Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #412 'Eviction Notice'

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'Eviction Notice'

This guy is handing over an eviction notice to the stork. Is it a comment on nature or on people being evicted? We'll never find out. I love the idea going both ways, and the way graffiti was incorporated into the surroundings!

Therefore, I also included a part of the street. It gives it a depth, a perspective. I partially darkened the edges to make it more dramatic. Dominant yellow colour gives the image a sense of false warmth. A warmth of a home.

Enjoy! :)

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It would be interesting to know who the artist of this masterpiece is.
Really a great shot, the storks have been made very well, full of details and with a great technique that seem real

The picture is very good, there were days, people performed a lot of hard work.But nowadays, there are less people performing art in it, and I want to respect those who perform art.What a matter of times we do not understand by listening and watching to it, a small picture or a small art helps us to easily understand.Many thank you @velimir on the attraction of the picture or art

I love. You have an incredible creativity, @velimir. The photo itself is spectacular, the colors, the details, everything. I love the following there, with their children, :-D This man delivering the eviction order, I find it sad and fun at the same time, the people in the street give life to all the photography, it seems real. Great job, I loved it.

Level of this wall painting is to damn high and it is absolutely perfect with the color contrast. In first look I saw there is somebody standing to observe the birds. Absolutely peak of the skills.

Thank you so much Bro @velimir for sharing this master piece with us :)

Sometimes humour is not only used to laugh, but also to denounce, @velimir! This is an image with a certain load of humor, black humor. Seeing the man trying to evict the stork, a bird from its nest, can be funny! But if we put the magnifying glass in it, we'll find that there's a veiled denunciation: The stork is with her pigeons and she may still be homeless. This image gives to make all a sociological analysis of the world! I loved your picture today. Hugs

Ohhhh wao very excellent wall painting,Very impressive work,Very impressive painting,Very attractive photography @Velimir,thanks for sharing this great post,

waoo @ velimir.I love the image it looks very alive seems to be real. Excellent photo and very good reference

Street art is always the most fascinating to me! Thank you sir.

superb you have clicked Which camera buddy ? @velimir

Vow! It's a unique photography..

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Can anybody explain to me what is a witness and what is a witness vote??

The image so real.Its message is really deep and gives you good.can we find more types of these in your place @velimir ?

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Oh, what bad news for this woman and her children, an eviction is the worst at any time. His creativity is amazing, @velimir. The idea of ​​adding part of the street and the people was wonderful, this photograph seems to be alive, I love everything. Great job.