Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #241 'Disbalance'

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The day was cold and dull. The rain had just stopped. On my way home, I've stumbled upon the empty stand, left with a lack of effort. However, it immediately made me think of losing something essential - a balance. It is important to keep the balance, without it everything crumbles and falls. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes its hard but the bottom line is - the balance must be kept. In everything we do.

The soft skylight is causing very soft shadows and increasing overall visibility which would not exist if the lighting had more contrast. The reflections on the wet surfaces always add so much to the image. It is visible all over the background. Notice the suppressed dynamics achieved by these areas, except in gradual transformations from white to dark. The lines are present all over the image - they definitely increase dynamics. If you take a better look, you'll also notice that all of them are set in some order, be it horizontal or perpendicular. All except the main element which is causing the disbalance. This one is slanted and the horizontal rule of lines is broken.

The colour scheme consists mainly of light pink colour. Red is used only on the metal stand. It unobtrusively works toward separating it from the rest. But there is an even stronger red accent further in the back. Can you see it? Blue and orange are present but only in traces.

How are you keeping your balance? Is it something that comes naturally to you? Do you juggle between the opposites or keep a straight line?

Enjoy! :)

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I stared at the photo for a while. It's disturbing.. Hahaha! I think because the photo brings me there, a little cold and wet, and wanting to have a look to make sure it won't fall and pose a danger to anyone. That's what photography is all about. - Getting your audience involved.

I like the color of your photo!

Balance, these words are now much talked about. How to live a healthy life with a balanced lifestyle. How many people become ill from unbalanced lifestyles, overwork, lack of rest and unbalanced nutritional intake.

Unbalanced lifestyle, often due to the emotions that are around us.

The streets are jammed, the work is endless, making the diet unhealthy, and the rest time is not met. It creates stress and causes various diseases. In addition, there are malls, spending centers, others that are used for shopping office supplies, making people consumptive, this also applies to credit cards.

Without sufficient understanding, credit card holders spend their money without a second thought, which ultimately results in catastrophe, either because it is pursued by debt collectors, or improving the sale of its assets to pay off the unnecessary debt, if a balanced lifestyle, revenues and scrolling.

i have a lot of pictures that i have taken in these past three years but i don't have a upbringing platform to showcase them. i have on move a lot and have visited some disturbing places and took very interesting pictures. this pictures is one of a kind it self

Balance clearly has a big role in human life. When it comes to balance, I remember this parable of the wolf ...

Once upon a time the old Indian discovered to his grandson one vital truth:

  • In every man there is a struggle, very similar to the struggle of two wolves. One wolf represents evil - envy, jealousy, regret, selfishness, ambition, lies ... Another wolf represents good - peace, love, hope, truth, kindness, loyalty ...

A little Indian, touched to the depths of his soul with the words of his grandfather, thought for a few moments, and then asked:

  • And what kind of wolf wins in the end?

The old Indian smiled slightly and replied:

  • Always wins the wolf that you feed ...

Depending on the life situation, people have to balance. Sometimes this happens not on your own, and sometimes on your own. But you can definitely say that there is balance in the world. Sooner or later, you have to pay for everything. Balance:)


balance is the big role of human life. Depending on the life situation, people have to balance. Sometimes this happens not on your own, and sometimes on your own.so,everybody should keep perfect balance in our life..you art thought always expressd doing your thought power skills very high.excellent art and good photography..@velimir

This post, I don't know what words to choose but I will choose as best as I can.
It truly symbolizes on the meaning of being balanced and at times it becomes inevitable that it will be unbalanced and even though one were to manage to prevent it or fix it, something else will be unbalanced either soon or later down the road. And some of those things, it can't be helped.

This is beautiful and just amazing what you had made.

Stunning photography sir
.The concept of ur pic is really unique & innovative... i appreaciates ur work....

i hope u will show us ur bettr photography & exceptional thinking in future.......


  ·  last year (edited)

Ya exactly, making good balance is necessary on everywhere. Your good writing skill always inspire us. Your suggestion "Be yourself and stay yourself "is pretty good.
We have no word to express, just resteemed it.

Balance is what you find when you do not have the need to balance anything anymore.

I love how you get inspired by everyday objects! :) It means that you really have an eye and a passion for what you do and you can tell when looking at your work!

Capturing balance (well... actually unbalance) was a fantastic idea! :)

La foto refleja la importancia del equilibrio en nuestras vidas, debemos andar siempre al centro de la línea porque si nos desviamos acabamos cayendo.
También podría reflejar el trabajo en equipo, ya que vemos que el banco está aguantado por varias vallas metálicas, y si una se fuera el banco caería.

Hola @velimir
Trato de mantenerme en una posición estable cuando alguién o algo interactúa con mi ser tratando de que yo pierda esa posición o terreno. Para ello, trato de no perder mis cabales y mantener siempre mis convicciones. Trato de ser siempre justo y equilibrado sopesando las situaciones.
Sí, definitivamente parece ser aburrido el día.... pero hay que mantenerse.

the post was amazing. thanks.
to your last question: I keep balance by changing in necessity. let's say, adopting... whatever it takes, we have to adopt... sometimes it's sad, cruel, fair, unfair whatever...

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

What?! 🤢

Right sir,Sometimes it's easy, sometimes its hard but the bottom line is - the balance must be kept.

I think your description of the photo and the story is more artistic than photo itself :) (in the good way)

Good post @velmir! very inresante. and excellent photography.

waooo Very amazing photography sir

Good job

you delight anyone with those pictures

Wonderful photography and really beautiful you are an artist
Choose colors concur
I wish you all the bestDQmZsw63z7DeMenRr5QWKUVJrrEKR31pFuZ5mDAaAbRnUAh.jpeg

Very amazing photography

bottom line is, the balance must be kept. In everything we do.

I think this conclusion of your post as you written in post. really admired to deliver good idea about balance in life. without balance we are nothing

  ·  last year (edited)

Today I also had a cold and boring day. cloudy weather the gray weather and wind! To keep the balance, I motivate myself DdnI-ZuSdfo.jpg

Good post... Im Reblog😀

Wonderful words and very nice description I loved these words a lot I first admitted to reading something on your page but I really enjoyed.

inspiring post, thanks

I still find it a beautiful picture and image regardless of the imbalance. I think Picasso must have instinctively understood that as well.

Perfect words..The first line got my attention which made me read till the end. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks for this post @velimir

Me parece muy original y hermosa fotografia, debemos mantener el equilibrio en todo lo que hacemos porque sin equilibrio no somos nada, gracias por compartir tan hermosas palabras feliz dia @velimir

You are right my friend good God bless you with my best regard

Wonderful words........

El equilibrio es fundamentales para la vida. Es como cando empiezas a hacer Zen buscas esa fortaleza mental que busca estar en conexión con todos.

lEn el día a día hay altibajos que nos descontrolan, pero hay que buscar la forma de subir los ánimos y tener actitud positiva. Buen Post.

How can it stand? :D

Excelent job, I agree with you... Life without balance is a chaos and disorder. I try to have a balance in my life but sometimes is hard. I like your post and the explanation of your photo. Regards.