My first time using textured digital paper!

in art •  5 months ago

Nope, it’s not real paper!

A couple of days ago I was on the Procreate Discussions board searching for free calligraphy brushes because I’m a nerd and I needed them to practice the Elvish alphabet. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find anything that were free to download. The thought of paying for brushes that could potentially suck turned me away. I went a different route which was to search for cool textured paper and I found something super badass!

While I was sifting through the articles, I stumbled upon a thread posted by a user named Aaaronorg, “Aaaronorg procreate watercolor workflow.” Inside I found several fantastic watercolor brushes, documents with textured paper and setting tips to simulate traditional tools. I live for threads like this because I learn so much and I greatly appreciate the work Aaaronorg did to create the watercolor paper and brushes! Check out all those layers!

As always, I’m drawing on the Procreate App for iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil.

I started sketching with the P4 pencil tool and noticed that the appearance drastically changed because of the paper. It took me awhile to get the desired look but I settled on creating thicker lines with the pencil and then softened the edges with a colour mixer.

My second step was shading the image. I used the Light Start and Heavy Start brushes that I downloaded from Aaaronorg. Then I softened the image with the Colour Mixer and Bubbly Water tool.

I added a lighter blue color for added dimension.

Then a light yellow color for highlights. I like how the colors actually mix together.  

The last thing I did was to add a pop of orange to make the body pop.

And that’s the end of my experimental drawing!  

Does this look like real traditional tools and paper to you? 🦊 

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From the thumbnail I totally thought you drew Poison Ivy.

You still can :x

Those paper textures are bad ass. So far the only art program I've used is Krita but I hope it will have similar options or plugins or something.


Oh! I could totally see that! Maybe I should!

I’ve heard about Kitra but I’m not sure if it’s available for download on an iPad.

amazing detail man i love your work

The textured digital paper looks pretty cool! Looks very watercoloury :)


I know! I’m blown about by the details and how much work this person put into creating this texture document!

It looks nice. Do u also paint on traditional paper? Just wondering.
And also it seems like u prefer to paint women


Thank you! Yes, I do paint on traditional paper but not often. It’s hard for me to pack up all my things and I tend to get frustrated when I run out of paper. I’ve attempted to paint men but they end up looking feminine. I’ve even gone down the road of drawing androgynous characters so they can be left to the viewers interpretation. Eventually I’ll master the art of sketching muscles and then I’ll draw more masculine looking men.


Yes I think a big advantage is that you don’t have to spend much money on the colors etc.
disadvantage is probably that u get a lower price if u want to sell them simply because u can print them and make infinite copies of the same artwork...

Maybe you are just meant to perfect your painting skills of a female body idk or you can’t focus on the painting when u are thinking about a male body xD


Yeah, there is no way to sell original prints. Definitely a huge disadvantage. The only thinks I can think of doing is embellishing limited prints by hand.

Not at all! XD I could probably sketch the male form just fine!


Yeah that can work. My father wants to sell some of his computer art so I’ll see how it works out

I love this aspect of digital as well. When I paint my digital oils, having come from a world and background of painting 'real' oils on 'real' canvas, I really appreciate the ability to have a digital canvas feel and look and I can control the texture or quality of the 'linen' and the 'gesso' as well. I love what digital means for we artists! It's a wondrous playground.

And you've done my favourite combo : blue and orange. Love it and that texture is to die for.


It is a wonderful playground! I don’t ever feel limited and I also like having more control over how the paint looks.

I’m glad you like the color combo. It’s a first for me!

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