I love the unique and creative idea of making the stencil into something more. The shapes work perfectly to be transformed in to a bicycle. I love the texture of the tires and those blue & turquoise rims have a beautiful pattern to them. I love how the pattern from the front wheel is in the center section of the rear wheel but both of them are still unique to one another. I really like how you managed to fit 3 separate pieces of art all together seamlessly!

Thanks for entering and supporting the #zencolouringcontest!


Please name your suggestion for next week's featured colour!

Thank you. I'm glad you like it. It sort of jumped out at me that it needed to be a bicycle.
This past year, I've been learning a lot of new GIMP skills because of working on my book cover images. I'm by no means an expert, but I have the basics down very smoothly now.

Someone asked me (on Whaleshares, I think it was) how long it took me...
Maybe an hour - the lengthiest part was simply coloring. The rest of it was pretty easy. :-)

2nd place, Congratulations!!

Your prize has been transferred, Please comment a link on the 'Winners Showcase' of the post you would like to receive the upvote prize for!

Thank you! I expect the overall creativity in the contest is just going to explode now between my entry and the first place entry!

I hope so! You guys were super inventive this week!

I love the wheels, l love your art congratulations friend ❣️

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