Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #283 'Golden Vespa. Say wa?'

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'Golden Vespa. Say wa?'

Today, I'm presenting a little display of big-bike rider's arrogance. Sorry, just couldn't resist the temptation. When I've found this golden display of serious kitsch, I just couldn't help myself to experiment a little with the idea of kitsch. Vespa, as you probably know, is a legendary Italian city motorcycle driven to work by people in suits.

The lastest Vespa models are especially tacky and glittery coming off in a totally wrong way. Unless you are a teen girl, I'd say stay away from them. I would never sit on this miniature abomination of a transport vehicle. I've never felt a single good vibe about it. But, hey it's just me, maybe you love the thing and then, by all means, have a ride of your life. :D

The person who handpainted Vespa in this golden colour is a hilarious joker and his idea easily got through to me. What's more, using that instead of a seat in a coffee shop simply goes beyond incredible. It's almost like shouting this is the only thing Vespa is good for. :D The palette of pastel colours I've used in the colour scheme works hard to fortify this idea.

Notice the low contrast treatment. I did that to level up all the funny colours using a considerable strong "let me laugh" syntax. Very suitable for the brand. I've also added a tacky lens light leak circle effect to emphasize it even more. I don't do this often but it was the right tool for the job. In this one, I've used all of my bad taste to push the photograph as close to kitschy as I could. A perfect object for such a fun experiment. :D

Enjoy! :)

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Vespa is an 'old' vehicle from now on some companies are making new products like piagio that make new product.

This time I will make 5 uniqueness of vespa.

Vehicles are sensitive though old vespa vehicles, but until now there are many around the world especially Indonesia, this old vehicle is attached by era, in fact, nowadays a lot of new motor popping up, but vespa still alive and many people who like with motor this old.

Having a fanatic fan of this vehicle is really incredible when viewed from fans, this vespa fan is also called 'scooterist' is a container for vespa fans who are in ijika, they are familiar with the compact and high solidarity with fellow scooterist in comparison withclubmotor others.

The appearance of fans who are "quirky" fans are unique and simple, they can be seen when they start jamboree or when they are gathered at the base camp, a mixture of jeans with many embroidery stickers and jeans in their trademark, haired dreadlocks.

Unique modifications to the vespa when viewed, the variety of vespa models they create is very inviting to all of us, from modified elegant models to what they call vespa gembel also exist, the most interesting is the vespa gembel, where the vespa almost does not look like vespa generally.

High solidarity among scooterist scooterists is known for their solidarity among peers, it can be seen when they help vespanya strike even though they do not know it, they also have a tradition called giving money to the other vespa clubs in their base camp during touring.

Here where I live I do not see such scooters. (we are so called, I do not know how you call them). But we have a lot of ordinary Chinese scooters. Previously, they were very popular and they were brought from Ukraine. But now very few people use them.

The golden weight looks very interesting and fun. It carries a certain meaning about which you told us. It's a great idea that worked. This barrel is painted in gold - this is an excellent performance. Not everyone could appreciate his work, but you managed to notice it. Sometimes I marvel at your talent to see those things that few see.

In a sense, it reminded me of your old photo, which also had a golden object. By the way, then you showed us the same performance. It was a photo with a golden shit :) I understand that it is not entirely correct to give such a comparison, but nevertheless, there is a similarity in the sense. In the end, we see a really cheerful experiment! Thank you!


Do you know that “Vespa” means “Hornet” (a kind of big bee as you see in the photo below) ? This name was given to this cute scooter, because that its back side (and general figure) resembles a speach of a hornet !

According to me there is another similarity between a vespa and a hornet: A vespa gets out of its garage in warm weathers like in spring or summer, like a hornet geting out of its nest and hanging around in the same warm time period of the year :)

Your golden vespa absolutely reminds me a golden hornet @velimir . They both have nearly same colours ! Maybe the painter of your vespa loves & knows a lot about hornets, right ?
vespa ve esek.jpg

Funny looking Vespa :) I share the irony with this "stylish" vehicle for riding to work wearing a suit. I bet it would look especially funny driving in this golden colors to work!

This photograph for some reason reminded me of Cuba, your photographs are fascinating I have several downloaded on my phones


Thank you :) This is really nice!

Hahaha. it's great! very funny your post @velmir. enjoy watching and reading, you see that you had fun in this work and I am fantastic, like everyone else. Greetings.

Ahhhhhh, the Vespa. Long the wanna be cool motorcycle. I think one of the funniest images I ever saw was a Guy riding a Vespa and another guy beside him sitting on his Harley.

Haha! That definitely would make a good coffee shop seat. I've definitely had some fun on a Vespa, but they are definitely pretty tacky little vehicles. Very popular where I am, because everyone is weird here

Those little things always remind me of Kinder Jaje toys 😁 This is deluxe version.

That Golden Vespa was so cool, one hing about that photography even in low contrast that golden color was still glittering.
On the the picture you added some bubble light ray which made this picture more cool. Thanks for share your another cool click sir have a Good Day : )

wow excellent photography, i liked this photography. This golden color vespa bike was really awesome but i will not take ride with that because it will be so slow than other speedy bikes.however your shinny photography was nice. thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this.

Excellent idea and good use to make Vespa a unique one. In my country Pakistan Vespa was very famous in the past but now it hd been abandoned by new generation. Though new bikes in such type are becoming famous in girls.

nothing bad in a work of @velimir .. it's just that everyone has different tastes. The vespa above has a classic impression, and I love that. the more classic the more classy ..

just amazing photography

Wow .. Wonderful Vespa, Casse Golden Vespa. It is a quality artwork. Exclusive Photography. Great Fun and Engeament

@adsactly how to work sir ?


Join adsactly Discord Chat and meet people to cooperate with! :)


Haha oh yes, it kinda funny, I have never seen a golden vespa before, its so funny. Thanks for sharing another wonderful post

it has been a while my friend.
geez that vespa. lol
but that gonna be expensive here, change color, then it will worth the newest bike. : )

Wow.. wonderful vespa,yes golden vespa.it is a quality artwork. Excellent photography. great fun and enjoyment. thank you very much for sharing this.......@velimir.following and upvoted.

yes very good it's a brilliant idea, honda vespa is also very good for to ride even though his machine is a bit heavy.

Thats pretty cool to know...

I love art. Great work

Great photo. UP4YOU :)

That's a great art photography, I appreciate your life... best of luck my dear friend.....

Wounderful vespa , I really like it .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @velimir

Follow my blog @powerupme

Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #282 'Golden Vespa. Say wa?'

are you right

Really enjoying your series, I don't get to comment or vote on everyone but I have certainly enjoyed the variety and quality. Thanks man.

Haha, Vespa....that's a long time ago and still going strong!

I like your work like this, I often follow it and read it sometimes I play my mind what I mean but I like.

This is a true definition of real photography... Nice picture

Wow,really cool your vespa,a very unique color,you must have spent a lot of money to make your unique vespa.
I really like it and it's cooler than the motors that are on the circuit.Hope your days will be fun with your motor

i wonder how you get so much writeup everytime. impressive, good work

nice... it's so amazing

Amusing art @velimir
the photo is gorgeous .

I really liked this post.
and you described everything nicely ..
100% upvote received from me @shunnoo with love and respect.

nice art and wonderful pic. I enjoy it

hahaha, cool, i do not get tired of seeing her

Wow what a scooty made purely with gold and free of any other mixtures or impurities. Brilliant photography sir.

Beautiful photography friend but dont you think that one or two close up shots would have made this a complete one.

Anyway thank you for sharing it and Have a great day.

The Vespa train in my country Indonesia hard to find, because no longer produced.

I Like Your Work Like This Is Offston Follow It And Read It's Settimes E Play My Mind What I Think Boot Like Like

I want to buy it, the photography and the motorcycle, they are perfect for me, it reminds me of the 80s the best time of all times

Very nice motorcycle, but not for me. @velimir

Golden color vespa😍😍😍

Wow,really cool your vespa,a very unique color,you must have spent a lot of money to make your unique vespa.
I really like it and it's cooler than the motors that are on the circuit.Hope your days will be fun with your motor

Wow .. Wonderful Vespa, Casse Golden Vespa

Wow 1.gif

I love vespa.

Beautiful art