Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #242 'Yellow Corner'

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'Yellow Corner'

I choose this photo because of several things that might not be noticed by an untrained eye. At the first sight, one doesn't see that the whole image is monochromatic. The colour scheme is solely made from various tonalities of the yellow colour. This is interesting because it was done without a filter. The scene was like this, and I really loved that fact.

The light from the left side is falling on two similar objects. To the left object, it appears to be the side light, while to the right one it appears to be front light. The absence of shadows is the key. However, the fact is that the light is coming from the same source. It's the positioning of objects which makes a difference. It is a study of the perception of light.

As another peculiarity, I'd like to mention the areas on the sides of the frame. Notice the handrails help to "break" the yellow areas and add dynamics by doing it. The same thing is happening in the top left corner. If you try to imagine the photograph without them, you might feel that something is missing. I also like how the composition is closed with the bottom and top darker areas.

Enjoy! :)

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Great post!

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You know how to pay attention to detail. But more of this you are good at "catching" the right moment to create a perfect shot.

I can agree that an unprepared person will not see such things (such as monochrome). For example, most people (including myself) first of all look at the photo with the search for a specific meaning. And only in the second turn they look at the tonality and colors.

Looking closely, I really notice that the whole picture consists of different shades of yellow. Judging by all the only light source is the open door on the left. It is due to a single source of light that this affects perception. The photo looks harmonious. Mainly because "every detail and shadow" is in its place.

Thank you

please i need help

well both objects have been defined by @velimar supperub. You are right one can understand them behind it who has extra ordinary thoughts like you did it. Impact of light and missing of shadow thats the key of your thoughtd. You clarify it in way that everybody can easily regularize the creation of these object.

People are requested to drop their comments as much they can for reward of @velimar imaginations and thoughts

thanks for the liking my view i am much obliged for this honor.

stay blessed

Until you direct me to see that way I would never have noticed something like that!! I love to read your reviews.They are not the same like others!!!! There is always something new to be seen!!!

Photo of the day. Excellent job @velimir. You are not only a photographer indeed you know the philosophy of this Art which is rare. You capture a very common thing and when you explain that common thing make SPECIAL

You are a true artist,that's why you can see such things in the corner .That is nice thoughtful photography.Thank's for sharing.

Your art photo is very interesting. I really appreciate your good post friends, thank you for sharing an amazingly good post. and i like

Nice photo, what kind of lens did you use?

any are good! :)

Nice! Tradition at its finest. There's no sense in reinventing the wheel I always say ;)

Same colour wall different light, I have a lot of problems with the light on my jobs , the client chooses a finish and colour on my studio and went I go the project the light if is different the colours look different


Awesome and very artistic, i like your post and have upvote and resteem your post, thanks for sharing to us valuable article...good luck and success always for you brother @velimir

Your picture is very interesting @verimir. You have a spectacular artistic eye, thank you for sharing your good taste. It is a very very good publication. I congratulate you.

Nice shoot brother. Exquisite. very unique and artistic. behind the ancient buildings many stories that we must know.

Extraordinary! really beautiful.

Now it's nice photography.You looked at it completely differently.@upvoted and resteemed

Hola @velimir
Interesante el análisis que haces.
Lo importante también es ver como la incidencia de los rayos solares no se reflejan de la misma forma en las paredes y mucho menos en la gárgolas.
Saludos y Gracias

Why I am following you? because I want to read your post.

wow very amazing

Woww nice picture ....this is going to be my picture of the day

Thanks for sharing this photography is very nice post
I appreciate your post

Im so amazed by your observations and arriving at conclusions.. :)

What the great art phothography

@adsactly i mention you here.
I have you review steemplus app in my post and recomended to other stemian

Nice shot! love the details

Very nice post and nice photovraphy

This is so nice and inspiring

Awesome article.

Oh no!
I.missed your post :/
Its the yellow and white color who.is making this corner more visible and more beautiful.

Yellow color is a color of peace and it is adding peace to the picture!

I love it!

It's so incredible, the acceleration of difference and light. So that the object is more beautiful.

wow great post

Whatever its nuance, yellow has the particularity of adding a warm and luminous note in an interior decoration while giving an impression of volume to the room. Indeed, the yellow has this quality to enlarge spaces. This is the ideal color to create a sense of space in cramped rooms.

I appreciate your post

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Nice picture

perception of lights. Lighting effect is marvellous.

an out of the box creative craving....

Excellent Photography.

Happy Steeming.

I see reading and enjoying, amazingly good postings you, innovative and and add knowledge. Thanks for sharing

hola amigo a mi tambien me gusta el arte soy repostero y espero que todos los que lean este mensaje puedan seguirme soy adrian1988 y tambien hago dibujos sobre una torta o un pastel soy de venezuela un saludo y si pueden recomendarme para que otros me sigan

@velimir #242 'Yellow Corner',great post i appreciated and inspires your post .