Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #404 'A Crack in a Tree Bark'

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'A Crack in a Tree Bark'

Sometimes shapes of things in nature remind us of various shapes and forms we know from other contexts. It could be our imagination working according to Freud's principles or a pure coincidence. Or, it may be that various forms in nature are similar, or same in a wider sense, as we all belong to the same place. Makes one think, right?

Notice the lowered contrast, enhanced by an interesting colour scheme consisting of bluish, greenish and yellowish tones. All in perfect balance, giving observer's attention way to the interesting crack in the lower centra to where all our attention flows. Yes, it is a perfect example of the so-called 'nature porn'. :D

Also, notice the dynamic structure of the entire composition. The flows of lines are reminiscent of a certain type of curves.

Enjoy! :D

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wow,my dear friend.. @velimir you are a talent person in this community.because this art expreesd it and your describing style just fantastic.. 'A Crack in a Tree Bark' its very beautifull art coreography and you selecting always very proper shapes all artist capturing time..this green colour of yellow shapes trees its very special of your art photography..thanks to sharing for your extraordinary thought post again review of art..may god bless you..my dear friend.. @velimir

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@Velimir. I like the colors that are seen in the bark of that tree, the green with the yellow complement each other. And I understood why it is a perfect example of what is known as "natural pornography". You have a lot of imagination.

Wow i am become big fan of your photography such a super photography and please give some tips about photography please .

really great photos.
i like them.
well done@velimir

Thanks for the post, velimir.

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Sometimes, nature gives you an open way to enjoy the taboos. This crack on tree is a wonderful example of my argument. It is because Nature does not set the values(restrictions) on some specific things. It was set by the humans and yes explicit ideology was not taught by the Nature it was spread by the humans. So, on a lighter side nature sometimes cracks jokes to make the humans laugh :P

Certainly the unconscious may be working, but it does have the whole shape of a vulva. The folds, the holes, resemble those of the so-called "vertical smile". Maybe that tree is so feminine wanted to prove its nature.
The nature of things is sometimes imposed, as well as our desires, Freud would say. LOL. A hug

Wonderful! These colors are beautiful, an excellent combination, green with bluish and yellow, a perfect touch. Truly, nature is a wonderful and surprising work, as there can be so much beauty in something so simple. I love. And well, what you say about "nature pornography", could only happen to you, @velimir. You have an imagination and a perfect eye for these things. :-D Great!

Impressive, you of something as simple as this tree brings out such a beautiful image! I love the colors, they are a very well-made combination. Without a doubt, nature is something wonderful. And his imagination and creativeness too, @velimir. :-D

The nature is wonderful.

Nice observation @velimir! However, like you rightly said its based on ones imaginative power, to another it might look like a deep cut on the skin and to another something else. Our imaginative power determines what the image in your pictures looks like. Nice picture shot.

The stripes of that tree are as if they represented the long journey of his life, the stumbling and scars that have left his experiences in all that time! It is fantastic thanks for the photography :D