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in art •  2 years ago 

Hello Steemians!

I continue to draw animals

Thanks for viewing, I hope you liked it!

30 second exposure

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Привет!👋 Как всегда, очень здорово!!!

действительно действительно друг, это очень круто и очень хорошо для сообщения. Я очень рад следовать за вами и подружиться с вами, друзья.

Спасибо, приятно)

we have to learn to love an animal. please teach people by drawing animals.

I have not studied the artist and have no idea how to draw correctly, I just draw and enjoy the process))

The only advice I can give is try it, maybe you will like it.

Dear Artist @villainblack ! This post has been resteemed and upvoted from FineArtNow account ! See you soon !

Good job friend, upvoted! I draw animals too, take a look my posts :)

realy good! and interesting technique @villainblack :)

Thank you)

Really good art work.
Animals are our love.
I am also a artist but I like to make beautiful decoration peace with recyle things.


Nice pen work @villainblack!

Very beautiful wolf. Congratulations and thank you for sharing it!
(Upvoted it and followed you.)