Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


Sorry to hear people are after you. Guess it is some kind of jealousy...I think your content is great and you're great asset to the art community. Not to mention all your great comments!

Great drawings @veryspider I'm glad you still post on here. What other places did you go to?

Thanks Sander, I appreciate ! So kind of you <3

I didn't go to other crypto based blogs, I went into those non-paying social media places like twitter and insta and so on :D Steemit was my only social media, but now, not anymore ! :D :D :D

I give you my trick sweetie : focus only on what and who you want to make exist in your life, the "real life" or the internet one,
for anything you will focus on will still manifest and the rest will just disappear, we could say like by magic, but better say by lack of attention to it ;-)
I'm waiting for the Libra, my sign 😃 ❤️

Yes, very wise, thank you, Barbara :) !!!

I am definitely focusing into what I want to make ! I am much happier now :D :D :D

Libra will come, for sure <3 Stay tuned~

Thank you for the visit and the comment * ___ * I appreciate it very much \o/

You are our friend and we really care about you. Thank you for speaking out about cyber bullying. Hopefully we can stand strong together in the face of adversity and if not then we will adapt, change and scurry and if that happens, hopefully we find our way back to each other somehow!

Oh, the truth!

I'm also waiting for Libra Barbara and Spider.

The advice from Barbara is spot on. Focus on what makes YOUR heart sing. I know you won't stop making art, it's just finding the best place/places to share it, where you feel 'at home' and others will respond to it ~ And you. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Ally is also Libra? :D That gives me motivations to get there, for sure XD

Thank you, as always for kind words ♥︎

Yes. So pleased to share the same sign as Barbara. Pleased this will motivate you to create a Libran lady now. Kind words come easy for you Spider. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Whoa @veryspider ...

"... I don't know what to tell you but you'd be happy to know that the damage is done months ago, I have branched out of Steemit and am scaling down on my energy spent on this platform. So, be happy."

... stopping by to visit one of your posts and read this?! Not sure what this means or what is behind it, but I was saddened to read you have "... branched out of Steemit and am scaling down ..."

Do you have another post somewhere that discusses what is troubling you? Not that it is really any of my business I suppose, but I was concerned, as I have always enjoyed our interaction.

I hope all is generally well with you!

No, there is no posts anywhere, and besides even if there were, I rather not drama. I dislike dramas, and I try not to speak badly about others behind their backs if I can help it :)

Thank you for your concerns! I am fine :) I took on the negativity as a sign that maybe me and Steemit are not as compatible as I originally thought.

I, too, have always enjoyed our interactions as I find your thoughts valuable, measured, and interesting <3 So keep up being you, Rob!

I will be on Steemit for as long as I can, and I will continue to support others whilst I'm still on the blockchain :D

Yes, well thank you for your reply @veryspider. If it helps any ...

"... as a sign that maybe me and Steemit are not as compatible as I originally thought."

... I've had similar thoughts at times. There is a sort of "wild west" atmosphere at times "in here" that leaves me cold. Actually probably worse than that ...

But ... I try to console myself that what we are all experiencing is in its infancy. If we can manage to hang around until it grows up, who knows ... Maybe we'll look back and feel it was worth it ...

Glad to know you're doing okay. If you ever need a "listening ear," you can always feel free to reach out on Discord.

Until next time, take care "over there!" (a poet and don't know it ...) 😉

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Yes, the platform is sure still very young, though it IS in its fourth year now... and yep, I understand what you are saying :D I am not in favour of just abandoning things, or dropping the ball, so I'll be here for as long as I can :)

Thank you, Mr. Poet !!! XD

😉👍😊 Leaving on vacation early in the morning, so time will be (even more) limited over the next couple of weeks ...

P.S. "... though it IS in its fourth year now ..." - yes, some "children" are really slow ...

yes..want to know..

Thank you for the concern :) I am fine, there's nothing to know~ but, yes, thank you!

Yes, me too. I admit to not always clicking to learn more, but I still follow and very much enjoy your work. Didn't know you had frustrations here.

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Thank you, @wholeself-in ! I love your blog <3 You bring such valuable contents to the blockchain :)

Yes, frustrations were had, but in the end, it was a good prompt that made me grow...and though it is bittersweet that part of that growth means I can't apportion the same amount of enthusiasm and energy into Steemit, I will continue to support Steemians as I have done for as long as I can :)

Yes, me too. I admit to not always clicking to learn more, but I still follow and very much enjoy your work. Didn't know you had frustrations here.

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My vote is more VS drawings no matter where they're posted!

Yay! Thank you, fromie \o/ !!!

Those users who have a problem with you are probably just stupid. Ignore them and post as much as you can. You are incredibly talented and an amazing person.

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Haha, thank you Jaundre :) I'm posting, I'm posting~ (just not at Steemit so much) ... :3

I love your talents, your book reviews, your movies, your drawings, your writings, and I appreciate your friendships, and I hope to be able to support your for a long time still ❤️

Steemit won't be the same without you. <3

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No libra yet, Saving the best to last I see! I'm not sure what happened, but sad to see you're scaling down, on to new adventures perhaps. It's difficult investing so much energy into something, I find that I am spreading myself thin over platforms, projects and day to day living. I have learnt something new today about the zodiac signs and enjoying the art!

I don't know when Libra is due, but hang on to your pants and we'll get there, Jeremy !

Yeah, new adventures ! \o/ I think it was a good kick up my butts to check out the other social media channels out there, to be honest :) I am also like you, now, spreading myself over a few different platforms. How I was able to invest and engage in such a high level in Steemit was because it used to be the only social media channel I had. But now, it is no longer possible, since there are other places that also need my attention.

Thanks so much for your visit and comments, as always <3 I appreciate!!!!

That's fair enough! As they say, don't place all your eggs in one basket. The community here is very welcoming, however it is good to diversify, I will keep an eye out for you on other platforms then!

I'm really glad that you've branched out (because we all know what happens if you stash all the eggs in one box/basket XD). Much less glad that you're scaling back efforts here, unless you meant with the sheer volume of community stuff you were doing because honestly I have no idea how you work and draw and do THAT much community stuff all at once O_O I'd miss your posts and comments and our occasionally ridiculous conversations ;-;

And on that well don't worry if you didn't have the time or inclination to look into the crypto-related shenanigans:) I was just trying to show that it's actually easy even for people like me so you won't have any problems :)

Cancer looks like she's about to make shit real with those claws and that face XD She facing off Taurus or the two of them about to take some people down?

Yesh! Thank you, fyn !!!! <3

Im scaling back cuz I'm behaving the way I have been behaving at Steemit but elsewhere, and a spider has only so much energy and hours... And yes, I am always very high engagement type of a person, it's just the "where" I put that energy that differ. But I won't just drop and disappear, as it takes time to build things so I will continue to support, and curate, and hold contests and create artists' highlight posts, and post on Steemit for as long as I can :)

Cancer does indeed look like she's not one to mess with XD I dont know if she's friends with Taurus though, since their elements are different, so maybe occasionally friends occasionally enemy?? XD

Yep I know them feels, I’m similar 😵

Glad we’ll have a spodey for the foreseeable future 🙃

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''that the damage is done months ago, I have branched out of Steemit and am scaling down on my energy spent on this platform. So, be happy.''
What happened dear Spider?
Please, don't let bad and jealous people influence your art and life..
World if full with them, and art is above them all.
Art is yours, personal, and there will always be someone not liking it..but still there will be more those who love it.
So, please, just skip those '' bad seed'' persons and do your thing.

Oh, Dunja, you are very kind! I appreciate your words very much :)

I don't mind that some people do not like my art, no, not at all ! I think art is subjective and it is fine that some things are not everyone's cup of tea. But I do mind if people gossip about me behind my back, painting me as if I was a 'shady' person whereas they were the ones and they are still the ones that have been behaving poorly.

I will continue to my thing, for sure :) Just not on Steemit :D

Dunja has other social media? Instagram? Twitter? We can hook up outside of Steemit, cuz I'm still very active and definitely very me on those places now XD

Thanks again <3 I love your beautiful spirit and your beautiful talents very much ! You are one of my favourite artists <3333333

I've been off Steemit so much of late not by choice but because I've had to do so much more this season for my rental houses. Now I see you might be going to another platform? That's sad, also what is the platform? Maybe I'll follow?

I always worried when discord became more of a thing on Steemit I started to feel bad as what I LOVED about steemit was it had a very early 2000's blog feel and people engaged IN the comments.

I have tried and failed at Discord. I just can't do it. I can never find people on at the right time and when I do it's often people who have started to really connect and you feel like a third wheel, so I just didn't get anything out of it.

I'm worried now when I have the time to be on here more in the coming months will it be even more different? Oh well, I think this IS the downfall of social media.

I just wish I had an online site that was about art and creativity that rewarded each other and just let us talk about fun things like art, gardening, being creative and that was it and there was no outside link to things like Discord. It was just a closed system that you can go in and out of and enjoy it for what it is.

I hope you don't leave entirely. I'm sad that @scrawly doesn't appear to be on here any longer either :/

Im not moving into another crypto-based blog, Donna :) I'm moving over to the mainstream, non-paying social media places and I've signed up to most of them now, youtube, twitter, instagram, etc.

Discords sure are a different sort of beast to tackle, and some people are not just into chatting and others are pretty into it, I can understand that you find it difficult to engage with.

I wouldn't think that this is the downfall of social media, Donna :) Im sure you will have the time again, in the future, to share with us more of yourself and your arts :) Phases come and go in life, and the most important thing is that if we have built a home for us somewhere, if we have built real bonds and friendships, those people will still be around when you are ready to return :)

I will try not to leave entirely, but yeah, @scrawly seems like they are done with Steemit and I really don't blame them. I am also heading that way, it seems . __ . BUT. I will try to remain, for as long as I can :)

Love your zodiac series - missed them until now! Funny I caught up at Cancer - I have a cancer moon, but i definitiely don't have crabby claws!! Cancer peeps are homebodies and emotional souls. Thank god it's not the only aspect of me or I'd be a mess!

Homebodies and emotional souls, I see ! Then I wildly missed the mark with this drawing XD


I really don't know much about horoscopes, but I'm learning as I am now illustrating them hahaha~

I don't know what the situation is, but I will say that it is a normal part of life, dealing with the negativity of others. If it's a question of one or two people not liking what you are posting, or expressing that you are being over-rewarded for your posts, then that tells us more about those people than it does about you.

I enjoy seeing your posts, and I adore your art, especially your line style. I think 'earning' on steemit is as much about engaging with other people on the platform as it is about posting quality content, and I think you do both.

I think the bottom line is that it's your blog, your posts, your rewards, and you should be able to do what you like, as long as you aren't being rude or intentionally hurting people.

It's a shame to hear that you've had issues here. I do hope you will choose to spend more time here rather than on other platforms, because my brief interactions with you have been delightful. To me you are the first person on Steemit I've really engaged with the most, and the fact that you've encouraged me is valuable. Your early conversations with me are a large part of why I've continued to persist with posting on Steemit.

Thanks veryspider!

I love your contents, @awmobbs ! You are such a valuable new talent to the blockchain <3 I hope you will continue to build your blog here and I will continue to support you (for as long as I can) :)

Thank you very much for your kind words <3 I really appreciate it !

And yeah, I try not to let it bother me, but really, I feel that maybe at the end of the day I might be more compatible with places who do not 'pay' for posts. Still, I won't suddenly disappear as I have built such wonderful and meaningful friendships here, and friendships are worth more than dollars to me :)

I am super SUPER super happy to hear that our interactions has managed to make your days of being new at Steemit a little easier :D I am 100% passionate about supporting talents and quality contents and you bring a wealth in both !

Thank you again <3 I really appreciate your care and your friendship * ___ *

I agree with @acidyo. If someone doesn't enjoy your content they can proceed to fuck off. The content itself is just a medium to connect to people. That's where the real value is. This is the internet. It's not difficult to find artwork at every level imaginable, but what's rare is finding REAL people that you can connect with. That's what you specifically are incredibly good at. Keep doing you Spidey :)
And using the #palnet tag :D

You are very kind, @midlet <3 I appreciate it :) I understand what you are saying, and I am doing me and will keep on doing me........... just maybe not here at Steemit so much anymore.

Steemit used to be my only social media channel, but unfortunately running into a few unpleasant individuals gave me a kick up the butt to branch out and take what I bring into Steemit elsewhere. And, it pains me to say that my engagement at the other social media channels have been quite successful . __ . So much so that I can't quite justify investing the same amount of time and energy and enthusiasm into only Steemit anymore.

Not cashing out, though :D and as long as possible, I'll continue to support others on Steemit as I have always done :)

Well I hope this helps: It has been a year since I branches out. 0 regrets. I'm back after a break once again and Steemit is still here ^^ This is why I actually take breaks and re evalue things quite often. Especially considering Steemit isn't your regular income, blogging for me is just a hobby. Life takes priority.
Also everyobe should be reminded that there are too many things we take for granted.
Good luck

That sure helps! Thanks for letting me know your own experience, @kristyglas :)

I think you are right, it is always good to take the time to re-evaluate where we are at.

And yep, Steemit isn't a source of earning for me, and like you, blogging is a hobby for me, too! And life DOES take priority, yep...

Thanks a lot for the visit and the comment, Kristy <3 I appreciate it :)

In the end it all depends on how much energy/stamina you have ^^ I simply have less haha

I really dont have that much either, to be honest, it is EXHAUSTING how much time and energy I'm spending into Steemit .... some days I wonder why I keep doing it.... Not to toot my own horn, but I have been upvoting, commenting, and curating many Steemians' posts faithfully (that is: DAILY) for more than a year now and from time to time, this burns me out completely.

I've made over 22,500 comments since I joined 1.5 years ago, and I think that averages over 50 comments every day. Doing 'em takes time. And I don't do the "This is a nice post!" type of commenting either. I take the time to read and respond to people's posts. It's a bit mad, some days.

Actually now that I sit down and assess and reflect, I really am a bit mad. LOL.

Hahha sorry, I know exactly what you mean. Personally i find making comments harder and more exhausting than posts, but I've always been rather antisocial. Damn I participated in the beast challenge on Whaleshares, and 50 comments daily is just incredible.
In psychology I believe his is called sunk cost fallacy, you can look it up :) Everything will be much more clear, we're almost all like that.
I'm actually going hrouh a burnout phase right now, but I know it's just temporary. However, that also means I still haven't found a healhy balance. You're doing awesome, especially with how consistent you are with drawing ^^

Hello @veryspider. It is so nice to see this work of yours. By the way, my zodiac sign is cancer and my birthday is coming up! What date? That I would not spill. Kidding aside, I hope you are doing great.

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Ah, you are a Cancerian ! So, (early or late) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Thank you for kind words and I hope you are doing well, too <3

Thank you and you're always welcome! 🥰

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waiting for

Yes, sagittarius shall come! Stay tuned \o/ !!!

What? People don't like you? You don't need to pay attention to those bitter human, I love all your works, and I believe they're more.

Just as always your drawing so outstanding and breathtaking. I love the way you draw the eyes

Thank you, @sweet hananan <3 I love your works too, and I think you are such a remarkable person, who fights bravely against your depression and your arts are wonderful and when I come across your posts, I am made happier :D

@acidyo has a fine taste for art:) Keep on posting Spider a lot of people enjoy seeing your artworks:) Cancer looks cute and menacing with the claws, i like it:)

I'm always happy when I see you post. ^_^ this is my star sign!
Often Cancer is depicted as soft and weepy so I really love her expression here. I'd think twice before taking her on! xo
If you scale down, we'd be sad but you should do what is best for you. If you need some support in response to whoever has been troubling you, it sounds like there is a lot of love for you here. Be well my friend. ❤️

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Thank you, Ciel ! Another Cancerian in the comments ! Woohoo~

I don't realise that Cancer is often depicted softly, hahahah, that's so interesting ! Thank you for letting me know :)

And thank you also for being so wonderful and supportive :D I'm really fine ! I don't engage in dramas, if I can help it, and the troubles had led me into some potential future paths anyway, so all is well <3 Thanks again, Ciel <3


In some ways, I feel similarly that some of my steemit experiences have led me to grow a bit. Different situations forced me to change and be not as wide eyed and excited about the platform as I was in the beginning, but I maybe have a more realistic view of how steemit fits into my life now?

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Yep, totally with you. I think I used to place Steemit very lovingly in my heart. But I think I am able to place it better in how it fits in my life now, for sure :)

Hello, @veryspider! It is unusual to see Cancer in the female image. 2 persons born under this sign are my husband (a bearded man, lol) and my ex mother in law, but she looks rather a turtle ))

Glad you are fully back to Steem. But ... what damage did you mean? Seems I missed something important

Hello, @zirochka ! I didn't know it is unusual to see Cancer as a girl, hahaha, that's super interesting to know :D

Your comments are really lovely and it made me smile :D

No, no, you didn't miss anything important :D I got to meet some unpleasant people who made me re-think about how much time I'm spending at Steemit, that's all. To be honest, this was a while ago, so I'm fine now :)

Your comments are really lovely and it made me smile

I am good at that, hope so :D

But I think about your "re-think" ... "how much time" ... And try it on me. How much is "much"? What it depends on, and who may judge?..

I am sounding philosophical :)

Oh cool that's my sign! And I still don't know what to do on my birthday :-0

Aaah, Caroline is a Cancerian ! Very cool !

(early or late) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you <3 <3 <3

Hope you will figure out what to do for your birthday :D

I still have time, it's the 13th of july :-)))

Oh, 13th of July is still a while ! I hope you will plan out a wonderful birthday event :D (and post about it at Steemit!!!! :D :D :D)

Thank you very much :-D

I'm a Cancer and I love this art. It shows some personalities and aura of what I thought Cancer will show. A little to hard to explain how it actually felt but I hope that you got me :P

Well...I slightly wonder what platform you are branching to so I can continue to read things there. No hard feelings, this is just a platform and it's natural for people to hop for a better one :)

Be happy, as you said!

Aaah, @lilacse is a Cancerian :D So cool ! (early or late) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you <3 <3 <3

I'm glad to hear that the drawing kind of sort of matches what you think of the starsign <3 Appreciate the feedback <3 <3 <3

As for the platforms, I'm not hopping to another crypto-based blog, I'm switching over to the traditional, established, non-paying places (twitter, insta, etc) Since I have never cashed out of Steemit, the switch has not been particularly difficult for me.... I am not on Steemit to make money. I just have found Steemit to be a great place to invest my energy into. But yeah, ran into some unpleasant people, and now I'm branching out :)

Thanks for the (early) birthday wish <3

Yeah...being happy with what you are doing is the most important thing ever. No matter where you go :) Can indeed agree that sometimes things do get cancer-ous (intended) over here so... :P

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hermosa y temible <3 <3

thank you, @jesusmedit <3 <3 <3

I wanna thank @acidyo for encouraging you to get back in the saddle. I cannot say I could be of much help to you and your struggles, but I am sympathetic. Just know you've a friend in this black kid here. I also have high hopes for your rendition of Aquarius, if it so strikes you.


Thank you, @thatkidsblack :) You are very kind <3 All friendships are appreciated <3

Aquarius will come, so stay tuned~

Ahhh I'm loving all your zodiac drawings so far!!! Can't wait to see what you draw for Leo~

Thank you, @thilah ! You are wonderful and I love your stuff aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Leo will come next aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


And yay excited to see the Leo~

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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As always you always make your art looks so wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with us and have a great day!

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Que genial :o <3

Thank you <3 !!!

Hey I am a cancer :) I like the lobster girl. Kinda reminds me of the book Geek Love which I enjoyed. Also in the immortal words of Taylor Swift (I may be paraphrasing here) haters gonna hate just shake it off. Shake it off. :)

Aliens can be a cancer on humanity, hey? (bad puns, sorry) XD;;;;;;

And, also (early or late) HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!

And, and, I will look up that book, for sure :D Thanks for the mention~

And, and, and, yes, haters will hate. I won't stop drawing or creating contents and engagement! just not quite at steemit anymore

Wait no no no. Actually, the name of this zodiac came from a GIANT ENEMY CRAB who harassed Squidward when he was fighting with Spongebob and its element is kraby patty.

Okay, history lesson aside xD
Pretty much like most people here, I don't know what you've been through and what kind of shitty people you had to deal with because I'm only been active again recently after being dead for a few months, but I hope you really are fine there and not have your mind bothered with it anymore. Because I know bad mood can affect someone's productivity and creativity negatively, so it wouldn't be good for you as an artist (and as a normal spider too of course), right?

It's like, for every fish that loves Spongebob's kraby patty, there's always one Squidward that hate and think it doesn't matter. When you do something that publicly matter, especially on the internet, there will always those people who won't like it and shit all over it. But remember, there are also those who will be nice to you too. Didn't think Spongebob could be that deep, did you?

Anyway, I love this Lobster Girl drawing. She looks sweet but also dangerous and fearsome. I hope I'll still be around to be able to see more of your zodiac arts until my zodiac :> and to join whatever contests you do that I could write about.

hahahah, you are great fun :D

i'm really doing fine and i wont stop creating contents and supporting others, so in that way i'm trooping on ! i used to post daily in steemit but now im scaling down here :) (im posting daily at the other places, though) so i'm still productive and doing well, artistically :D


I will pelt your face with the link when it's dropped !!!!!!

Ah good, not letting bothersome peeps affect your web spinning, art making skill. I was thinking about posting in other site too, Creary to be exact, I've read some posts about it here and it seems like a nice place to post artworks.

I hope I have the knowledge about the upcoming contest, because I'm not much of a retro gamer.
But my face is ready! (`・ω・´)9

Oh, I didn't go to another crypto-based website. I went and joined the non-paying mainstream social media places, twitter, insta, etc. I did create a Creary account a long time ago but I haven't done anything with it at all.

You can also make the entries about things related to the games from the 90s, like maybe movie adaptations of 'em, or sommit like that ! YOUR FACE IS READY??? THAT IS THE BEST FACE !!!!! (`・ω・´)9

This one is a little scary. Sometimes I imagine my relatives or coworkers are hiding their claws.

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Hahahah, yes, I can only imagine the pains those claws could inflict !

I love it. The eyes say "come hither," and then the claws say "run." Then the mouth says, "come on, you might like it..."

Sorry to hear things got uncomfortable for you around here. It was great to see a post from you. I miss the hell out of you and @scrawly.

Is most of this drama going on over at Discord? Maybe I miss out on all the drama because I've never managed to figure that side of things out.

Hahahah, yes, she's sending all sorts of mixed signals, a complicated woman !

Yeah, scrawls has quit (I think)... I mean I still see a few messages and comments from @scrawly, but there has not been a single post made since their last one. I don't blame scrawleroo. They know what I had gone through and they were much faster than me in detecting the BS.

Thankfully, scrawls is not gone since I've roped them into joining the external sites :D So, I'll pass your message on !

Yeah, mostly at Discord,.... I think you probably are missing out on some engagement, but I guess you also miss a lot of the dramas, hahahaha.... Upsides and downsides, I guess :3

Thank you for your care, @winstonalden <3

Well, this site is a dimmer place without you, but I wish you both the best in all your travels!

Thank you very much <3 Your kindness is felt and appreciated \o/

Naaaa! My dear and favorite spider !

I respect your choice, but I have to say you'll be missed :)

Already said this more than once : you've been someone very inspiring around here, by your support and way to be.

As long as you're fine (and I've read you were in other answers :) ), chose what's good to you, and thanks a bunch for what' you've already done here for everybody ! <3

That said... That's a long road to the Pisces from here... But the best for the end :D

Pascal <3 <3 <3

Dont worry, I won't be gone immediately! I'll continue to be here for as long as I can, so you'll be seeing me yet. In time, I might be here less and less, just like other normal people.... XD;

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad I have been inspiring, I don't know how, since I'm just a regular person, but I am glad anyway. I love supporting awesome people and talented individuals so I will continue to do so for as long as I can :)

Pisces will definitely come!

You're opened to other and share a bunch of good energy in their (our) direction with your posts and support.
From a social hermit's point of view, like I am, that makes you very different than a regular person :)

Anyways, never feel hurt when people start to criticize you or what you do : that just mean you start to be noticed and get new kind of people's attention, not always kind ones. They don't deserve your attention in return.

Keep your own way, and people who like you will still do :)

Awww, I really appreciate this comment, Pascal <3 You are amazingly warm and supportive <3 I really treasure our friendship :)

I will carry on as best as I can, and not let unpleasant people hurt me! For sure !!!

I always enjoy when I get a chance to pop by and see your artwork! We watched AHS, too, so this is quite reminiscent of lobster boy. ;) I am an Aries, so I like your creation of my sign, as well. I used to work with someone who did her own take on the Zodiac signs in a series like this, so it is fun to see all the different ways they can be artistically interpreted!

Yessss, you watched AHS too! Lobster Boy now has a Lobster Girl from my zodiac, for a friend XD !

Zodiac interpretation is quite fun, indeed :)

cool art i'm a cancerian too :), i have a doubt what is your zodiac sign @veryspider?

Thanks! (early or late) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, @elias15g :)

I will announce which one is mine when I drop it :D :D :D Stay tuned !

Congratulations @veryspider!
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My first thought when I saw your post thumbnail - "YAY! Another cool zodiac drawing by @veryspider!"

My first thought when I started reading your post - "NOOOO! DON'T GO!!!!"

I know you said you're scaling back, not leaving, however I hope you don't scale back too much! I completely get how you're feeling, and I know you need to do what's right for you, but I'd hate to see the haters win!

That being said, I love your interpretation of Cancer - the sweet faced girl with the menacing claws really resonates for all the Cancers I know (my son included). And I know I've said it before, but looking forward to seeing Leo - so glad it's up next! 😊 ❤️ 🦁 ♌️

Thank you, @traciyork :)

You are so adorable XD The way you post/talk is just so friendly and approachable ! I love it !

I think the haters can't really win since I'm still me, but I know what you mean, they really had soured my Steemit experience and in that way, they did 'win'... I will try not to let them 'win' that way, since I will still be here (for as long as I can), but if and when my other social media channels really take off, I'd probably won't be able to devote as much time to Steemit :(

Until then, though, I will continue not to let them win :D !

Thank you for your kind feedback about the picture, as well <3 I am super happy to hear that it resonates with the Cancerians in your life :D And yes, Leo is up next ! I hope you will like it :>

Aww, thanks so much @veryspider! That's a wicked sweet thing to say!

And that's true - as long as you're doing what's right for you, even if it means not being on Steem quite as much, then the haters haven't won. I just hope your other social media takes off and makes it easier to spend more time here on the blockchain (not sure how, but a girl can dream, right? LOL!).

You're very welcome, and I'll definitely being keeping my eyes open for the bestest ever sign in the whole zodiac, especially for those Leos born in July like me your Leo creation! 😂

You are so awesome (and adorable) (and AWE-SOME) XD Love your spirits, @traciyork <3 <3 <3 !!!!

I will doubly work hard on Leo!

I have no knowledge on zodiac. But I love your art. 👍

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You and me both XD I have to rely on Wikipedia articles for these, but thank you !!!!

So glad to see you back, @veryspider :) Cancer has some serious raptor claws! :D

Thanks, Cogi ! I gave her sturdy claws so she can snap some necks easily..... XD

I can't wait to see Leo, is my zodiac sign hehe.

Hey, Leo is next :D So, you'll see it in the next few days, freddo ! :D

What an amazing drawing. She looks pretty with large eyebrows.

Oh wait! What am I seeing? She has claws!

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Hahahah, a funny comment ! Thanks very much :D

Oh, those come hither eyes are belying the truth of the matter! Oh, the claws make it rather fantastic! I love it.

Oh, I am a Leo!!! I can hardly wait to see what you do with that!! :)

I'm sorry you experienced a bump in the steem trail here, you have become such a fun read and the interaction is top notch. So few take the time to spend a moment or three.

Oh, word to the artist... don' t make Leo creepy! It just wouldn't be fitting! ;) LOL
I couldn't take it !


Hahaha, you are so adorable XD I will try not to make Leo creepy for sure (for you!) <33333

Thank you for the kind words, too !

Oh, bless you, my favorite spidey! Very much! ;)

There appears to be so many surrounding you with love at the moment. May they all strike that pose and continue in this manner. Your work? I look forward to it and now I am so very curious to see the Lion come to fruition!

Thank you! xo


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🎁 Hi @veryspider! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @dswigle!

@dswigle wrote lately about: Maine-Ly A Wednesday Walk On A Tree Tuesday Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

That one is mine... I liked it, like all your works :)

Merviiiiiiiiii <3 <3 <3 Thanks so much !!! You are always so kind <3

I'm enjoying this series of drawings. I'll be keeping an eye out for Libra ;)

Somehow I thought you were a Libra, Kieran ! :D

Thank you for comments, and it's so nice to see you visiting, I appreciate it very much * ___ *

Dear @veryspider, I hope that you are doing alright. Please don't stop posting or scale down your time and energy here (except in the event where you need a break/more time to yourself) because someone don't like your content. There are many of us who love your content ❤

Regarding the artwork, at first I thought she looks delicate but then after checking the second picture I found it a little creepy due to her hands 😨 however, it is very creative to add a touch of the story to the drawing by combining the soft looking girl with claw-like hands =)

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Dear @yashny, I am doing fine :) You are very sweet and I appreciate your thoughts very much <3 I love your contents, too, hopefully I will continue to be able to support your talents and beautiful blog on Steemit for a while longer :D

Hahah, yes, Miss Cancer is a little creepy because she has lobster claws as hands... I appreciate your feedback !!! <333333333

I'm glad that you're fine @veryspider =) If you need an ear, I am on Discord and the main social media (Facebook, Instagram) with the same name.

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I can't imagine why anyone in their right minds would want you to not be on this platform. (Guess that says something about the minds of anyone giving you grief.) I say do what makes you happy and to heck with anyone who tries to tell you otherwise or gives you a hard time. 🤗

Sorry, I wish I was keeping up more with you (and many others) on our chain. This zodiac series is phenomenal! As I'm a cancer I had to click on this piece. I love the look in her eyes. Like she's daring who she's looking at to come forward and taste her claws. "You want a piece of me?"

Hope that you're having a terrific day today and that the upcoming weekend is even better for you.

Positives and negatives everywhere you go @veryspider life!

Sketch is awesome, on topic, I cannot create art with a pen, nib or quill no natural talent in drawing or musical instruments, have eyes/ears and always enjoy supporting art work by creatives who do have talent.

Be happy, on or off-line that is what counts.

Thank you, @joanstewart ! :) You are very kind and I appreciate your visit and your comment <3

Oh I'll be waiting for my zodiac sign. Hehehe.

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Hehehe, I hope you will like it when it arrives \o/

Such wonderful detail that adds a layer of depth. This is why I don’t draw much when I add in detail it just looks like a mess hehe.

With amazing work like this I don’t blame you for looking for more options. That is the thing about talent it sometimes has to look around for the best place that it can be appreciated to its full extent.

Thanks, Enjar :) I didn't even know you draw :O You should show me OMG :O :O :O

And hahah, I dont think I'm talented, but thank you ♥︎ I appreciate it !!! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

OMG is right lol.

Well it’s already on the blockchain so I don’t have worry about it being out there. Thankfully that post is 2 year old and lost in the void!

I love the sensation from the part of the brain that gets used for drawing. Not something I’ll ever put the time in to try and develop it further.

I always liked drawing really small and detailed. Which made art class back in the day a rather pain as they wanted giant papers covered! Use to always have to ask permission to take every project home, roll it up, work over it an entire weekend and hope I could finish it in time and not damage it transporting back.

Whoa, hey, I can see your nick kinda sorta trying to hide between the trees and hills, that is pretty neat <3 Love the landscape that kind sorta make sense at the bottom and the one that is a bit fantastical on the top :D

you should always do art in how it is most comfortable for you, too bad you couldn't ask to do the art homeworks in smaller pieces of papers :3 I think people would pursue things better and with more enjoyment if they are allowed to be a bit freer in HOW they are doing things

thanks for sharing with me your drawing, enjar :D :D :D

hey, I can see your nick kinda sorta trying

Indeed , that was part of the challenge to include your Steem name in the drawing.

smaller pieces of papers

An index card would be great :)

Cancer is my sign. I am just on the edge toward LEO. July 20th.

Another Cancerian! Wow, so cool :D I will be sure to wish you a Happy Birthday closer to the date ♥︎♥︎♥︎ !!!

Have you found anyone with my same day in your spidery travels? 7/20

@carolineschell is the closest ! 13 July !

The others are secretive about theirs so they just tell me they are Cancerian, and not the date.... :3

I was born the day man walked o the moon (if you believe that sort of thing) and my grandpa had been born the same day of July as I was but a different year

Oh wow ! I see :D That's really cool !!!

I've been loving your ladies of the zodiac so much Spider. Looking forward to seeing how you will personify my sign now too.

Just a different perspective on 'branching out' perhaps: From my experience, it can be fun and supportive and helpful in your personal creative development. However, it can also be SO time-consuming. At different times when I've felt I needed to put more energy into another avenue, all of a sudden, it will have my undivided attention for weeks that can turn into months. After that happening a few times, I've been working towards maintaining a more balanced approach.

I'm thinking, but don't know when I'll have time to write it all out, of sharing how I use Steemit as my main avenue and then share to other avenues from there. For me now, the work needs to be the focus and the sharing of it as streamlined as possible. Too much time online is TOO damaging for the whole being.

You don't have to put energy (thoughts, feelings you have to defend or justify) into anyone or anything Spider. Just keep being the delightful artist and being you are. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thank you, Ally ! Your kind words always strengthen my spirit ♥︎ !!!

Yeah, I just somehow re-evaluate how much time I'm spending on social media a few replies ago, coincidentally, and really, the way I have been engaging on Steemit is not sustainable. I've made over 22,500 replies (plus 400 posts) and that averages into around 50 comments daily. This is JUST on Steemit.

It burns me out.

By comparison, I dont need to spend as much time at the other social media channels, and I'm getting a lot more meaningful engagement in return. So I think, I'll continue to scale down here at Steemit and ramp up at the external sites. This might generate a better balance in how I manage online vs offline portions in my day to day life....

I'd definitely be looking forward to Ally's account of Steemit management experience, if Ally writes such an article :)

Thank you again for the kindness and the support and the friendship you've shown me so far ! I am really glad I have met Ally * ___ * specially since Ally was one of the very few good things that came out of the worst period in Steemit that I had to go through ♥︎♥︎♥︎

50 comments in a week/month ~ With the energy that you give ~ Would be enough to give anyone burnout. I have often wondered how you do it ~ As well as having day employment. So good thinking to find ways that work for you with less time needed. So off and online can be in balance. Takes A LOT of discipline but I think it can be done. Great need to 'work smart' to whatever capacity you can personally.

Was inspired to write the article in response to @jaynie's

'Where are the VOICES of STEEM?' ~ Requesting that within the month of June everyone at PHC creates a post encouraging and inspiring people to promote Steem to the outside world as well as steering them towards embracing and assisting the newbies.

Something similar to: https://steemit.com/powerhousecreatives/@jaynie/jaynie-1559245580562-where-are-the-voices-of-steem only from one's own perspective.

I'm so pleased to have met Spider too. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

50 comments daily for me XD;;;;;;;;

@jaynie is such a powerhouse <3 a wonder and a gift for Steemit, for sure :D

Right now I'm not feeling that wonderfully about Steemit, so I think I'll leave the external gushing to others hahahah~


Cancer's eyes are really beautiful... ((: And then the lobster hands send a little shiver down my spine.

Abit like the Siren.

Can't wait for Scorpio!! ❤️

Thank you, @joeylim ! I am glad to hear the reactions from you, seems to be spot on to what I had wanted to aim for ! :D

Scorpio will come along, for sure :) Stay tuned~

BeautyFull 💕💕💕

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Thank you ! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ !

Ah nice. You've integrated the yin and the crab elements of the sign. I don't think I've seen that before. Very cool.

Thanks, choo :) I hope I'm not too off the mark with these, feel free to tell me if I am~


To start with, let me tell you are my favourite steemian and the face that you are non whale in wallet but whale by heart gives me motivation. I do not know you since a long time so not sure of what makes you say that, but in the last months, all I have known is you are one of those valuable steemian that needs to be appreciated and looked at. You are awesome Spider, I know you know it too, in your heart :)

Thank you, vibi ❤️ You are very sweet :) I find your energy, warmth, talents and personality amazing, also ❤️ !!! I really appreciate these kind words * ___ *

Hey how are you?
I love your zodiac drawings, the theme has a lot of imagination.
And the cancer girl is very characteristic.
I love your work because you are different, you are unique in your style.
Greetings darling!

Thank you, Francis :) I am glad to see you around again ! Your comments and posts are always so wonderful and I miss them when you are not around ❤️

@acidyo is right, and I love seeing your art, @veryspider. It’s long been some of my favorite work on Steemit.✍🏻

Thank you, Lars :) I appreciate hearing this :)

Others have disagreed, though, but I'm fine. I'm taking my energy and contents outside where people can't argue that I am over-rewarded or whatever. The non-paying regular old social media places~ Since I have never cashed out of Steemit, switching to the non-paying place isn't particularly hard for me.

I sometimes laugh at how silly people are on Steemit, to be honest. Every thing I make, I put it right back into powering up and still, ............. still people are accusing me of 'shady' behaviours or greed or whatever.

Had had quite enough of it, to be honest~

I will continue to support and curate and cultivate communities here at Steemit for as long as I can, though :) I'm not in favour of bad break ups XD

Please just ignore them. There is no such thing as over/under-rewarded content as there's way more factors involved when upvoting, such as the usernames and their history.

I tried, Cid, but it was not possible. I moved on, but they continued to talk about me behind my back. It hit a point of the-straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back a few weeks ago :(

I signed up to so many new accounts the next day because I had about enough of the bullshit. I've been cultivating those accounts since and am doing really well. Seems like my type of engagement generates favourable results, or maybe I just hit a lucky strike and got picked up in a good wave :D

Dont worry, I wont drop Steemit entirely. I've made too many friends here, but time and energy are not without limits. I'm just saying that I can't commit to Steemit the way I could before, and that, with time, there might be less and less of spidery activities on here.

But, thank you, Cid. You are very kind and I really appreciate your care and your friendship :) Am not here for the rewards, though. Am more interested in establishing a home on the internet. I am happiest when I can engage with others, get to know people, pay attention to the things they talk about, and form meaningful bonds. Am wanting to share ME, and am wanting to appreciate others who wants to share THEMSELVES in return.

Am happy now at the non-paying social media places. Am not earning anything, but getting really great engagement. Just yesterday Nicola Scott (DC comic artist of their Wonder Woman series) replied to my post and I'm like OMG I AM DYING OUT OF HAPPINESS NOOOOWWWWWWWW~

Zero dollars. 100% engagement.

Awws, I'm waiting for Steem to become as enjoyable as others are without most caring about the rewards, I believe it will be possible and the advantages blockchain it gives will make it even better. I still browse reddit a lot because it's just better but I have hope that we will be able to create something just as good without there being people at the top raking in the money from the users using the platforms.

And yeah, that example at the end is just priceless, I wish you the best of luck with your online presence everywhere and hope you'll still think of us every now and then when you blow up. ^^

LOL I doubt I will be a big name anywhere, but if I do I will be sure to forget all my friends * ___ *


I mean, fo sure, I will remember y'all. For sure~



Kidding aside, yeah, I will do all I can for as long as I can to continue to build Steemit also :) I think there's definitely potentials here ! :D Getting involved with OCD has certainly turned my recent days into the happier phase again, so I'm definitely not going to take things for granted :D Where I can give back to others, when I still can, I shall, and OCD is certainly a place that I want to give back to ! :D

(sorry for replying to everything ever in some of @ocd posts, i can't quite control the spiderpoopies)


Wow! Congrats and keep it up :D So cool for the DC artist and well deserved ^^

Hahahah yeah, I was super happy :D She's really cool !

I was waiting for this one 😀. I like the part of the giant crab and also the lobster association, we learn new stuff everyday! I am going to check out some details on wikipedia, I'm just too curious about that Karkinos story. Thank you for that early post

Thanks ! I'm glad it has been informational ! :D