Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


Welcome back spider! I really like your art interpretation about the zodiac, those black and white ink illos are beautiful. The pose is attractive and a little bit freaky, just what I like lol.

Thanks, @scrawly :D :D :D

I'm really liking working with the black background even though they are a pain to colour in . __ .

I also like freaky poses and compositions buhuhuhuhu~

Jimbo likes these drawings. :)

Yay welcome back! :D I've been missing my favourite bugs ^_^

Your twins almost make a heart shape, was that intentional or incidental? :D and it is rather novel to see stories where the siblings actually get on (which I think is lame but people like unnecessary drama and conflict right XD). And how many black markers have you gone through making these? Do we need to set up an emergency black markers for spodey fund? :O

Snax and palnet are super easy to get on board with and pretty much set and forget (well you can set and forget snax unless you feel like raining snax hallelujah on people's heads, palnet you just have to remember to use the palnet tag and...that's it, don't even need to use their front end unless you want to, only slightly more work if you got a paldrop). You've probably seen a hundred million instruction howto posts by now but you'll have no trouble finding help if you get stuck :)

Admittedly I don't always like looking into things, you're totally not alone there XD Basically gotten to a point where I'm only looking if it looks particularly different/interesting compared to something I'm already doing, and I'm somewhat more inclined to look into it if it's a project by people I like. Still need time to draw after all ;D

Completely missed E3 (I knew it was going on at some point but didn't get around to watching, and was probably drawing anyway XD), I'll assume there's some good stuff coming then shall I :)

YAY thank you for the best welcome back of ALL TIME \o/ fyn !!!! <3 <3 <3

it was unintentional XD I even tried to even out the shape on the sides and between the twins so that it isn't TOO heart-shaped but I think I failed cuz the heads are round and together and the arms are making that natural v shape in the middle and im like fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


... XD ah well, anyway, yes, it is a bit novel to see a story where the siblings do get on well, even though brother killing / brother fighting stories are 'funner' and more popular. I've used the big sharpies on these pieces and it's sort of .......... slowly dying, but I'm predicting it will still be good for at least 2 more XD;;;;

(you just gotta go over the areas a few times)

owowowoh ryry knows about snax and palnet! AMAZING! yay! Thanks so much for the crash course * ___ * !!!

So basically snax is just one time set up and then foggetaboutit and PALnet is just using the palnet tag on your posts? :D That sounds ..........doable even for a klutz like me.......... XD

And yes, looking into things are such troublesome cuz we have to literally set aside time and focus for doing it and im really bad with that, im just GO-GO-GO type of a person and stopping to actually look into new things feels ...... weird. This is where trustworthy friends with more analytical minds come in super handy! Cuz they'd just be swooping in and says, "It isn't that complicated, just do A, B, C and you're gold!"

(just like fyn! :D :D :D)

E3 seemed fun, but I missed a lot, also :D I saw the Microsoft one and it was great fun, though ! :D


Wonderful drawing! You're doing such a great job on these, and I am excited to see them unfold! I had to chuckle that you mention all that's going on with Snax, PALnet, etc. that it is difficult to keep up, and then the image of GEMINI appears, as if we need to clone ourselves to stay on top of it all! 😁

Thanks so much, @thekittygirl! I am happy that you're liking the zodiac series :) And hahahaha you are right! It is almost as if we do need to clone ourselves to keep up with things, sometimes, hahahah~ !!!

Like looking in a mirror. Pun intended.

That is a pretty cool drawing mate! Welcome back I guess! Cancer next you say? That's my star sign! Although like you, have no idea what any of it means or understand horoscopes but there are some cool cats out there who know their stuff!

What's this gaming in the 90s thing all about? In front of the atari, snes, ps1 and game gear was pretty much my child hood haha

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Steemit is whole again. Welcome back.

Gosh, you are always the best <3 Thank you so much !

This is a very neat project and one that has special meaning for me. I always like to hear others opinions on it. #astrologymatters

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Thank you very much, @abitcoinskeptic :) I hope I am not blundering too horribly into the Zodiacs since I am going into this waters blind ...

If you have any feedback at any time, as an expert in astrology, please feel free to let me know :)

I missed you, welcome back! Beautiful drawing, my rising is in Gemini and both my brother and dad are Gemini so it really resonates with me!

Aaaah, I missed you too, @edouard !!!

Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

And wow, your family is full with Geminis!!! XD

That’s right!

Oh, love the Gemini twins, I need an extra hand after being gone for weeks, I am going to have to catch up with all the new stuff myself!

OMG... I think I just caught on to steemit.

I like the light playful banter of your posts! Welcome back and yes!! I just got back too!


Hello there, fellow recent returner !!! :D :D :D

I can definitely relate to the feeling of needing extra hands to catch up with things !

Thank you for tip <3 <3 <3 !!!

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I want to see aquarius, I wonder how you would do it.
I hope you continue drawing as you're good!
PD: Excellent drawing, I liked :3 approved! xD

Eventually, we will get to your star sign, @ibsem :D Thanks so much for the kind words :)

Gemini-ME!!! I love that you put all the collection together now :D I like how you posed them, as if they are one mind, connected to and relying on each other.

It’s true! I often ponder of life in many ways, sometimes to the extent of how do i know I really exist? Maybe this is all imagination, a simulation. What comes after death? Is heaven real? Do i simply cease to exist? How is it energy become so physically solid that we can touch and feel everything?

See what i mean its endless x_x

Super psyched to see the rest! Hehe :)

Oh, that's right, Mel had a birthday recently, right??? GEMINI-MEL~ <3333333333333

Yeah, I think I'd like to see them in a row, like a cards' collection or something.... and thank you for kind comments about the pose * ___ * Your feedback validated what I had wanted to convey so, they are super appreciated omg~

And hahahahah, you truly ARE a gemini, it seems! Always roving about to wonder and browse all the different perspectives !!! (it's adorable, mel <3 !!! never change~)

I hope I can do CANCER in a few days' time :)

Thanks again for being super awesome <3 You're amazing~ <3333333333333

@veryspider I'm born under the gemini star sign although I don't follow Astrology either I did find this an interesting read. Especially the patrons of sailors part as by chance, fate or whatever... My husband is a captain on a fishing vessel... A sailor in other words. Perhaps a reason why we're tied together as soul mates? His star sign is a pisces... I'm going to see what you said about him. 🙄😊

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@dkkarolien, aaah you are like me, then ! :D i also know very little about horoscopes but i do find them interesting :)

and wow, your husband is a sailor and you are a gemini! .... almost feels rather mystical ! what a strange and magical connection !!!

I love such intangible coincidences <3 They make me feel like there's unseen forces of fate working around us :D Thank you so much for sharing this with me :)

Pisces is the last of the 12 zodiacs, so I hope you will still be paying attention to this series by the time I get to Pisces, hahahahah~

@veryspider feel free to tag me in them. I don't mind. 😏 I would love to read more. Mystical connections. I love that phrase

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I love your twins!

do you guys dislike 'looking into things' as much as I do???

It's so distracting...so yes!

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Thank you !

And yes, it is VERY distracting, isnt it? I think there should just be someone that tells me what to do in button points, sometimes XD;

@veryspider oh and did I mention my daughter is a horserider... Sailors and horses. Interesting

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WOW ! Really???? That's sooooooooooooooo weird ! But cool, too ! But a bit spooky too XD Like I feel tingling on the hair on my skin XD

I kid you not. 😂

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Fabulous painting! I love your way, and the story. It's silly, but I didn't know it :)
But anyway, Taurus is my favorite so far :D

And I must confess sometimes I have looking into things, especially on summer... I'd better spend time outside. But, can't be helped, have to go to work

Nice to see you continue this amazing series😊 I loved the heart-shaped frame, very cute😊

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I have to say that I am eager to see Cancer ever since the taurus one. Great art, words and I like your enthusiasm ! I will go check out @shibasaki and the others your referred in your post. Thanks!

Thanks :D I hope I will be able to do a good Cancer :)

And yep! Check out @shibasaki, for sure, he is AMAZING * ___ *

beautiful twins, it will really be very interesting to see finished the 12 <3

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Cool! I' m a cancer!

Impressive art champ. I couldn't be more agree, so much going on in steem that is hard to keep up, and that's great. Regards dude.

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...totally off to check out Taurus 😄

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Thanks for giving us a delicious and appealing artwork to enjoy. We've missed your regular posting.

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This drawing really so nice, I love the style and it's remind me of Greeks' art, history and mythology. Love it
Your drawings always so breathtaking ☺

I'm doing well enough, thanks, and I hope things are wonderful for you!

Yep, I feel the same way - so much going on, and I always feel so out of the loop. But I prefer this to the times things were so quiet & no one was doing much of anything!

I think you did an amazing job of capturing the essence of Gemini, and I can't wait to see the rest of your series (I'm especially looking forward to Leo... 😊).

I keep forgetting about those contests (like I said, out of the loop...LOL), but one of these days I gotta jump in. Gaming in the 90s sounds like fun, so maybe I'll get it together this time.

Have a great weekend!

Welcome back @veryspider! Palnet is really cool! The short version is that it's Pal's version of Steemit, it has different distribution, 50/50 author curator split, and people who care actually working on it. I'm really excited about it!

You can post anywhere on Steem and just use the #palnet tag and your post will show up there and be eligible to earn PAL.

Thanks, @midlet !!! I'm glad to hear PALnet is something you believe strongly in :) It helps make me have faith in it ! AND ALSO THANK YOU FOR BREAKING IT INTO SIMPLE MODE FOR THIS SPODER~~~~~

Glad to be back <3

I'm actually making the "simplified for the artists community" Palnet post right now :D

WOH!!!! I'd LOVE that !!!! I'll peel my eyes out for when you drop it, for sure :D

Magnifique! My wife is a gemini. Geminis are a handful, or so she says.

Didn't you say you weren't going to continue the Zodiac series, hm, hm? ;)

Happy welcome back @spider ! Gemini is gorgeous 😊

Love your twins! I'm working to get to double dolphin here, but after I have 10,000 SP I'm promising myself to spend some time arting and looking at @shibasaki's lessons.

Welcome back, @veryspider! You have been missed :)

Welcome back @veryspider! They do look like twins in your drawing. It is a struggle for me to even make eyebrows look alike so you did very well there :) thanks for sharing the story too as I have never read it before.

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Nice drawing! I very like details!

I'm singing Saint Seiya's 1st opening and I blame you!

Now in all seriousness, these are amazing drawings! Your style is very 90's Anime so I can't help but be biased haha

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Welcome Back @veryspider.
Happy to see you around again (ok I'm a week late :p) :)

Nice zodiac serie, btw :)

Have a nice day, and much more !

GREAT to see you back again Spider. I've just surfaced from my decluttering that's constantly being disrupted: The enticement of the 'Creative Muse' ~ Autumn leaves to photograph ~ Two fantastic exhibitions ~ Brilliant talk on indigenous art ~ Friend moving house ~ Making some pots and an indigenous art fair coming up this weekend.

Glad I'm not the only one not quite up to date with Snax and PALnet yet. Great to see the responses here and know it's not going to take to much extra time to set it up.

LOVE your twins. And how you have drawn the subtle differences that make each identical twin unique. Love the olive leaf? laureates and the twins being surrounded by heart energy.

I'm not a Gemini, but here's to 'Considering life from multiple viewpoints. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Oh, I like this. You did a good job capturing that "twin bond" twins often share that the rest of us don't really understand.

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