Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #229 'Old and Poor'

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'Old and Poor'

Nobody wants to be old and nobody wants to be poor. This lady is both. She obviously cannot walk well but still dumpster dives, searching for means of daily survival. This and similar situations usually sadden me. What kind of society are we building if we're not taking care of our old and help them to lead decent lives?

Notice the contrast between what she's doing, the very social reality of the city, and a jolly laughing fake family just above her head. An existing reality and a completely different, pink one, which we are being told to believe over and over again. "Take the loan and be happy" really means: take the loan, buy the shit we tell you to buy, become our slave and end up even worse than that lady after we're done with you.

The dark, heavy, cold coloured foreground is juxtaposed against the light, colourful background. Notice the dark blue and green in the foreground, where the lady is, against the red and yellow ad on the window and the coffee shop terrace sunscreens in the background. This is telling us to look in the dark places where things are happening and leave all the fake glitter somewhere behind. If you choose to see reality, that is.

What I admire about her is that she doesn't give up and crawl somewhere hiding her misery from the world but, on the contrary, she goes out and fights, giving a meaning to her existence and setting an example of strong will for all those who prefer to kick back and do nothing.

My respect!

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The social line is that the separator is the phrase of a fool who does not know the meaning of a life.

A rich person will feel the choice and careful heart to seek their friend who is equally equal to them and the poor will be inferior or embarrassed to find a friend because he is ashamed of life that he perfect.

why there are people who think like this ?? This life can not be repeated hopefully we can live in a world that is entangled like a crocodile of the rich and the poor of the poor is a dumb and ignorant regulator in happiness. Because life is full of color means in life there must be rich-poor, evil-well if life in one color there are rich people all or there are poor people where there is mutual help or give each other activities happiness is not happiness for themselves happy but true happiness is to make other people happy.

For the poor do not feel isolated in the association of the world because a friendship or communication can not be in value with money, money is the one and will be exhausted but the hearts of each other will never run out because the heart has no numbers or values ​​and for the rich do not exclude the poor because they are there to follow your life and give color to your life.

Live the sharing and understanding that you receive is a very happy being in your life journey to the burial ground where you all come from. There are many and never-ending things about the rich and the poor one of which I will discuss again is that there is another equation that is rarely noticed and in the realization is the same the Rich learns for the poor and the poor learns from the rich.

Make the ngersa the rich do not need perotes from my arugumen and feel prestige :) The rich can learn from the poor example of the rich will learn how to enjoy life with pure affection kasdih pure love only tampa dizzy with work in the world and not spend time just looking for a material because the poor even though they do not have cars or goods that only have rich people but they can smile and love each other members of the family for them to pass the day and can with the family is enough for them and they are not in the confines with prestige, polpularity, or the views of people around.

Skin people learn how to change their family life ar get rich. happy birthday. my message So whatever you are all you guys have to share and keep the spirit of living life in various colors of life.

interesting ..
You see there is something missing ..
It's values of justice
Well done, thanks for sharing

Well she only gets respects and likes from social media thats our very big problem...
I don't know what you did except taking photo of her.
I feel so bad for all people who are in this position and i wish we could and we helped them. Nice post by the way and inspirational but i always say when i see photos like that. Why dont they help this people instead of photoshooting :)
Respect <3

My attention is immediately drawn to the background on the right. It looks so bright and cheerful back there. LIke there is an outdoor patio where people are just about to sit and enjoy a wonderful lunch. All while just 50 feet away this poor old lady lurches in the shadows for the only meal she knows. Such a big contrast.

sir @velimir, this is a reality of our society, there is difference in our words and what we do. I don,t know that does you had helped her or not, but peoples usually don't help them. Well I am not a rich one but still I do my best for these people and sometimes be serving them food and sometimes making them laugh. I feel very sad form them but still i am not able to help all of them. Well I know that you are rich and thus i just request you to help them, at lease serve food only one person will be appreciated.

It's a story that makes us remember the old days. because old age can not be prevented, except by death. use this youth to prepare for old age. do not let old age just suffer. do good and appreciate the day of youth.

Thanks @velimir, this is a great article as life advice

While the official Census Bureau's poverty measure shows 9 percent of the elderly nationally living in poverty, the share rises to about one in seven seniors (15 percent) under the Supplemental Poverty Bureau of the Legal Bureau, which takes into account out-of-pocket health costs and geographical differences in living costs . Produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation, Old and Poor: Forgotten America provides portraits of elderly people living in poverty, both in urban and rural areas across the United States.

This video shows the difficult challenges facing low-income parents to meet needs; Every day, they conjure up the cost of health care, safe housing, transportation and food. With live interviews with low-income seniors living in Baltimore, West Virginia, and Los Angeles, the video provides a context for ongoing discussions on policy changes to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Such a great post it is .
Old people like child . they need time they need care like child want . they behave like child.
Its our responsibility to take care of them
Because they need our time and our care .

A say only one thing.

Today we take care and give respect to elders . then tomorrow we will get back the same .

@velimir ...firstly, i appreciate you and your art of photography which defines too many thing just in a single pic...
I dont think there could have been a better tittle other than "OLD AND POOR" ...often, the women of her age giveup quickly, but she is courageous and full of energy.. may God bless her...
RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT to that brave lady and to you as well....

Wow really excellent photography & nice post this is a reality of our society, there is difference in our words and what we do. I don,t know that does you had helped her or not, but peoples usually don't help them. .keep up it

Old people have many similarities with the toddlers. Both are weak and need care. Even in the modern times, when we see people suffering from such miseries, that is actually the failure of the state that fail to feed and take care of their old citizens. Respect for this brave lady and feel bad for the states that don't spend on people.

this is a inteligent art of you.your art skills very high level. you art drawing doing properly. feel so bad for all people who are in this position and i wish we could and we helped them. Its our responsibility to take care of them
Because they need our time and our care. thank u very much for your good post of art.good job sir. @velimir

hello, we live this every day here in venezuela, see how people look for people to live in and there is no government to respond to them because they do not care about our people

poverty with oldness is voulnarable. There are very misers in that life. In our country many people lives their life with proverty with oldness. Many cases , they has no generation to take care up. The may beg in street or sifted to the charity. They lives a hopeless & no happines in their life.

well gentleman you pick a nice pic but in my opinion this is not only a pic there is a story behind it, many hurdles of life, poverty makes an individual to eat himself but those people who in such condition does not leave patience they stand up with full dermination, hope and strong faith that one day all becomes good.


@velimir I salute you who are very concerned with life,
What if the steemians joined in to help the grandmother and another grandmother of the same fate as she was,

When i see people like this it usually saddens me.

I have the basic things in life but i still have my problems talk less of the people that don't have good food.

It breaks my heart to think about what they go through.

May God help her and touch all our souls to help people like this in our small way

Be yourself and don't be depending on others to live as in doing duplicate things ,copying images and text ......good one

thanks for the information you gave I really agree with what you post good post

I enjoy this


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A pointed and erudite commentary… and a sad truth of our societies.

Very beautiful and nice articles, true facts....

I congratulate you on this valuable sharing

Very true !

Completely true!

Thats sad, things need to change. Thanks for sharing.

Well said @velimir !Our life is not fair at all!You must always be positive..And it will be all right!;)Good post!


the reality. differents worlds between each others. in my country this is a way to not lost, to not forget where do we come. Great picture.

Great art 😍

this is what I enjoy, nice work

@velimir you are the great man to supporting community and helping people which are new on steemit it is your great journey hope you continue it. We support you every time. Congratulations on such a great achievement

oh, my God, it is so Sad. we should help our elders when they get old, instead of sending them to Old people houses. :(I think there will be no religion in which there will not a brief teaching on helping the old peoples.

May Lord bless all humans, nobody deserves this life... We as fellow humans should come out selflessly and consciously help people like these.Its pretty easy to do but we live in a world where easy things dont come that easy

I must say that whatever you be,your self determination is very important to withstand with you inthe miseries and hurdles of your life and whenever you are determined to do any thing then no body will be able to let down you,because your inner will power will never allow to do so.

yes no one wants to be old and poor in old age. Sometimes neglect at a young age makes regret in the past. then at a young age we have to think of our old age because time can not be played back. then do your best when you are young.

This is a sad picture. Unfortunately, I see this almost every day. It is definitely a bad thing. First of all, the state should pay attention and help those people who can not take care of themselves. There is a certain category of people who are used to this way of life. I saw one guy doing a social experiment. He took to his home (from the street) two homeless people - a man and a woman. He promised them to help them return to normal life and find a job. One condition was put forward: they should stop using alcohol. The first weeks were good. He brought them to a normal state, even took them to the theater. But as soon as he did not pay attention to them - they started drinking alcohol. That is, they are so accustomed to such a way of life that they slowly began to reassert themselves to it.
I am sure that these problems are caused by 2 factors:

  1. Social assistance of the state (rehabilitation programs, psychological assistance, etc.).
  2. This is a person's thinking. If a person is depressed, he begins to drink alcohol. Over time, alcohol weakens the will and desire for a better life. Man as a drug addict, he feels depressed and can do nothing. That is, everything depends on thinking. Different people perceive different situations in different ways. One sees the opportunity, and the other sees grief.
    In any case, in a civilized society to see people who are looking for food in the trash - is unacceptable.
    Thank you

I feel pity for this person. In our country, there are a lot of people similar to this woman, especially street children sleeping on the sidewalk. If I am fortunate enough, I would willingly help them by sharing a part of my blessings.

I love what you said about her unwillingness to just give up. As sad as this is, thank you for writing it and giving her the respect she deserves. All too often people use homeless folks as amazing photography subjects but give them no humanity. You did.

I agree with your words

Great shot ! There is such a great gap between what society promotes and reality. Money becomes the holy grail while making people feel miserable. Art is such a great way for the people who are unheard and unseen everyday to be brought to light, together with the problems of our societies. Keep up the good work ;)