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Quite a few of you decided to travel the world

We've created unique skyline wall arts of places we've visited. We have over 200 cities to choose from and adding more weekly


New York - City that never sleeps.


Paris - Romantic Gateway


Memphis - where the blues was born


More coming soon...


Very skillful I like this a lot. Little upset at the use of good vinyl but I do like it :)

We have over 250000 records and many of them will end up in the landfills if not repurposed. We are only repurposing unusuable records so no worries. We sell records as well and have 81000 active listings on Discogs
Thanks for checking on that with us!

I don't doubt it and of course great work on the upcycling. If you've got that many wow, keep it up great work!

Thank you much appreciated !

Thanks Jennifer!

I Love This Wall Art Very Unique @vinylhopus where can these be Purchase.

We currently have them listed on amazon, Etsy, facebook shop and thanks for your interest!

I Look Forward To Owning a few of these Amazing Wall Art You have Created @vinylshopus. Thanks For Sharing!!!

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