Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of these!

dont hold your breath~ i'm really kind of not committed to be doing a series XD

thanks, though :)

I can, and will, live in hope. :)

I really love the concept behind you sketch great work @veryspider nice one.

thanks very much :)

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You'd better at least commit long enough to make it to Gemini SPider.

i....... will try my best :D

Aries looks fierce and cute with the little horns:) Looking forward for the rest:)

Thanks, George :D

I suppose 6 of April falls right in with this lot Spidey, but I am also not a great horoscope man.
Another lovely drawing though and I like the smirkey look.

I really don't know much about horoscopes, but it seems ........ fun :) Thanks, @papilloncharity :)

Hahaha me too my friend. I thought about you this morning when a friend sent me this!

Spiderman then and now.jpg

hahahahahah so funny

like the spiderman in spider-verse animated movie XD

Why u don't follow horoscopes?.. they're quite accurate XD They prepare you for the future! So you can be perfect and don't mess up.

Seriously, the linework feels so flowy. Zodiac reminds me always of saint seiya and the golden saints arc. She gives me a vibe of a cute demon girl with that cool outfit. Nice to catch a series of yours while airing. Yes!

Hahahahah, zeen, you funny, you~

Thank you, as always, zeen's comments make me super happy * ___ *

And yeah, zodiac always reminds me of Saint Seiya too XD

Definitely a bit devilish. I dig it.

Thanks, Anthony :D :D :D

Oh hey, seriously, though, I love your freaky house drawing <3 You should totally do illustrated stories, man. All of your drawings would make awesome horror illustrations * ___ *

I am looking forward to Taurus hint* hint***

hahaha, i will try my best as Taurus is next, isnt it XD

Ahh lookit those little horns so cute XD And the frilly bit on the collar is like wings so Aries is their own angel and devil on shoulders? XD

Just draw what you like when you feel like, it's fine if there's huge gaps between series pieces ;D

Thanks ryry :D I only see the wings now, tbh XD They were really just frilly shouldery girly things :D

Yeah, true, I will just do what I can when I feel like doing it :)

It looks pretty...I can't count how many variants of Zodiac art I have seen (considering they are such a common topic for games to build on), but this is still amazing!

It looks a little bit like Aries in Tower of Saviors...I'm not sure where, but it does look like that. Lol.

Thanks so much, @lilacse :) Zodiac arts seem really popular as a theme... hahah

I should look up Tower of Saviors :O

ooooooh, I like that! Very pretty artwork! I do hope you keep with this series, at least until you get to VIRGO! 😁

Thank you :D Virgo is a way away, isnt it? I will try, though ! :D

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Oh nice. I already like this one and I am looking forward to your interpretation of the rest and when you get to mine (I won't tell you in advance).

Thanks, choo :D I wonder which one is yours :O !!!!

So freaky! I thought of making a horoscope collection too xD What was the knights of the round table? I love her little horns so cute n_n

Aaaaa, Mel was thinking to do one too? :D We can do it together :D :D :D

Oh, I was doing an interpretation off the Knights of the Round Table, like 5 months ago, and I did four of them: Gawain, Percival, Kay and Bedevere. I wanted to do 8, but I ran out of steam, as usual .... lol

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

Sup Dork

There's something in the face of Aries that speaks Aries :) Very good :)

Thanks, Manol! :D I'm glad to hear that :D :D :D

Sounds good to me @veryspider ...

"I'm at that stage where I'm kinda drawing what I want so I can't promise steady continuation..."

... as I do that as well. Whatever inspiration we have, just "go with it" and hope for the best. 😉

Did you do this drawing in charcoal? If I had any artistically significant comments / contributions to make, I would, but ... Not my strong suit ... 😊

Yeah, I'm kinda feeling a bit more at ease with just being 'free' and in the moment, lately :)

Oh, no, this was ink with Daiso's fountain pen and the black is sharpie marker :)

Wow, okay @veryspider ...

"Oh, no, this was ink ..."

... you must be very sure of your "strokes" then, as "do overs" are not an option. That is, unless ... You have some very impressive "white out" ink ... 😉

oh hahah ya, i enjoy just going straight with inks on to the paper :D if you make a mistake, it's ALL OVER, but it's fun too, having that kind of pressure :D

Tu mano estaba bastante cómoda cuando dibujo esta obra. Caramba tienes lineas esquitas. Encantadora chica con ojos enérgicos. ¡¡Saludos!!

Mine's Libra

Hope we'll get to Libra!

The way you create this piece is just so urghh... Amazing! I wish I could be as neat as you are.

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Aaaa thanks so much ! You are very kind <3 !!!

Anyway, I had also been watching @shibasaki's work and I must admit I could not commit myself to doing some of his artworks as my reference because every time I watch his videos, I would get so mesmerized.

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hahahah, yeah, i know the feeling :D he is amazing, isnt he???? :D :D :D

............. you should totally try though, @shibasaki sensei loves having students !

Thank you! I really think I need to. ❤️

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thank you, @naltedtirt :D :D :D


wait, you tipped me almost $7???????????????????????

was that an error? :O

i'll give it back if it was :O

somehow your Aries makes me think about Aladin, lol... It looks like she's coming out from a lamp

hahahah, yeah, i can see that !!!! XD

Amazing details! Nice work!

Oh Spideyyyyyyyyyyyy, this is awesome. Artistic Spidey, high five. :)

Thank you, vibiiiii <3 <3 <3


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A very beautiful piece. Looks like she's forming out of the tree.

Did you make use of a software to create this?


No software, just hand and fountain pen and paper~

Ok I guess it is not A white paper.

You are a really good artist, you know. I really wish you would continue this series, even though you have said you don't plan to. Some day maybe!

aaawww nah, but thanks so much! coming from you, it feels like a huge compliment ! thanks so much !!!

Where is this

where is what >:3 ?????

WHO IS WHY ??????

nods sagely then performs secret handshake

I like this black and white work 😊👍👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I hope you make more soon, so I can more back.

Thanks very much, @foxkoit :) I made the Taurus one just yesterday :D !

Yay, my zodiac! ^_^

Wow, Cogi is an Aries??? :D Cool~

If you wanna see how Aries looks like hang out with me @veryspider. I was born on Big Easter Friday and I am totally 100 % Aries. Thanks got bit matured now , been a nightmare to bring me up :D Awesome work as always!

Aaaah, Jan is an Aries!!! So awesome :D I was also a handful as a young child, so I think we share that in common, between us XD LOL

I'm an Aries, fire sign, ram, stubborn and a leader!