Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #260 ' Dystopian Disorder'

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' Dystopian Disorder'

This photograph is an example of how a waste material can be used for art and serve an additional purpose. A pile of old tires are used to portray a dark enclosure, a barren place where even the trees have no leaves. Sometimes I like to dwell on these post-apocalyptic motives, some kind of dystopian future. Where it is all going, we might all soon enjoy it but not in the prime time TV show.
When I look at this, I get a closed feeling, with a note of fear.

The detail is very much preserved in the lower part of the intensity curve, letting us see the tyres even in the bottom. The sky, to the contrary, is bleached out to white. Its slightly reddish colour is suggesting something out of ordinary. The feeling is also enhanced with brownish spots in the top corners. We are left with a question. Is it the tree or are the tires main motive? I think it cannot be claimed with certainty as their symbiosis is what counts the most.

Take a look at the one tyre that is sticking out of the pile, the one right in the middle. We can see the sunshine coming through. It was why I took the picture. I love a little disorder in more or less orderly places. :D

Hope the sunshine comes through for us all and we continue to live in peace and tolerance.

Enjoy! :)

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great stuff! I like reading your post, thanks

Today was a very difficult day. Tomorrow will be even harder :) But now it's time for thinking about art.

Motive from the mad max! In fact, people develop their own civilization but at the same time they kill the surrounding nature. We poison rivers and seas. We pollute the air and destroy vegetation and trees. Often this is the price of human development.
I have read the news about the approaching collapse of the coalition more than once. We all see what happens in recent times. The climatic zones have shifted and now there where there was no snow before - it appeared. And where there used to be a lot of snow before, there's practically no snow. There are changes and it is foolish to deny them.
Food and the world around us is changing. More "unnatural" products. Surrogates of nature. That is, everything becomes artificial. Like these "trees" of tires.
Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Thank you

The relationships between them and the context of groups or between individuals in society or in other spheres. Time to avoid when there is or a group of different people in a community group.

Cons of others: others and/or others. which is different from us and help each other to protect without seeing the tribe/race/religion/beliefs.

The term broadness of many fields. That is religion. Religious tolerance is a mutual respect and respect for other religious followers. Among them are: Not forcing others to our religion. Not denounce/insult other religions for any reason. Not prohibit or other religion to worship according to religion / belief. In the life of society, the growing attitude of supportive life co-exist and avoid hostilities.

I strongly agree with your opinion, about being yourself and your own work without taking the copyright of others, you are very good at writing and work, I am proud of your brilliant idea, your post is very unusual for me and my self and continue to give brilliant ideas to the steemian, congratulations and successful @velimir

Hola @velimir
En mi país Venezuela. País al que amo con todas mis fuerzas le ha tocado en los últimos años vivir Sangre, Sudor y Lágrimas. El medio ambiente está sufriendo muchísimo gracias a un estado forajido que se ha dedicado a crear el famoso Arco Minero que no es más que acabar con las muchas riquezas que desde hace millones de años yacen en la corteza terrestre. Veo los cauchos con una vida útil todavía y me da nostalgía porque aquí tienen un valor incalculable.
Vamos a la fotografía. Ese rayo de luz que logra salir en el caucho es para mí una luz de esperanza, algo así como que siempre existe luz al final del tunel. Tengo la esperanza de que el árbol vuelva a florecer y el cielo se aclare.
De verdad, está fotografía para mí aunque pueda hablar de un apocalipsis representa el Ave Fenix que está por venir.
Saludos y Gracias.

@velimir, you are amazing in being able to see AND... capture lovely things thru' your lens... a talent not easy learnt – as I worked as a photojournalist at newspapers for years – and found a very, very small % of wannabe photographers applying for a post in our department to have that 'it' in their presented portfolios. Great posts @velimir, and will def follow. Upvoted.

I really like all you have done with steemit. Im into a lot of the same things and i was wondering how did you become so successful with your income on here. Great photos

Art truly is in the eye of the beholder. The way the rays of light are falling into the pile you could interpret this as the tires about to make the accent to tire heaven. That wasteland in the sky.

And I deliberately didnt want to mention the rays, waiting if some of you notice! Well done man! :)

Wonderful this art, I appreciate your photography.

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I like the writing of your article is very interesting people to comment on your article ,,,
I want tips and tricks from you ,, please help

I like the writing of your article is very interesting people to comment on your article ,,,
I want tips and tricks from you ,, please help

Beautiful photography sir...just fantabulous this pic already sooths my eyes...😃

Wow awesome

Very cool. It reminds me of the garage people in the walking dead. Have you watched that show?

Very good post...i like post you..good luck @velimir

I like those colors. Very dystopian looking picture.

Hahahahha its not art its old tires

Amazing photography, i appreciate your post, thanks for your sharing to us

I liked your post Thank you for showing your photo @velimir

May sunshine come to you too dear...Thank you for the constant content.
Its realLy lovely lookimg at your images.

Wow this is art photography . I want to share this photography.

Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing, gives me ideas to use for my poems. Keep up the good work.


Hello sir hello Am a big fan of your artistic photography the way you put every key element makes you stand out in the crowd .
It would be helpful if you help me sir please.If time allows please check some of my posts I make art and photographs.
These are some of my works



Wow😍😍😍😍 amazing

It's great everything you can do reusing and recycling materials, it's amazing how many people you can help!

Is this picture art? I don't think so. I found it so terribly mundane. Sorry for my candor.

Good for you!

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well done photo. An interesting use of waste material so as old tires. I think it would have been interesting to take a picture with a person inside that place.

I've been a follower of yours for a long time, reading your work, commenting on your posts and enjoying your riding diaries. To be exact I've sent over 116 upvotes over the course of my time here and we've had a decent amount of dialogue, (albeit all on your posts). It has become a little disappointing to see how your posts are now leaning towards photography and yet still bringing in an absurd amount of SBD daily. It seems you have joined a group of high ranking members and created an exclusive club. Now each post you make, even just a quick photo is worth over $100 while other minnows struggle to make a few cents. You're not the cause of this problem, but you're not helping solve the problem either. I hope over time you start to change your ways as I think you are an important leader in the community and as such, need to help the community a bit more, not just a select few.

Steem is not a communist community so that we are all supposed to earn the same amounts. It is a working environment with its rules. It is often what you don't see that it's being paid for. I spend 14-16 hrs per day working the back end of this place. This is the reason behind the payouts. I suggest you find a job within many communities that work in crypto space and help your vision. Never envy others, this will not get you anywhere in life or steem world. Hope this helps. Cheers!

You are right, steem is not a communist community but it is a community and that is my point. I never said anything about wanting the rewards to be equal nor am I envious of your success. I have been your biggest supporter through upvotes over the course of your time here and never once have I asked for anything in return. My point is that there are many other steemians putting in work and not receiving anything for their efforts so seeing someone post photos that consistently earn over $100 in rewards can be deflating. When the community breaks down those individuals who siphoned rewards at the expense of everyone else will be to blame and I am hoping you will not be one of those people.
I do not put in 14-16 hours per day and I don't claim to. I have done well for myself with the amount of effort I have put in. I am merely making observations on patterns and by looking at some of the back end stats on your activity on the platform

I like your lighting in this photo.