Banner of House Karkaldwin

in #art10 months ago


The Banner of House Karkaldwin, a very young and minor noble house of Pryldahn and one of the most mysterious and ambitious. In universe it was designed by Polina Piscator-Karkaldwin in the early months of the year 1440 After The Cataclysm. Venser Tybalt Karkaldwin is the founder and the head of the family. The banner depicts a green eyed crimson snake balancing a crescent moon on it's rail on a turqouise field. Their words are "Live, Revel, and Remember."

Out of universe it was drawn in mechanical pencil and mechnical pencil by me, V.M. Mouchas. And then due to my lack of skill in digital art work I had Shay Page do the digital version.

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