Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #403 'Yellow-Green Girl'

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'Yellow-Green Girl'

This mysterious piece of street art would remain hidden and uncovered if it wasn't for a casual glance at the wall. I have no clue who made this or why but admire the idea. Such an unobtrusive piece, most would disregard or not even notice at all. Someone took time and effort to create it but intentionally left it almost completely hidden.

The figure seems to be facing right, but when we pay a closer look to her feet, we realize that they are walking in the opposite direction. That seems to be the key to their lightness when compared to the rest of the body. The greens and yellows are positioned in such a manner that I'd hardly call this a work of an amateur. I could even be so brave to say that I might be sensing some Degas elements in there.

Try squinting your eyes. See how the shape gets a firmer form. It will not solve the mystery as to who made this or why but, then again, does it matter? :)

Enjoy! :)

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It is just like vandalism in the street walls, lol

Wow, it is a very interesting piece, @velimir! Especially because of what you were saying: Direction of the feet as opposed to the direction of the face! But if you look closely, the figure has a double face. There is a duality in it (as in many women. hahaha) that makes two women see each other in one. The first one is green and yellow, with her hands forward and gives us the impression of being more cheerful; and the other one is white face, white feet, in a yellow and green dress, with her hands back and her face looks like a mask. It's a perfect piece to make a symbolic interpretation! Or did I drink too much coffee at this hour? Hahahaha. Beautiful day.

I find it impressive. No matter who did it, because and the message he wanted to convey, I think he has great creativity. I like the colors, but the image there captured captures my attention. It seems to be around or something like that, surely someone will determine exactly what it is. I just enjoy creating it, just like you. :-D

Interesting composition, whoever did this I do not know exactly what he thought, but I admire his performance and creativity. You have an excellent eye to find things like these however hidden they may be. :-D I like the colors a lot, they are soft but with a lot of drama at the same time. I love.

Your posts are good You write well I pray You can succeed in the coming life I'd love to meet you I will be with each of your posts That you will be a successful person one day You should work harder Thank you very much You can become a successful man God always keeps your family happy Always be happy

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Hi, Bro @velimir Ido believe that it is upon the angle of the viewer how doe he/she looks upon the photo/art-work and describe it. This art seems quite casual and normal for so many eyes but only artistic eyes can evaluate this wonderful art in a brilliant way.

With keen look, it can clearly observed that a gentle man with green and white dress is moving backward in slow motion. Brilliant stuff and awesome description :)

It's a different piece of art..as I noticed the feet of image are on opposite side.I don't know why the painter did this.Something is different in this picture.any ways you are a willing photographer to me. It looks you search different and impressive stough to post..very well done sir.

It's a very interesting piece, @velimir! and mysterious. His feet are on one side and his eyes on another. That's why he calls more attention. The greens and yellows complements each other. The image has a double face. Very good creativity

I think the reason it appears the head is facing the other way is that the girl is wearing a hat and the fold happens upon where you'd believe to be her nose, and her arms behind her back on top of that. If you look at it in that regard I think you'll see it! It's a beautiful piece, though :)

Ohhhh wao great photography,great picture,wonderful combinations of colours,very great art,thanks for sharing,

Cool stuff....I really liked it,u always try to do some innovative 👍


Yes, you right. Because the picture always reflects the truth.

Your posts are good You write well I pray You can succeed in the coming life I'd love to meet you I will be with each of your posts That you will be a successful person one day You should work harder Thank you very much You can become a successful man God always keeps your family happy Always be happy

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I love this kind of photos, it shows us the beautiful things we can find on the street. Congratulations for such a beautiful take.

Very cool! I love abstract looking stuff like this!


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yes , Yes, women must be a catalyst for life

It's such a wonderful piece of work. I always seem to remember.

@velimir that was simply amazing

El arte nunca morirá.

brilliant work

An #Art - A #Painting
A #girls seem to be in #street and #dresses up with #yellow and #green color froke.

#Handmade - #Attractive - #Eye chatching

Collection by @velimir

Khurram Fida | @fidakhurram - Cheers!