Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #220 'Abstract Synthesis of Vague and Unsaid'

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'Abstract Synthesis of Vague and Unsaid'

I really enjoyed making this one. I was focused on achieving a composition with as many colours but was still careful not to overdue an acceptable level. I usually don't work with strong colours but I still like to use them when appropriate. This came out as an art piece from the seventies, influenced by the chemistry of the era. Somehow, I cannot remove the image of a bent thumb and something resembling a fist but there are not enough details to be certain of it. I like that about this image. A colourful uncertainty all over. Playful, vague mood. One can watch it for a long time and still not be sure about anything.

The composition is quite linear with a few plastic elements which take over the spatial dimension. Many colours are used but they still don't unpleasantly confront each other. The lightest and the darkest areas are well measured. They neatly produce good tonal balance and fortify this photo's attitude with an additional quality. The beautiful transformation, from warm colours to cold ones, is present. It starts at the bottom right and progresses toward the top left.

This is, undoubtedly, an abstract piece and one cannot be really sure if it was painted or not. I like that about art. Most of the times, it doesn't matter how was something achieved but rather what is achieved and how strongly it states an intention. Then again, as abstractions can work many ways, please let me know how does it make you feel or what do you see in this one? Mind you this is not one of those where we search for objects but rather tell me how do you perceive it as a whole.

Enjoy! :-)

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Good art work reflect it self as a original one. It seems real. good work. Abstract synthesis is a very hard thing to do.

It looks scary.

The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. The secondary colors are green, orange, and purple, where these colors can be mixed primer colors.

While tertiary colors have become the colors produced from a mixture of primary and secondary colors. what made that blend of colors with keywords. can not be involved too many colors, because psychologically, seeing too much color is disturbing.

This is what people do not understand about color mix, by using too many colors. There are three ways that anyone can be done, even non-color experts. First, mix black or white and any other colors; mix 3 colors in color or 'harmonic color, or two contrasting colors in the picture, or' complementary colors'.

This can be applied by separating between bright colors, and dark colors. Dark colors such as black or gray, and neutral colors such as white, can be the basis to be combined with any color.

art is something i have come to accept and love. Hopefully with time i will start sharing a few workpiece with this community of art lovers.
Basically i am fan of your art series @velimir and this particular piece got me confused a bit as it first seemed to be like a mosaic painting.

As I wrote to you earlier - abstraction is your strong point. Many people do not understand the abstract art. This makes it more interse. After all, people are always interested in understanding what they do not understand. This kind of art is more suitable for creative people with a developed imagination.
The linear composition and some colors do not really fit together.
When I look at this picture I do not try to see something definite in it. Abstraction does not mean that something is certain otherwise it is not an abstraction. Therefore, I see an unbroken vzgyad something in the form of a small (not dense) wall. That is, it looks like something strong (like the spine which is the support of the body). But at the same time this composition looks mobile. Sturdy and mobile like the body.
(I'm sure some will see something like this or the beak of a bird.)
An interesting topic for reflection.
Thank you

A painting quite creepy according to me, because it looks like there is a being out of the paper. In the image was also evident that the creature was carrying a pencil and paint himself. The figure looks sometimes looks like a human being a tree because of his skin like wood dam sometimes jugatampak like a mummy the rise of death.
Nice 👍

Great Art!
Art is something That gives us happiness by just looking at him,
No money needed!
The happiness we all are struggling to get in all of our's life.
colorful images, yeah I too found a fish this with a lot of colors!
Colorful life!

I looked. I looked away, I came back. I see a back strap. The part of a deer or elk that has the steaks and chops. Generally speaking the first part I eat or at least used to.

It's a beautiful photo...

Your photo has been chosen from the new posts for a place in the spotlight as a random art of kindness.

Please check the March 3 post to see your photo. #randomartofkindness


its great

Firstly i don't understand abstract art,sometimes it seems to me that some one coloured the canvas without any intention.Most of the ordinary people can't understand this kind of art.One thing i like about this art piece is its use of colour.The way you used those colour that is quite brilliant.Thank's for sharing.@upvoted

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