The true story - Polish charity organization WOŚP.

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Photo by Damian Drewniak

The true story.

Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy - Polish charity organization

The name of this foundation translated into English is: Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

It is a foundation whose goal is to protect health, saving the lives of sick people, especially children, and doing everything to improve their health, they also promote health and preventive health care.
In January there is a public fundraiser called the WOŚP Finale. The Foundation has been playing finals for 26 years.
The organization's goal is to buy equipment to hospital medical branches in whole Poland

Thousands of volunteers and millions of Polish people come to the street during the great January finale, to collect money together for a specific medical goal set by the Foundation.

Let's look at the foundation from the other side. You certainly do not know how many things are hidden behind the scenes, many months before the grand finale of the orchestra. It's many months of preparation, stress, hard work, and most importantly, the solidarity of many artists.



The whole story has its beginning in 2012 where not many people were involved yet. Ewelina–Saadia very talented was the initiator of everything. She inspired the artists to create a joint work.

The girls, as you probably noticed, the action began. (…)I came up with the idea that we can also join the action. How I see it … each girl performs a small element of soutache and sends it to me. Ja I will think what's next:)))… I will combine all these elements to create a great and beautiful necklace. What do you say? Who will join?
– I will join
– I like this
– We're three now:)…
– I will try to …
– I will join too !!! Let it be something absolutely amazing! ...
– I am available, I am waiting for information

Source :

The number of volunteers exceeded all expectations of Ewelina.
Interested came. Ewelina devised the whole concept of the necklace and its implementation. She prepared an illustrative project and drawing of the elements from which it was to be created.

Some of the artists performed two elements and sent everything to Ewelina.
Created a necklace called "Tęczak", which initiated the project on soutache.



In the Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity 2013 "Tęczak" at auctions was sold for PLN 4750. The whole amount was added to the Orchestra account.


Every year wonderful works were created, to which I had the honor to join



Amazing corset, which involved 200 artists performing 400 elements of silk ribbons soutache and Swarovski crystals in Clear colour.

Corset was in a similar color to "Tęczak" it was the first and probably the last such a big project.

In this project I made two elements in green tones.
For every project we attached some thank-you notes to the buyer.

Can you imagine a corset and 200 sheets attached to it?
It must have made an impression and moved the heart of the person who won the auction.

Source :

In the Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity 2014 "SUPERNOVA"
on the auctions he was sold for PLN 2 247. The whole amount was added to the Orchestra account.



"Princess’s Dream”

It is a beautiful wedding necklace that impresses with its rich ornaments in the form of beaded peony flowers made in the technique of beadingu and Swarovski crystals wrapped with ribbons of soutache.

45 pairs of very skillful hands took part in the creation of this project. The necklace was beautiful

Anyway, check it yourself.

„he inspiration for the creation of this project were beautiful peony flowers, which each year in shades of white, pink and a wonderful shade of amaranth up to fuchsia adorn the brides in this very special day. A flower so romantic and seductive, with its petals and scent will not let any woman pass by indifferently”


Source :

In the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Final 2015, "Princess's Dream" on auctions was sold for PLN 1000. The whole amount was added to the Orchestra account.




Beloved this year was also very creative for us. Necklace "Lunarium" inspired by the full moon, was after the "Tęczak" the highest sold necklace of soutache. It was made up of 25 wonderful, very talented women.
This time it was a combination of soutache strings with beautiful silk material.
My task in the project was to create an element of the central bracelet with a winding snake.
I think I stood up to the challenge, how do you think?

Source :

In the Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity 2016 "Lunarium" at auctions was sold for PLN 3850. The whole amount was added to the Orchestra account.



" World Women - Sundari"

This year was special for me for two reasons.
The first is that I gave birth to a second son, and the second is the fact that while I was pregnant, I was the coordinator of a great project.

It all started in January, during hot and long discussions, a plan was born in our heads for the upcoming finale of the orchestra. The idea was that we create 4 necklaces inspired by 4 sides of the world.
To the necklaces, as a complement to the whole, we designed bracelets and earrings.
We named the jewelery sets with the names of women, significant "beauty" in different languages,
respectively for the regions to which the style of the jewelry refers.
And so it was created:


A set inspired by African jewelry


The jewelery refers to the elemental colors of Bollywood


It is inspired by the colors and forms of Mexican cutouts.


The colors of the set refer to the Irish landscapes


My coordination began with a necklace project that I showed to other artists.
A design full of colors and an interesting form.

I have drawn up instructions for each item.

I was fascinated by the thought that I could create something wonderful with my friends.
Sundari – because this was the name of the necklace I was designing, it was a great source of pride for me. I have met all the requirements that he set for me. And the effect was very satisfactory.

Source :

It should be remembered that in India rich decorations celebrate the beauty and divinity of the woman who wants to please the goddess Lakshmi on that day.


This necklace is the closest to my heart. This whole project is my heart and love for soutache,
For colors and of course for Indian vibes.
From the beginning, I knew that my necklace will represent the Beautiful Woman taken out of the Bollywood movie.

In the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Final 2017, the "Sundari" auction was sold for PLN 1414. The whole amount was added to the Orchestra account.



"Blue moon"

„There are songs that never get old, when you hear them once and stay with us forever.
It was no different with a certain jazz standard. "Blue Moon" accompanied artists during the creation of the first of our projects.”

This is how the idea came into being has the next finale.

A necklace with a charming name Blue Moon designed with beautiful blue Brazilian agates and unusual Swarowski crystals from the new collection wrapped in many shades of blue silk soutache ribbons, which gave an elegant and subtle expression.
In this necklace I made two side elements.

Source :

In the Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity 2018 "Blue Moon" at the auctions was sold for PLN 1626. The whole amount was added to the Orchestra account.


Of course, there were definitely more projects and techniques, I introduced you to those with whom I was most closely connected, that is with my soutache.
If you want to familiarize yourself with all the projects that we have done for WOŚP, I invite you to the website Currently, there are about 500 people involved in the projects. This number is constantly growing. The initiative is growing to the point of absurdity. There are more and more interesting projects. I also encourage you to join.
If you're doing something creative, let me know in the comment. You can also take part in it.

In conclusion:

Artists for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity have collected in their entire history of existence …


207 911,63 PLN !!

Thank you all for staying up to this place. As you can see, the Great Orchestra is not just one man Jurek Owsiak. This is a whole group of talented people who want to help beyond divisions.

Greetings and I encourage you to comment and vote.

Kasia Voitak.


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