Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #239 'A Smiling Mouse And A Hungry Owl'

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'A Smiling Mouse And A Hungry Owl'

This is very likely the most ambiguous street art that I've ever seen, so I couldn't resist taking the photo. Why would a depressed owl with a city on her mind be thinking of a smiling mouse? :D What's the green pile under the mouse? No idea. That's exactly why I like it very much. An absolutely vague representation, a non-existent thought, an l'art pour l'art direction? What's more, this is located on the wooden side of a small half-ruined house. Why? No idea! It's just there. The drawings kept me interested for quite a bit as I was trying to solve the riddle but never entirely got to that point. Maybe you guys figure it out better than me.

Colours are pretty much washed out. No idea if it is because of the elements or it was intended to be so. The images are set on a textured wooden surface. The colour objects are painted on boards and then hammered on to the wall. They're not painted on it. The white parts in the bottom and on top put the whole set in a perspective. If cropped out, nobody would be able to tell if it's a wall of a house or just a row of old planks. This is also the sole purpose of the window in the bottom right.

Something just came up to my mind. Maybe we all sometimes feel like that smiling mouse, not aware of all the hungry thoughts all around us. :D

Enjoy! :)

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Great art! The owl reminds me of a Ferby haha!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

You know the best thing about poetry or art is that they have a lot of meanings. Doesn't mean if you are understanding it in one way the other person would also be thinking in the same way. So I think same goes for this art.Every individual person will come to different conclusion but yeah owl with a city and a smiling mouse is quite interesting.

Merry photo, good mood.

Though I appreciate creative work when I see one, I don't really understand the hype behind most of the celebrated modern arts around. This is an exception though, as looking at it makes one think, maybe that is the original intent of the art, who knows.

hahahaha good one :D

I like the roughness of the backdrop. The house that this is painted on looks like it is falling apart. The house s actually in a depressed state. Maybe the owl is dreaming of a nice city house and depressed about the state of his current location?

What a great scene. Leave it to you to photograph to such great effect.

I think the owl is thinking of the one that got away last night, and that's why he imagines the mouse as smiling.

Thanks for another great photo and thought producer.

I don't usely comment on art but this is iresistable. The creative of the arts and the colour tones makes one keep it as a snap short.

Mr owl is eating is thing bout the mouse does he eat the mouse?

Great one!!!! I like how you elaborate on the picture

Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.”

How I wish it could be so for me. Would have delete everything and start afresh. It ain't easy though. Just a simile.

Great art! I appreciate your post!

it is a very unique picture. But I am interested to answer the jigsaw puzzle. I think the picture tells of life like an owl and a mouse. Owls want delicious food like mice while mice are very afraid of owls, automatic mice will hide so as not to eat. so also with this life seauatu we want will be hard to get if we do not try and really really.

You wrote beautifully from your own experience, which fascinated me, hoping to get Aman post from your kas, and many more will always be true, but there are some lockes, stupid ones are stolen from their work, but your writing is very good to me..........!

Streets arts are one of the best arts, but we don't give them attention because of we always important to those artworks who are represented by big art galleries and art shows.

you are doing great job to promote this art work.
It stunning and fabolous art work.

I love street art! some of the best artists I've seen are painting walls...

What an interesting thing to see an owl thinking of a smiling mouse, that indeed would make one stop to ponder: just what was this artist trying to get across? Were they just a looney bird? Trying to let people give their own meaning maybe? Did they just like owls and mice? It's so funny the things people create. Even more awesome is what viewers will say about it, the comments and possibilities of different conversation. Just from some art. It's crazy awesome isn't it?
Thanks for sharing!

Your view point is correct and this art seems to be very fascinating...

Ya bagus..saya kagum sama postingan anda

This is something marvellous. You have magical hands. Really enjoyed your content @velimir Appreciate your effort. :-)

I really like this :)

it's nice

Hola @velimir
En mí país hay muy buenos grafiteros que ya ni siquiera pueden expresar su arte por el alto costo del material. Fué una generación espontánea de no hace muchos años y que ya no existe.
Sí, el graffiti es arte y arte urbano.
Pero vamos al búho y el ratón. Por supuesto; dentro del menú un rico ratón no caería nada mal y el otro piensa........ Bueno es hora de buscar el queso o lo que me regale la vida para mantenerme gordito y sano como estoy.
Ahhhhhh....... El ratón no está sobre el arbusto o lo que puede serlo. Sólo está en la mente del Búho.
La fotografía muy buena y da la impresión de que haya sido en un callejón o algo similar.

Amazing art

art is expensive, sometimes have to spend a lot of money to pay for one's artwork, what else the art is rarely owned by others then it could be more expensive selling point. .
amazing, i also have a very nice graffiti art photo but that is not my work. I am just a photographer of the graffiti

Wow..i like this art..i appreciate this photography life..so nice streetart..i love this post..

Seni indah

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Great art work!

You right...

This difficult to guess that riddle, the answer is only in the head of the creator, I think the mouse does not smile, shows his teeth, threatens to bite

Muy bueno! (:

Your pics are too good fam!

I am very happy to see my picture. ..
The rat is really very happy

You painted this? Holy cow. How cool is that?

Beautiful art I like to keep working.

Wonderful hungry owl :)

Its a beautiful art...I love it :)

The green is a bush, the owl believes that in that bush the mouse rests. I have my doubts if the mouse smiles or if it is eating with its mouth open.

Street art always looks ambiguous (in the good sense of the word). This "picture" can be interpreted in different ways. That is not the fact that this mouse is smiling. But if you include the imagination and carefully consider the existing details of the picture, you can come to several logical conclusions.

For example. The owl looks sad or tired, she is immersed in thought. There is a feeling that she is tired of everyday bustle. Why do everyday fuss? Because with this the next detail is bound - a house or a piece of the city above the head of an owl. The city above the head of an owl is a rush of haste or routine and closed prostranstvo. That is, residents of the city are constantly busy with their own affairs and the city for them as a closed space. Therefore, the owl thought about the fact that in her understanding is represented as freedom. That is, in this context, freedom in the understanding of an owl is a mouse.

The mouse looks like she's laughing. Laughter is a sign of joy. Under the mouse the image is similar to a cloud (a green cloud of an addict :) joking) or green bushes. That is, this is another confirmation of the fact that the mouse in this photo is a symbol of freedom. She laughs, there is nothing above her head and under her green bushes. And the owl does not look so happy and there's a head above it and there's nothing under your feet - the opposite of the mouse. The mouse is free and the owl does not.

And now the main conclusion - an owl in my opinion is the interpretation of the urban waitress burdened with everyday life. A mouse is an antipathy. That is, the owl in this context is represented as a city resident who recalls past activities (hunting for mice and green nature). Conclusions to do to you. I wrote it in one breath. The first thoughts that arose after I saw this photo. I hope I clearly expressed my thoughts :)

Thank you:)

Though I appreciate creative work when I see one, I don't really understand the hype behind most of the celebrated modern arts around. This is an exception though, as looking at it makes one think, maybe that is the original intent of the art, who knows.

It is an impressive urban art, thank you for sharing it with all of us..


you are right friend we are smiling mouse and hackers are hungry owls last night someone hacked my account and transfer all my balance i have lost my three month earning:(

Good shoot...

Great Graffiti...

Very very Amazing Art...

I Upvote you 100%...

I Enjoy This 😊😊😊

a very great post ... thanks for sharing ... you are very extraordinary @velemir

Great street art

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In my dream (projection) of the meaning of this street art I see the wise (owl) sitting under the weight of socialization (city/proper way of being) while the rat is laughing and happy on top of stacks of green (love/money). Or, the top brighter green is rat's and lower, smaller darker patch is owl's?
We see it happening all around us in political/corp/media--rat's at the top.
Fun post :)

This is my first comment on your blog, your artwork is awesome .

great creativity of photography . owl looking for what ?

great art of hungry owl ...

just amazing art...

Woah, the texture and graphics on that owl piece are really cool! Looks like it was done on some type of wooden chip-board. Really cool effect how that texture pops through!

I love the smiling mouse !! :)

very good art:)

Thank you very much for your work and support. Creative you success and prosperity! Good luck and prosperity!

go to you)

The owl represents the people who always think of making money. .. Some would even sacrifice other people (mouse) just to be able to earn more... The green pile represents what people really want...happiness (contentment). It was just hammered on the wall because we all have the chance to change our lives and make it happy(have it painted).. by having a simple life represented by the small half-ruined house and a wide perspective represented by the white parts in the bottom and up.

That's awesome...