocked once the majority of neighbors catch up.

BLOCKTOWER - Masterfile-01.png
Blocktower - Leaderboard.png

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Yellow E4 - Column 4


Block 317
Yellow A1 activated in Column 4*

*the tower rendering will update in a moment

E4 doesn't exist just yet :)


Blue E1 Column 3


Block 318
Blue E1 activated in Column 3*

*the tower rendering will update in a moment

Yellow d4 column 1


Block 319
Yellow D4 activated in Column 1*

*the tower rendering will update in a moment

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Thanks team!

Block 320
Default Grey A1 activated in Column 9*

*the tower rendering will update in a moment

Blue d3 C5


Block 321
Blue D3 activated in Column 5*

*the tower rendering will update in a moment

Column 5 Blue D2


Block 322
Blue D2 activated in Column 5*

Winner! You've connected 4 and activated a Green Block!
0.5 SBD will be sent to your wallet by the end of this round.

*the tower rendering will update in a moment

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