Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #445 'Screams'

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Is it a scream of a baby or it could be something with a deeper meaning? Could it be the new generations screaming in fear of the future? Or, maybe it wants to portray the emotional emptiness of generations brought up on technology. These are what came to my mind when I walked past this supersized sculptures. Maybe I am wrong but whatever it might be it's dark. To juxtapose a baby with darkness is quite cruel, I might add. So, this is an example of dark art.

I treated the image with that thought in mind, therefore there is almost no colour, except for the desaturated green leaves that go hand in hand with the overall green-yellowish tone. The contrast is very high. If any higher it would already be in the realm of horror.

Notice how the composition of sculptures enhances the plasticity of the image.

Enjoy! :)

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These sculptures seem to me to send a message to the new generations, to the kind of mechanized education we are giving and receiving. These faceless children remind me of a factory of equal people, in series, with nothing to differentiate them. I see the image of the sculptures and I remember Huxley's A Happy World. Dehumanized babies, technological and cruel society. Yes, and the fact that they are babies makes the work darker but also more effective because it can impress, clash with sensitivity. Good work. Thank you for sharing, @velimir!

Much to reflect from these sculptures, @velimir. I agree with you that what he wants to show us or shout at us is the lack of emotions in children born in technology times. It is very common to see children locked in rooms with many technological devices to play, pass the time, among other things. Few are those who take advantage of these devices for studies.
The majority of these children are seen acting as automatons, pale because of the lack of outdoor games, self-absorbed and limited linguistic development. In spite of how obscure it can be implicit in the image, your photography and the edition that you have made of it is excellent. A hug.

I had not seen anything like it. I do not know what they mean or convey these figures, but I do not like them very much. Much darkness is this picture, however it is interesting what I see there.

We always scream! Out of fear, happiness, excitement etc... People are always afraid of the government, of the rules of the future, of aliens and even of animals. Or they might be screaming because they are fed up of this life. The life of Slavery!

The photo can have many meanings or what you have given can be successful as the raising of children now is not compared with the others received 20 or 30 years ago but also a great photo!

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Unique artwork 👌 loving the creativity 😊

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