Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #341 'A Warm Afternoon' — Steemit

Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #341 'A Warm Afternoon'

in art •  5 months ago

'A Warm Afternoon'

A group of people is taking a break under a tree. The scene looked relaxing and kind of weird. If you look carefully, their poses tell a lot. They seem really tired of everything. No wonder. It was a hot day but one cannot tell that from the photo. It was taken when the sun was behind the clouds, I didn't want to get too much contrast.

The greens and yellows dominate the composition but there is also a little red accent to counter it. The light and dark colourless areas are almost identical in size. I like the path leading up to the tree but if you can imagine the grass instead of the path, the image would feel really peculiar. Maybe it's just me.

There is also an interesting shift of the balance to the right side because of the green branch. Can you feel it?

Enjoy! :)

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Excelent one! Can feel the fullness of it

In this high contrast photo, viewers will quickly see a prominent shape. High-contrast photos are often used in various portrait or landscape photos to give the impression of dramatic lighting. Naturally, the photo contrast will be high when the lighting is loud. Photos of low contrast imply a mild and gentle feeling. Naturally, the photo contrast will be low when shooting a foggy and overcast afternoon scene..
this is very amazing, you try to work well. Thanks @velimir

really very appreciating picture.this green nature scene always very main attraction of our environment.this nature without every beauty not fulfill.i am attracted your post and fully supporting of your best work. the picture the green tree and its shadow that is modified by contrasts and brightness looks like it. i am respect your high quality thought skills.thanks tp sharing for your amazing art.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you..my dear friend.. @velimir

This picture has beauty of natural green colour.as it's all colours are clear.All persons are looking tired.I don't know what is the reason but the whole combination is looking complete.may be they are on picnic bcz their water cooler is looking in red colour.

At first site to me it looks like sudden group of old people are gathered together in a place full of trees and grass and are very tired due to heat so they are resting at that place for some freshness.
The right side of the picture the green tree and its shadow that is modified by contrasts and brightness looks like it was taken at the time when sun is straight above you.
This picture is like a 3d picture i don't know why but my head became heavier after looking at that picture for some time.
Maybe it has telekenesis power (joking).
Thanks sir @velimir for this beautiful picture
God Bless you

So large trees, we accept many many oxygen from this tree,
It's a nice place, if you look at pictures, my mind goes out, how will you feel when going to the original ?? "The jungle protects our environment, the jungle gives us oxygen, we get a lot from this jungle, but today this jungle is cut into city, factory, etc. It is destroying our environment balance, So let us all agree together, we started the movement to save the jungle, who is with me ????@velimir

Nice photo, I do like photos of nature.

Awesome work dude, you have been followed!

wow nice picture...

What a beautiful pic. Awesome sir you ate photographer.

Very beautiful place and beautiful photo shoot. I always like your way of shooting picture. You are a moderate photographer. I love your work.

Awesome art piece photography @velimir. Lovely view and tremendous scenery. Loved the picture. Looks very awesome. Every time i see quality posts from from you. Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful picture. A nice afternoon and this awesome scenery. Brilliant piece of art photography @velimir. Breathtaking views. The trees look good. Relaxing environment. Keep up the good work.

Qué hermoso lugar y las fotos salieron hermosas @velimir. Que calidad disfrutar de un descanso en un lugar como este, bajo un árbol, muy relajante .

I love that place, the trees, the colors, everything seems relaxed and calm. Those guys seem to need rest, they seem to have come a long way. Very nice photograph, @velimir.

Living with nature is one of the best experiences we can experience.

Nice post
Good luck

Is It captured in mobile phone or camera??

Good feels!