Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #219 'Do the Plants Dream of Snow?'

in art •  11 months ago

'Do the Plants Dream of Snow?'

When I came across this plant, at the first moment, I thought about removing the snow from it. Then I sat, had a coffee and gave it a thought. Would it be a good or a bad thing to do that? The plant will be released from the weight of the snow, ready to absorb the light, to sense the sun when it comes out, right? On the second thought, I realized that it got used to the snow, probably started some processes, maybe it evens makes it stay warm in there.

I remembered something a wise man told me once. He asked me if I'd take a bag of money if found laying on the street. Most of us, if honest, would answer: 'Yes, of course.' So did I. He gave me a very loving look and painted what could happen after I'd acquired that imaginary bag. It could belong to the bad guys who would kill me for it, it might make police think that I robbed the bank, not the guys who dropped it. Even if I came home and safely hid it, I'd probably have to spend it very gradually and live in fear that someone might find out about it sooner or later. In the end, he mentioned that it might make me more miserable than before I'd taken it off the street. Definitely deep.

This closed composition, chained in white, is an example of high key photography. The challenge when doing these types of shots is to preserve the detail in the dark parts but still keep the image in tonal balance. I deliberately made the snow on top of the plant seamlessly flow into the background whiteness. It counterparts the heaviness with its whiteness but also envelops the plant, metaphorically leaving no way out. This works well with the general idea. The orange pot makes the photo livelier and is the only coloured element. The right top corner element, behind the plant, is very important. It is the only object defining the perspective of the background. This is the reason why it is there.

So, not really knowing what the snow does for the plant, I decided to leave it just the way it is and let nature decide the best way. There is no need to get involved in things one doesn't understand. Except to take a photograph. Not much can go wrong that way.

Enjoy! :-)

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I like to continuity between the snow on top of the plant and the background. Nice work once again!

Thank you! The photo is really very original!

I love the idea you presented that the snow could possibly be preventing growth through blocking the sun or possibly protecting the plant in someway sort of like a blanket protecting it through this delicate hibernation period.
Thank you for the interesting ideas and inspiring photography @velimir

I pay more attention to the first paragraph of this post. I can't afford to imagine what you felt when you saw the flower @velimir, because I had never seen snow directly. My country (Indonesia) never snowing, so I really like to see the photos of flowers covered by snow. I think it would be great if you can see directly.


oh man, thank you! for us, snow is a normal thing. so glad to hear that you enjoyed seeing this!


Yea, normal in your country but for me its like a dream.


I hope some time I could feel the snow.

He gave me a very loving look and painted what could happen after I'd acquired that imaginary bag.

haha was this wise man Cormac MacCarthy? :) Sounds like the premise of his novel "No country for old man", which is basically a long story about: do not ever take a bag of money lying around...


no, lol it was one of my teachers at the film academy :)
but then again, maybe he read the book!

uh uh now i got to find that book...


or the movie, will be easier to find, faster to watch :

Really awesome post. I really liked the picture, sure, but your prose really caught me. I'm not sure how to explain it, but I guess it's just soothing to read you.

Also, your reflection on the plant's state and whether you should interfere or not really added a layer to my enjoyment of this composition. There are indeed some things it's better to just report on and let play out.

Steem on!


Thank you very much. Really appreciate it! :)

Looking beautiful photos

No i dream of snow more but never see live snowing :( image looks amazing but not that much prettier than your purplish photography :)


hahaha yes, I love my latest travel bluish-purple style very much!

thank you!


yes there are 3 4 travel articles in which you used purplish images and i just love them .Infact i have saved them :P i know these are yours but i love them :) Hope you don't mind

Great lesson!
We face this situation in our life quite a lot When we want to do something, but then we stopped, And it turned out to be great! and we feel happy in not doing it.
Do good, leave rest to God <3
Thanks for sharing :)

Yes, you are right in your judgments. I know what I'm talking about. Snow will help keep the heat and it definitely adapts to these conditions.
There are processes in which it is better not to intervene as if we did not want it. A great example with a bag of money. On this occasion there are excellent words of Viktor Chernomyrdin: "хотели как лучше, а получилось как всегда" in translation - "We wanted, as best, but it turned out, as always." . or another one no less relevant: "Hell is paved with good intentions."
We must live in harmony with nature and the surrounding world. But people violate harmony and interfere in natural processes. We all see where this leads to.
On this topic it is possible to conduct discussions and long to argue. But I'm here to enjoy the composition and get away from the problems that arise.
Great photo, thanks :)

Wow! I love the explanation/analysis of your own work. You obviously know your stuff and aren't just a face behind a lens capturing shots of pretty things. I like that a lot of thought went into this--not just in taking the picture but also the reflection--and it definitely contributed to the overall outcome. Good stuff!

Yes they do dream of snow. I once over heard two plants discussing and their words went thus:

Oh! Say, how long till then, when all is fair?
When all is fair? Or seeming pure?

All same, all same, I miss the cold
The cold and dry or cold alone?

Why speak I still, when ye are faint?
Not faint, not faint, just burnt with thirst

So ye disgust with heat and sweat?
Oh yes sister, with glands all dirt. Though cold and dry the time may be, I long to feel, all draped in snow

Let the little plant be. It's having it's moment in the snow. A little while now and a little while then, it'll be draped with dust

Hello, it is amazing how it makes us think of simple and everyday things and they say that real beauty is simple things, all that is true, but it is also a reality that nature is wise and untamed and goes at its own pace, you already discovered it, excellent post, I follow you from today, greetings from Maracaibo Venezuela. saludos.

This kind of post makes me feel really happy! I consider myself as a person who loves nature! I love plants! Unfortunately there's no snow in my city,but there is a lot of sun! So every time I see a plant that shouldn't be under the sun I put it apart and in the shadow. Such a amazing post!!!

Excellent ice caption
I really like your post ...
amazing photography ... GOOD JOB,, I am upvoting you !!! thank you for sharing

Only a photographer who is taking an act photo can interfere in what he is about to shot. Good job by not interfering and just taking this good photo :)

I see some of your posts. and you have a lot to tell about your life. and I think you are very good, you always do the original and quality. hopefully I can also like you. thank you for sharing

The words you write are so delicious to read, so I do not know what to say for this post.
I realize, all we will take the bag, as you say. We take it home and we hide it.
But I'm sure, the way you write today makes me think more trembling. In fact I'm afraid to write a post.

Please guidance to make a good writing, to be enjoyed by the reader, as I enjoy your writing today.

Thank you very much @velimir

Good job, i will start follow you and waiting impressive works . Also follow me for reading my articles

Your approach towards life is very unique. Your photography is also great. Enjoyed reading your post!

Good job, i will start follow you

To be honest your picture is genial

I really like your thinking and the way you see things...
it's a beautiful photo and a good lesson to learn

Wow! it is a beautiful pic but it's ordinary pic and you added great story to it. hats off <3

Aww the plant looks so frozen. I do hope the weather picks up soon.

great photography thanks for the infor


We bite the bullet this location in our days somewhat a portion after we intend to puzzle out something, but at that moment we stopped, And it crooked out to be great! and we think in high spirits in not burden it.
Thanks for distribution.

it's just like chocolate ice cream top with cream. this makes no sense. lol

Hi velimir
I like your unique photography and it is a nice that you explain and say what feel about each photo that you shoot.
Thanks for sharing your photos with me.
I appreciation I shot a motorcycle photo with you in my mind.
It was because of your motorcycle tour series.
I hope you like this photo below.
Have and wonderful day.

up-vote please friend

I decided to leave it just the way it is and let nature decide the best way. There is no need to get involved in things one doesn't understand.
Very wise i think, 👍👍👍👍

Almost all countries in the 40-degree boundary of southern latitudes and northern latitudes always experience snowfall in certain periods. Snow that appears sometimes can make a beautiful sight to see. But the snow can also damage a landscape. But any country that has a beautiful scenery because of snow that fell in the country.

great post.good job.

Are the wise men you say are fortune-tellers?
his words are very elusive but very meaningful, only certain people can say things like this.

great art and good photo.

Great photo! Do not worry too much about the plant as it is hardier than you think...

Also great contrasting colour against the white of the snow.

Haha yeah I guess they do. Your post made me smile really. Thanks for that @velimir. Let me give you my upvote :)

Thank you for your all information

I was looking at your art photo series and enjoying even before i sign up for steemit👌🏻grear pic and even greater caption

Good job nice!!

Wow...amazing art, i appreciate this plants .
i will wait your next post, all the best..

Good post

Beautiful photography. thank you for sharing with us.

great brother...

the old mans advice about that bag of money was very deep...

velimir I love it this picture

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

Nice dear

Love steemit for quality posts like this one. People trying to refine every post and it's really nice to read posts like this one, cause I'm tired of mems and stupid things on other sites. Keep it up, I'll back here :)

Great photo! Nature will always provide an amazing image.

wow its really beautiful.. it is a unique work of art..

Well its good time to write something about snow photography.

Take the money and run...

Good photography with a deep meaning . Thanks for sharing!

Awww! Its awesome

beautiful photo and great info

Good Lesson :3

that is soo rad!

Wise man never tell lie ;) It's their experience who made them gave us such beautiful example and lesson.

Im new here thankyou for following and upvote i follow and upvote too


nice dream art.realy good job.

che meraviglia!

So nice! I wish I could experience snow.

Wonderful insight

great photo....making me wish taking it right now

Excellent publication and very good take, I invite you to take a tour of my publication and leave any opinion in the comments: https://steemit.com/photography/@lerojasf/showing-landscapes-of-my-land-to-the-whole-community-of-steemit

What a great poster you are! Please follow me and I will follow you! Thanks!

Beautiful site. Nature has made it that anything created in a place adapts to any weather in the place.

you did great work, thank you for sharing

Wow...The picture is very inspirational.
I have followed you to get article from you