More Line Art! VW Bus 49 Merc

in art •  2 months ago 

Wanted to do a few more line drawings. The 49 Merc is a car a friend helped build at the shop he works at. The 356 and split bus I drew based off cars I saw online. The fastback is actually my fastback. I plan to do my old lifted squareback tomorrow.


If you like what you see and you want to see more (I could REALLY use a drawing tablet, this is all done by mouse) please consider hitting a thumbs up and maybe checking out my Patreon. :D

I will have more tomorrow!

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Nice. I'll give this a resteem and see if you can gain some more exposure. 🙂

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They look fantastic 👍 even better knowing you did those using a mouse.

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Wow you did this all by a mouse? That is impressive.

They look amazing. I like cars and I love these drawing.

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These are really beautiful

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