Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #287 'Leaf Maiden'

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'Leaf Maiden'

If you've ever wondered whether street graffiti is art, wonder no more. This is a masterpiece bringing a definite answer. I was overwhelmed to find this. Using ivy as hair is an idea worthy of a genius. The difference between this and moronic signatures, one can find all over the place, is immense. To set the record straight let's venture a little further following that thought.

Owning a pen will not make anyone an author, nor will owning a camera make anyone a filmmaker. It is simply not in the tools. Mind, skills, ability, talent, affinity and so on are far more important than the newest equipment in every art form. Writing a "to do" list isn't comparable with finishing a novel even though both actions are done by writing. The same goes for graffiti. What we see here is profound street-art, while most graffiti simply isn't.

The subtle use of colours is extraordinary for street art. I believe the person behind this art has formal art education. Notice all the gentle tones working with each other. The blue lines, in-between hand and face, are remnants from a scribble that was previously there. Too bad it wasn't removed entirely. I'd seriously prefer that.

Notice the simplicity. The whole idea is brought up with only a face and a hand holding white flowers. The major and most interesting part of this image was already there just waiting for someone to discover and use it.

A gentle Goddes of Flowers or Leaf Maiden protecting nature, and also made from nature, is what I see here.

Enjoy! :)

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I think it is one of the finest technique to decorate the bad condition walls in a very easy but beautiful way not having too much expenses at all.

I always believed that graffiti to some extent is part of art. They do do several useful things. First of all, some graffiti adorn the streets of our cities. It's nice to see a beautifully painted wall that used to cause us not the best feelings. That is, in fact, they are doing socially useful work. The second is that teenagers are involved in this (in most cases). I like you agree that it's better than if these teenagers were engaged in criminal activity. That is, adolescents need to sublimate their energy. And best of all let it be art.

In this photo we see art and improvisation in its pure form. To create this it is necessary to have a creative view of things. This requires talent. This work deserves attention. I think that to be a talented person you do not need to have an art education. This is what is inside of you since birth.

This photo "pleases the eyes." A lot of green present natural color in combination with talent works wonders. This person should receive money for their work. If they really paid such people, then the streets of cities turned into wonderful and beautiful places. 10 out of 10 points :)

Thank you

Thats a good find! And the way they melt together,wow..

wow,really very talented art you showing in your blog..its really very brilliant art of wall.. In this photo we see art and improvisation in its pure form. To create this it is necessary to have a creative view of things. This requires talent. This work deserves attention. I think that to be a talented person you do not need to have an art education. This is what is inside of you since birth.This photo "pleases the eyes." A lot of green present natural color in combination with talent works wonders. This person should receive money for their work. If they really paid such people, then the streets of cities turned into wonderful and beautiful places. 10 out of 10 points..thanks to sharing for your best thought post..very well done..my dear friend @velimir

As creative people when we meet or have creative affairs, we will immediately use them and even want to be closer to them as a means to share and also learn what makes us interested and try them to be more creative again.

If We say that we are artists, we certainly include creative people. The meaning of the word "creative people the opportunity to become artists and artists who are definitely creative".

Speaking of intellect, our big answer is not a scientist, but we are always curious and want to learn deeply about different topics, we can and continue to experiment to produce works that can usually be remembered for a long time. And we want to learn new things constantly because we are not satisfied with what we create.

Definitely appreciate the artist painter to her skills & techniques.Thanks for sharing your nice article.

The Queen of nature with her leaf Crown ! she showing her pleasure to nature, actually she was teaching us how to love nature and feel it's beauty and freshness with pleasure. great photography @velimir Sir this photo was talking a lot, I think i don't have enough to describe it.

Lost in the Green.

Cheers ! and Have a Good Day.

Where is this? Opatovina?

yes it is :)

Always loved street art, the excitement of seeing a painting drawn on a wall on the street is overwhelming. The ones that get my attention the most are the 3d design street art. Distinctively different from graffiti, the painting in picture is a depiction of a woman in sync with mother nature.

This is the best non-3d street art i have ever come across.

Kudos to @velimir for sharing this with the steemit community.


Completed two things as perfect as are the art of drawing and the art of nature and could not leave something better, it is simply fascinating, in many places not to say everything is forbidden for those who do this type of art to do it in walls that are dead and I do not know why, if at the end this type of artist is only giving life to a wall that everyone ignores and makes it something that everyone admires and applauds

A really beautiful piece of wall art @velimir. And you captured it so eloquently to keep its beauty rich. For me, any form of art is beautiful. I can find something amazing in just about everything. Very nice photography and very nice wall art. Thanks for sharing.

That's absolutely brilliant piece of street art. The artist has put his heart and soul to make it an artistic level master piece. I also appreciate the skills and talenta of the artist painting the idea and using the available space perfectly.

yes it is a masterpiece

The way Artist has used leaves as hairs are just splendid and telling how good he is at his work.
Believe me, street arts are one of the best art we could find.
I kept it watching for 2 to 3 minutes, and I'm really feeling proud that I could get a chance to see this amazing work.

Exquisite use of color for the street industry is great . It is raised with white flowers containing only one face and white hands. Street art is obviously one of the greatest arts no doubt. This is a masterpiece. Such beauty and creativity. Impressive and fabulous!

Nice to see this beautiful graffiti. I wonder how it would be look like in autumn. Maybe a redhead in autumn and a grandma in winter? just kidding :)

It's fantastic! awesome talent.

wow i am very-very appreciate with the very beautiful work.
this is the work of a remarkable artist.

Street arts are really wonderful, a friend of mine was in Valencia some weeks ago and he sent back some wonderful pictures. But this one is a masterpiece, i dont think have seen any like it. Where was this picture taken @velimir

What moves men of genius, or rather what inspires their work, is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough.
Art is a peace of mind.
Thanks for your post @velimir
Waitting for your next post.

That is an art indeed! Walls can really tell stories can't they? Nice job again @velimir!

This is really a master piece. I've absolutely come to believe in street art and it really touched my senses.
Thanks for sharing this @velimir.

This is an embodiment of creativity. Good thinking, good photography.

Wonderful artistry skills displayed. Simple but the thinking is on another level. Best art piece using nature. You ve shown the point that it's not all about exploiting nature for harms. Nature cab be used to create such art pieces.

What a beauty over there!! What a creative mind the person who made has got! Impressive and fabulous!

Brilliant art work and world class thinking. Simple but depicts a whole bit of story. Artistry is just on another level.

Many people have the wonderful creativity to make a fantastic work of art, in any place mixed their art with nature.
there enters @velimir to show with his camera those beauties of life. Thanks for that.

Wow wounderful art , it's fantastic . Talent just awsome .

I resteem post on my blog .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @velimir

Interesting artwork.

Wow .. there are always creative ideas, very interesting pictures.

Its great art work thnx fr $haring

come to think of being in an empty world without creativity "art ,keep imagining what life would have look like .
I love nature's, Art is something i can't do without.i can remember when i started visiting nature's park trying to gather ideas to become creative .each time i come across this i feel great

My god! Looks amazing. Street art is obviously one of the greatest arts no doubt.

That is the coolest art ever.very nice 👍🏽

wow a true plants hair what a brilliant idea sir @velimir

Definitivamente impresionante, el arte humano y el arte natural unidos en un mismo lugar.
Gracias por compartir

Ohh loving this.. Such a wonderful work of art @velimir

wow so beautiful ☺❤

wow so beautiful ☺❤

Definitely impressive, human art and natural art united in one place.
Thanks for sharing

I love these wall paintings mixing with nature. But you need evergreens always the figure has a bad hair winter.

Such creativity is mind blowing

Tak powinno się dekorować stare i zrujnowane mury, żeby każdy kto przechodzi obok takiego, lub innego dzieła, mógł na chwilę przystanąć i napełnić się radością. Pozdrawiam.

This is how old and ruined walls should be decorated, so that anyone who passes by such or other work could stop for a moment and become filled with joy. Regards.

This is so amazing! Oh my God!!!

true, not everyone has the soul of art what else painting,@velimir

This is a masterpiece. Such beauty and creativity. You are right owning a pencil doesn't make you an artist,this is what does.

OMG!, Really damn cool this image, you can almost feel that she's real and that leafs are the hair. Very nice Pic!. congratulations!

Very interesting and colorful street art. We need many like this in my country - India.