Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #257 'Industrial Sunset'

in art •  7 months ago

'Industrial Sunset'

Industrial style silhouettes are positioned in front of a romantic sunset. The sky appears as if painted with careful strokes like in an old-school oil painting. It transforms the surrounding from boring, industrial suburb to a place worth enjoying. This is a perfect example of light and colour easily transforming ordinary into extraordinary.

The darkness is preserved all over the edges of the image, midrange is ruled by a game of different pastel colours blending into each other, while the detail is still visible in the highlights. I get a dramatic but not disturbing feeling. It could be portrayed in words by "the tender light at the end of the tunnel". It's dramatic but still calms me down. I believe this is due to the mutual interaction of colours in the midrange. The soft play of bluish, yellowish and greenish tones.

Notice the tree and its electric counterpart on the right side. Leaving things in darkness, not revealing them completely also plays an important role when it comes to stylization. What we cannot clearly see can have a strong impact on our visual senses. This is also one of the reasons why is this photograph appearing so captivating.

Enjoy! :)

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When you view this photo there is an easy feeling of sadness. I would call it a dreamy sadness. It is such a feeling when you look at some kind of thing or object and you are immersed in thought. This sunset looks exactly as it should look. This is due to the various industrial facilities that are located in front of it.

First of all, there was an association with the railway. And the railway - means moving along the way that is clear. That is, the very concept means that we can only move in limited directions. This can be compared with the life of modern man. People live as they are told and move along the "rolled" road. Usually from childhood the parents plan how their child will live. They want it with good intentions. But this is not always the right decision. Everyone is free to decide how to live their own lives and how to manage it. After living your life on a well-trodden road, a person will see such a beautiful sunset that is eclipsed by industrial objects (they are comparable to small goals in life's path).

in fact - The road appears under the steps of the person walking. Wherever you go under your feet a road will arise.

I hope I managed to form my thoughts correctly. Thank you


@frank1in i think this photo tell about sad, world don't be smile. How about you? Are you sure

wow,really better art of industrial photography.always gift giving different types of art photography dear.. It appears as though there has been some type of fire with deep dark smoke hiding the sky or that there is an epic storm rolling in. I can imagine the lightning starting soon as the bad weather takes over the skies..this is a very good art...friend..very well done.. @velimir


@timuann are you photografer? I like photography and i like this picture

THE SUNSET, THE TIME FOR HOME Returning home has many meanings. come home after a day's work. come home after a day of play. As long as we go, no matter how fast we run, at the top we will keep coming back. To a place we call home. place to go home. free of fatigue and mind burden.

More beautiful if there is, there is someone who supports us, who are happy if we come. because ultimately marriage and romance in enjoying the sunset. No. Marriage is about surviving in relationships. because marriage is to foster friendship with friends. Yes friend.

Life companion. friend talk to old. That's right, the sunset is not romantic. not the sun that makes romantic, but the actual activity behind it all. Because we use steps to cut off people moving in routines, we use actions that will be remembered in memory, and we want to relive with friends who are faithful to old. better if it's enjoyed with a cup of hot tea and a million stories to tell.


@jamalgayoni your opinion very nice

The feeling that I get is the opposite of calm. I see the light being swallowed up by the darkness. It appears as though there has been some type of fire with deep dark smoke hiding the sky or that there is an epic storm rolling in. I can imagine the lightning starting soon as the bad weather takes over the skies. It is always fascinating to find out what any piece of art might trigger or how it might be perceived.

@velimir I absolutely LOVE the story of contrast between the tree and the electrical structure on the right. I honestly love your work - it is always completely outside of the box and totally unique. Clearly indicative of an exceptionally creative mind.


Thank you for appreciating, Jay :)


Only a pleasure @velimir - I really enjoy the works of a keen eye ;)

a very beautiful composition and a very effective light, seems like a sorcerer trying to control the power of the universe, bravo!


Another wonderful post. This statement gripped me as much as the photo:

"What we cannot clearly see can have a strong impact on our visual senses."

It is not something I have ever though of before. Food for thought though.

This looks very postapocaliptic

Hola @velimir
La Naturaleza y el Desarrollo Industrial.
Lo triste es que con el Desarrollo Industrial cada vez los colores de la naturaleza se van opacando más y más.
El CO2 y el monóxido de carbono generado por el hombre es tan potente que en un futuro las fotos serán solo naturaleza muerta.
Saludos y muy buena fotografía.

Sunrise set and sunrise are the two best times of the day!
It gives us the happy feeling to just watch them standing, doing nothing.

I have captured it many times and every time i feel happy and peaceful watching it <3

Nice photo and attractive title Industrial sunset great job @velimir

it's really amazing the photo you took @velimir, sekilah photo it like a painting, really very beautiful picture for me.

indeed to produce a beautiful photograph required the ability and expertise. once this photo is really incredible.

I liked this photo

The picture is beautiful.... But your write-up.... That's next level :) actually connects the dots.

Good sunsets that very attractive.

Hi @velimir, Great photography and write up as usual. i am always drawn to your posts mostly because of the write up.
I really enjoyed your earlier posts. Looking forward to posts more towards "inspiration" and "life"
One of my most favorite of all time was called "Buddies" with the two dogs.
Thank you.

Really these are great photos

Hi, @velimir. The description of the image is excellent. When you mention in detail the tones, colors and their comparisons, it's great to read. In addition to the photo, which is very good, it highlights how strange it is not a common landscape. see you.

Oh! That shot is brilliant!

Wow such beautiful sunset picture

Nice silhouettes, love the contrast that it do with the sky!

indeed it is a piece of beautiful art work. Glad to know you @velimir

you are so good, for me is a pleasure see your pictures and read your post, I don't why? but I love it the pictures of sunsets

Good post you... I like post you..@velimir

Hello Steem Friends

Plz Follow me...Vote Me.....and..... Comment to my post.

I voted already...

Amazing photography such a nice

Wow i have always admired seein the sun set for real, and this pics really looks very lovely to admire too

Harsh low key always give a dramatic mood in my opinion. Well done!

Industrial areas always inspire feelings of sadness, like something grey and dingy, but your work shown completely other feelings. ‘Romantic sunset’ - true words. If person can look around and notice every little detail, that person will see beauty and harmony in any place. Amazing photo. Thank you.

It's a lovely image. Perfect.

@velimir, I am submitting a complaint! To you and on you 😉
Your photos are so good that I want to write a compliment under them, a nice thought or name my feelings related to what I see. And what? And it turns out that I find all my thoughts in the article you wrote.
And so maybe this time I'll be quite serious, I really like the beauty of the industrial area that you captured in the picture. In the last glow of the sun, all the ugly parts are hidden and a more interesting, eye-catching landscape is created for this part of the city. Walking the city when you were doing this photo had to be a pleasant experience...
Thank you so much that I could feel it, even in a part.

It looks like the sunset , was in the right place at the right time! :) great picture

Beautiful looking this photography

it's so so amazing,.,
I like it,.,

nice shot. beautiful light! good work!


Nice photo and attractive title Industrial sunset great job @velimir Sunrise set and sunrise are the two best times of the day! It gives us the happy feeling to just watch them standing, doing nothing

nice shot...

Your photography is mind blowing. Can you please tell me which camera you use to take photo? & what was your aperture when you click this?

Beautiful photo.Mood of end the hard day worker.
Love it XD

Your photo proves that the real art is in the photographer's heart.

I Really like the Dark post apocalyptic feel. Nice shot velimir.

This is beautifull picture i like it @velimir